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Synonyms: 1. Fate 2. Destiny 3. Nemesis 4. Kismet 5. Predestination 6. Predetermination 7. Fortune 8. Fortuity 9. Serendipity 10. Chance 11. Luck 12. Accident 13. Circumstances 14. Coincidence 15. Prudence 16. Foresight 17. Forethought 18. Judgment 19. Judiciousness 20. Shrewdness ...21. Circumspection 22. Wisdom 23. Sagacity 24. Precaution 25. Caution 26. Care 27. Carefulness 28. Thrift 29. Thriftiness 30. Economy 31. Wikipedia See more »
1. providence is always on the side of the big [strongest] battalions 
2. providence is always on the side of the strongest battalions 
3. Her recovery was a special providence of God
4. She believed her suffering was sent by providence
5. It seemed like providence that the doctor happened to be passing just at the time of the accident
6. providence saw fit to favour me with wonderful in-laws
7. You know Steve president of the providence Company
8. Instead Kasper will recall a goaltender from providence
9. We thought there was some sort of divine providence which would somehow or other get us away
10. That is why the divine providence revealed himself in story
11. But divine providence interceded for the wheel broke the spikes flying off and injuring many bystanders
12. In in Providence Rhode Island disturbances broke out after an unexplained murder of a black man by police
13. A year ago in a - loss at Providence Abrams committed a critical turnover that wound up being the difference
14. I awaken each morning and thank providence for my good fortune in doing work I love
15. Y to Providence ran aground Friday afternoon after the tugboat pushing it was disabled by an unexplained explosion
16. When Bud fires up the cast-iron providence wood stove a faint recollection of chickens emanates from the floor
17. Without wishing to tempt providence in any way we appear to have got away lighting in so far as Winter is concerned
18. The despot claimed to be the chosen instrument of divine providence
19. To act as you have done is to fly in the face of providence
20. These women regard his death as an act of providence
21. It does not belong to a mere fallible human being to question the ways of divine providence
22. Although they worked through institutions they had no regular sources of income and were entirely dependent on providence
23. And pity the team that underestimates rebounding terror Michael Smith of providence
24. Such is what the traditional doctrines of divine omnipotence preservation and providence are really saying
25. His followers are to trust in the goodness and providence of their heavenly father and abandon their care about the material world
26. Mule Skinner had no qualms about taking full credit for an act of providence thought the rector
27. In so far as Jupiter survived he was the personification of providence or Destiny
28. We start in ten days and I firmly rely on the goodness of providence to grant me a safe and prosperous passage
29. Her routine has been updated this year from the providence nationals
30. An artificial lake in New Providence, constructed for the use of the turtle-catchers, is noted as exhibiting an extraordinary degree of phosphorescence. 6 8 providence is known as the "pine barrens," from the tree which principally grows in this rocky soil.
31. In the overruling providence of God, the troubling may prepare the way for healing. You are well co-ordinated just when providence favours your chances of progressing in your chosen endeavour. At one time, God was more than a hypothetical abstraction, and faith in his providence and design buttressed every major discipline of study.
32. Definition of providence (Entry 2 of 2) city in northern Rhode Island that is the state capital and a port at the head of the providence River (a northern arm of Narragansett Bay) population 178,042 Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More about providence Synonyms & Antonyms for providence
33. Use the providence Web site in any way that could damage, disable, overburden, or impair the providence Web site or interfere with any other party's use of the providence Web site. Attempt to gain unauthorized access to any information, documents, records, accounts, devices, systems or networks connected to providence through hacking, password
34. The definition of providence is preparations for the future, frugal management, or divine power. Homesteaders saving food in cans for the winter is an example of providence. Managing a large family on a small budget is an example of providence. The miraculous recovery of a sick relative may be an example of divine providence.
35. Learn how providence is approaching the distribution of the vaccine. Long-term stress and your health. 12/2/2020 . COVID-19 is creating prolonged stress in many of us. Learn the impact it can have on your health and how you can better manage your stress. See more news. Subscribe to health and wellness insights.
36. Evidently this was the limit imposed by divine providence upon that sort of folly. It is also about the paradoxical tension between human freedom and divine providence. It is as if by divine providence that I am supplied educational material just when I need it the most. Man's worship ascends upward, and the Divine providence descends thereby.
37. Here are links to some of the most commonly used employee websites for providence. Please refer often to your local ministry intranet site for detailed employee information, and let your manager know if you need help or have questions. Frequently used online tools. Outlook .
38. Vaccinations are a critical step toward reducing COVID-19 infections in our communities. That’s why providence and our family of organizations are committed to doing our part to vaccinate health care professionals, patients and the public.
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40. Individual & Family plan and Medicare Advantage Plan members can also pay with their subscriber ID through our providence Pay By Phone service at 1-888-821-2097, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. (For TTY dial 711, hearing impaired). Looking to pay a medical bill?
41. Providence, the Profaned Goddess is a post- Moon Lord boss that is fought after defeating the Profaned Guardians and, in most cases, the Dragonfolly. To fight her the player must use a Profaned Core in either The Hallow or The Underworld during the daytime.
42. Inpatient substance abuse treatment includes assessment, medically-monitored detoxification and stabilization (education, group therapy and sober support meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous). The treatment staff at providence provides physical, mental, emotional and spiritual care to patients.
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44. providence -- If providence is to cut greenhouse emissions and do its part to avert the worst impacts of climate change, it has to reduce energy use in buildings, which account for 70 percent of
45. How to use providence in a sentence as a noun. Unless you want to deny the providence of most widely recognized mathematicians throughout history, you have to accept that formal language of math is relatively new. Furthermore, it's alive and growing, inconsistant and incomplete.
46. In 2016, when the department started breaking down use of force by race, state police defended the disparity, arguing more than a third of the use of force incidents took place in providence and
47. providence believes health is a right for everyone Learn how we’re committed to caring for all people and how we support social needs, such as safe housing, healthy food and mental health.

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