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PUKKA [ˈpəkə]


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1. Pukka stands for original, first class, quality

2. As the British Raj waned, "Pukka" was occasionally appended to "sahib" (an Anglo-Indian word for a European of some social or official status)

3. Welcome to Pukka Our purpose is to nurture healthier, happier lives through powerful organic plants

4. Welcome to Pukka Our purpose is to nurture healthier, happier lives through powerful organic plants

5. Pukka definition, genuine, reliable, or good; proper

6. Pukka’s Hat Customizer is the ultimate tool to design your own hat

7. Pukka A slang-term used in British English to describe something as " first class " or "absolutely genuine "

8. Pukka will continue to offer Delivery and Take-Away from 4:30 to 9 PM daily

9. Informal), the real McCoy He bought a Pukka, rear-drive sports car.

10. The Pukka Electric Mini-bike is a small, battery-powered, two-wheeled electric vehicle formerly [when?] manufactured by Pukka USA, LLC

11. What does Pukka mean? Good or first-rate of its kind

12. Pukka (Hindi पक्का, Urdu پكّا pakkā) is a word of Hindi and Urdu origin literally meaning "cooked, ripe" and figuratively "fully formed", "solid", "permanent", "for real" or "sure"

13. In UK slang, it can mean "genuine" or simply "very good"; see also Pukka sahib. Pukka may also refer to:

14. Pukka Creations Organic and bursting with the very best nature has to offer

15. Pukka's Hat Customizer is the ultimate tool to design your own hat

16. The popular classification of wells is, however, into Pukka and kuchcha

17. Percolation wells are usually Pukka or brickbuilt

18. Spring wells are of three kinds—(1) Pukka, where the sub-soil to the spring is sandy, and masonry is necessary througout; […] (3) kuchcha wells, made of clay throughout.

19. ‘the more expensive brands are Pukka natural mineral waters’ ‘When talking tipple, the conversation invariably turns to bubbly - carbonated, spritzed, Cap Classique or the real thing, Pukka Champagne from France.’ ‘But we persuaded Gil we were actually Pukka, so he allowed us to interview him.’

20. Pukka berlin is your jewelry brand from Berlin Pukka Berlin customizable handcrafted jewelry manufactured by us that is fair, fine & fast

21. Pukka Headwear Sz L/XL Polyester Whisper Rock Beige Bucket Hat HB113 Click Images to Enlarge This is a Pukka Headwear Sz L/XL Polyester Whisper Rock Beige Bucket Hat

22. PukkaTeam is an always-on, online workplace for your remote team to work together throughout the day, improve communication, team awareness and feel more …

23. Definition of Pukka in the dictionary

24. What does Pukka mean? Information and translations of Pukka in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …

25. Keep the kids engaged for hours with Pukka Fun’s new 4D Interactive Colouring and Activity Book! Using innovative new Augmented Reality technology colouring books will never be the same

26. The devious Pukka is the deadliest demon in Bad Moon Rising for its viciousness and cruelty

27. All the other demons give the town the courtesy of a single night; the Pukka has no such patience, sowing chaos into the town from the first night, selecting their first victim before the townsfolk even get a chance to act.

28. Pukka, Sofas - Offering perfect comfort, the Pukka collection is a little marvel of design, which finds its roots in the great C&B period when Gaetano We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on …

29. Pukka is a Indian Restaurant located in the St

30. Pukka offers a luxurious community with all the facilities and amenities that a resident would need

31. Pukka detox tea is the herbal detox tea by the famous brand Pukka

32. The main objective of using the Pukka detox tea is to detoxify your body naturally

33. In 2001, Westwell and Sebastian pole founded the Pukka brand, which is currently owned by Unilever.

34. Pukka definition: If you describe something or someone as Pukka , you mean that they are real or genuine, Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

35. Pukka sell over 40 varieties of herbal tea infusions, each with their own health benefits: Pukka Licorice and Peppermint Tea : a delicious tea made of zingy peppermint and FairWild liquorice Pukka Turmeric Tea : bring a golden flow to your day with this blend of organic turmeric, whole leaf …

36. Welcome to Pukka :) Pukka Herbs, Pukka Food and Pukka Shoppe.Our aim is to heal and balance you from …

37. Pukka create delicious organic herbal teas and incredible health supplements that take you on a journey to a healthier, happier life

38.Pukka’ means authentic and it’s at the heart of

39. Well, Pukka: The Pup After Merle has the answer

40. Ted Kerasote adopted Pukka several years later when he found he had again found his kindred spirit in a dog

41. Pukka is a young dog that looks somewhat similar to Merle and has a similar

42. Pukka - absolutely first class and genuine; "Pukka sahib"; "Pukka quarters with a swarm of servants"


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44. Pukka, Nagold-Iselshausen, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany

45. Get in touch with our Pukka Herbs customer services team online and see our FAQs for answers to most general enquiries.

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49. I think Pukka makes some of the best Indian food I've ever had

50. Here at Pukka, our culture is founded on four ancient Auyrvedic principles we call Wisdom Seeds - truth, respect, purity and effort

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