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  - Queensland.


"Qld" in Example Sentences

1. Use en-dashes with spaces on either side in a similar way to brackets or commas to indicate a break or a pause in a sentence (e.g. If space is limited, use 'Qld' instead of all caps. Common place name spelling preferences: A web page is any page that sits within a website.
2. Use a capella in a sentence? How long does you take to drive to capella from the sunshine coast qld? It takes around ten hours to drive from Capella, qld to the Sunshine Coast. The distance is : 6. Emeritus Professor Kay Adrian ELLEM, Kenmore qld. I like to use when in a sentence whenever I like. How can you use exponent in a sentence? 9.
3. qld Queensland. How can I use qld, in a sentence? Oh look I just used qld in a sentence. Im amazing. How to pronounce qld definition of qld audio dictionary How to say qld What is the meaning of
4. qld definition: Proper noun 1. Abbreviation of Queensland.Abbreviations 2. Alternative form of qld.See also: Qld
5. Emeritus Professor Kay Adrian ELLEM, Kenmore qld. We can use but in a sentence. but it is not necessary to use it in the front or end. How do you use covered in a sentence?
6. (Easts (qld rugby)) The Easts Tigers are a rugby union club based in Brisbane, Queensland. They currently compete in the Queensland Premier Rugby competition. The club was formed in in 1947, and has won the Brisbane premiership three times. The distance east of a standard reference meridian; A distance traveled eastward
7. Can you use a qld solicitor for a nsw property? How would you use solicitor in a sentence? I have been charged with an offence and need a solicitor to represent me at my court appearance.

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