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"Pushcarts" in Example Sentences

1. pushcarts - A cart that is Shabby - in poor condition through long or hard use or lack of care. Bad Boy Novel Vocab (5th list from novel) 1. Eluded - evade or escape from (a danger, enemy, or pursuer), typically in a skillful or cunning way. Vocabulary Words – Know the definition and/or be able to use it in a sentence.
2. pushcarts definition: Noun 1. plural form of pushcart: 15. Use "pushcart" in a sentence. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. pushcart in a sentence. Pushcart; Two pushcart vendors were artfully blocking the way to the crime scene. Eighteen-year-old Carol Rosenblum, whose mother owned the pushcart,
3. pushcarts definition: Noun 1. plural form of pushcart
4. ‘From multinational corporations to pushcarts, there is a wide variety to choose from in terms of foodstuffs.’ ‘But no mention of Food Street is complete without the cornwallahs and their pushcarts.’ ‘This council promised to get on top of street cleaning last year and nothing was done except to buy 18 pushcarts and a few brushes.’
5. The market began as an ad hoc collection of street pushcarts. It's difficult to see ad hoc in a sentence . The ad hoc structural additions were completed in early November 2015. The ad hoc body submitted its report on June 5, 1997. The ASME formed an ad hoc committee to review the text. There was an innocent, ad hoc, optimistic feeling in the air.
6. It was a mountain of paperwork, wheeled up from the law morgue in large laundry-style pushcarts and stacked in Jill’s office in columns of thick, bound files. I took an ancient, red double-decker and rode it for a quarter of an hour in mad traffic and narrow streets clogged with pushcarts and animals and street cricket matches until the
7. The Bishop had an ape, the drollest and the most : 2. 2. 1. 1. 1. How to use drollery in a sentence. 3. Droll in a sentence - Use "droll" in a sentence 1. Recently Searched › Hackamores [ˈhakəˌmôr] › Drollerythat › pushcarts [ˈpo͝oSHˌkärt] › Hollow [ˈhälō] › Portrayers › Pushbikes [ˈpo͝oSHˌbīk
8. If you live in a city in which the carriers use pushcarts then the answer is 'possibly'. In such caes larger packages are delivered by another carrier that uses a truck for deliveries. Since the Potter Books weighed more than 2 pounds it may come that way. If your carrier has a truck that he drives, then one delivery is it.
9. pushcarts - A cart that is Vocabulary Words – Know the definition and/or be able to use it in a sentence. Census - an official count or survey of a population, typically recording various details of individuals. Opinionated - assertive in one's opinion;
10. Used in a sentence (click/touch triangles for details) When the fire had burned down to embers, the boys raided the pushcarts of the Jewish merchants and stole potatoes which they roasted in the ashes. Betty Smith -- A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. Jewish = believers in Judaism (the oldest of the three major monotheistic religions) or members of

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