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quads (plural noun)

  - a quadrangle.

  - a quadruplet.

  - a quadriceps muscle.

  - a quad bike.

  - quadraphonic sound.

  - (in telephony) a group of four insulated conductors twisted together, usually forming two circuits.

  - a radio antenna in the form of a square or rectangle broken in the middle of one side.


  - quadruple or quadraphonic.


  - quadrangle.

  - quadrant.


marketplace, close, quadrangle, courtyard, arcade, mall, galleria, precinct, forum, plaza,

"Quad" in Example Sentences

1. Now, supposing the forme to be dealt with consists of thirty-two pages to be printed on quad crown paper, measuring 40X30 in., on a suitable size of single cylinder machine of the Wharfedale class, it would be found, although both the machine and type were fairly new (that is, not much worn), that there was some amount of inequality in the impression given to the whole sheet.
2. How to use quad in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word quad? Here are some examples. Sentence Examples. Falconry displays, American cheerleaders, quad biking and train rides will also feature. These cannot be dismissed unless the university will allow me to tent and maintain a garden in the quad.
3. We can use but in a sentence. but it is not necessary to use it in the front or end. 12. quad definition: The definition of a quad, short for quadrangle , is a large open area where people can gather, surrounded on four sides by buildings.
4. 1. 1. quad in a sentence - Use "quad" in a sentence 1. "Nice quads, though, " she adds. 2. But the new standard today in CD drives is quad speed. click for more sentences of quad: 7. quad bike in a sentence - Use "quad bike" in a sentence 1.
5. How to use quad bike in a sentence Looking for sentences with "quad bike"? Here are some examples. Sentence Examples. One year, the Christmas party consisted of a quad bike competition against another small company followed by a bit of a booze-up afterwards.
6. How to use quadruple in a sentence. Example sentences with the word quadruple. quadruple example sentences. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. Learn more Got it! Sentences Menu. Dictionary quadruple Sentence Examples.
7. Quadruple definition: The definition of quadruple is something made up of four, or four times as many. (adjective) An example of quadruple is an ice skater turn that includes spinning around four times.
8. Example sentences for: quad How can you use “quad” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: I think I pulled my quad.. On Tenerife, quad Aventura and Tanarán Jeep Safari are both located at Playa de las Américas or Puerto de La Cruz. In the second quad, the colossal pillars of the Widener Library face across the green to the Memorial Church
9. Translations of the phrase quad LIFT from english to french: foot to reach White Heat quad Lift .
10. quad definition: The definition of a quad, short for quadrangle, is a large open area where people can gather, surrounded on four sides by buildings. (noun) An example of a quad is a courtyard in a school.
11. A QUADRANGLE HAS 4 SIDES QUADRANGLE- quad MEANS 4 . This is how you would use "listing" in a sentence: Listing all the people in your city is very important.

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