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quadrangles (plural noun)

  - a four-sided plane figure, especially a square or rectangle.


courtyard, quad, court, cloister, precinct, square, plaza, piazza, enclosure, close,

"Quadrangle" in Example Sentences

1. Originally erected in 1557 for the use of the Jesuits, the university buildings are regarded as the best work of Marco di Pino; the quadrangle, surrounded by a simple but effective peristyle, contains statues of Pietro della Vigna (Frederick's chancellor), Thomas Aquinas and Giordano Bruno.
2. Use "quadrangle" in a sentence. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. quadrangle in a sentence. Quadrangle; bravely into the quadrangle. The quadrangle was deserted. IT WAS QUIET NOW in the quadrangle. In the
3. In the quadrangle he nodded curtly to Colonel Grant, who would have detained him. At the far end of the quadrangle is the salon, the walls of which are covered with bougainvillea of a deep violet colour. Bless you, if you were to go into the quadrangle with that thing on, I don't know what'd happen.
4. quadrangle in a sentence - Use "quadrangle" in a sentence . How can I put and write and define quadrangle in a sentence and how is the word quadrangle used in a sentence and examples? 用quadrangle造句, 用quadrangle造句, 用quadrangle造句, quadrangle meaning, definition, pronunciation, synonyms and example sentences are provided by . 4.
5. Examples of quadrangle in a sentence Overlooking the quadrangle, the children could not wait to leave their apartment and play in the square courtyard. Surrounding the quadrangle were many elaborately built houses and luscious gardens that took away from the square.
6. Every dormitory in the quadrangle had been visited, but the buildings outside the hollow square seemed immune. 🔊 10. Everybody gathered at doors and windows, and a small group of farmers at the market quadrangle stared with all their eyes. 🔊 11. All round the quadrangle are arched recesses or mangers, each with a room at the back, to the
7. 1. Use "quadrangles" in a sentence. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. quadrangles in a sentence. quadrangles; The remaining area was blocks and blocks of quadrangles, twenty stories deep or more, and the hallways within them. It was too : 7.
8. How would you use quadrangle in a sentence? quadrangle is another name for quadrilateral. A quadrangle alone cannot assume a sum of any sort, but the length of its sides or the measurement of

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