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PROSAIC [prəˈzāik]

prosaic (adjective)

  • having the style or diction of prose; lacking poetic beauty.
  • commonplace; unromantic.
Synonyms: unimaginative . uninspired . dull . dry . humdrum . mundane . pedestrian . heavy . plodding . lifeless . dead . spiritless . lackluster . undistinguished . stale . jejune . bland . insipid . vapid . vacuous . banal . hackneyed . trite . literal . factual . unpoetic . unemotional . unsentimental . clear . plain . unadorned . unembellished . unvarnished . monotonous . deadpan . flat . imaginative . inspired . ordinary . everyday . usual . common . conventional . straightforward . routine . humdrum . commonplace . workaday . businesslike . pedestrian . tame . mundane . dull . dreary . tedious . boring . ho-hum . uninspiring . monotonous . interesting .

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1. Prosaic Has Literary Origins In the 1600s, any text that was not poetic was Prosaic. Back then, "Prosaic" carried no negative connotations; it simply indicated that a written work was made up of prose

2. Adjective commonplace or dull; matter-of-fact or unimaginative: a Prosaic mind

3. Synonyms & Antonyms of Prosaic 1 being of the type that is encountered in the normal course of events an author with a knack for finding something of interest in the most Prosaic details of suburban life

4. Without interest, imagination, and excitement: If only she'd been called Camilla or Flavia instead of the Prosaic Jane

5. He asked if I'd got my black eye in a fight - I told him the Prosaic truth that I'd banged …

6. The definition of Prosaic is something boring, ordinary or common

7. An example of Prosaic is shopping for groceries or running errands.

8. Prosaic commentators are always asking, Who is meant by a poet, as though a poem were a legal document

9. ALEXANDER POPE LESLIE STEPHEN Prosaic people would say "melted snow water," but Hans Andersen would have known better than that

10. 'Prosaic' is a 7 letter word starting with P and ending with C Crossword clues for 'Prosaic' Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for Prosaic We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word Prosaic will help you to finish your crossword today.

11. Most of us lead a Prosaic everyday life, sometimes interrupted by some drama or crisis

12. Late 16th century (as a noun denoting a prose writer): from late Latin Prosaicus, from Latin prosa ‘straightforward (discourse)’ (see prose)

13. Examples of Prosaic in a sentence

14. Because the biggest thing in my hometown is the grocery store, the city really is a Prosaic little place

15. 🔊 The title of your book is so Prosaic that most people are going to walk right past it in the store

16. The word Prosaic usually describes something that is common or quotidian

17. The methodical and rather Prosaic style may not have the literary skill of, say, Abanindranath Tagore's diary

18. But both in his words and especially in his music, his language is surely Prosaic

19. No more than we want our poems to be poetic do we want our prose to be Prosaic.

20. Prosaic Steel & Alloys, has identified India as a priority area for growth.As a part of this initiative, we had established state-of-the-art Storage Facility in India for Distribution Steel Flat Products like Plate, Coil, Sheet etc

21. Learner's definition of Prosaic [more Prosaic; most Prosaic] formal : dull or ordinary He has a Prosaic writing style.

22. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Prosaic pro‧sa‧ic / prəʊˈzeɪ-ɪk, prə-$ proʊ-, prə-/ adjective BORING boring or ordinary a Prosaic writing style The reality, however, is probably more Prosaic

23.Prosaically /-kli / adverb Examples from the Corpus Prosaic • The furniture is Prosaic

24. Something that is Prosaic is dull and uninteresting.

25. What are opposite words of Prosaic? Exciting, unusual, imaginative

26. Full list of antonyms for Prosaic is here.

27. Prosaic language can't capture or convey the experience

28. The final message is Prosaic: practise as often as you can

29. They exchanged a few very Prosaic words

30. Adverbs for Prosaic include Prosaically, prosily and prosingly

31. Prosaic Pictures - YouTube Welcome to my Channel! I am a young film maker, and am absorbed in the history of World war 2

32. Patari: Soundcloud: Spo

33. Prosaic is a crossword puzzle clue

34. Prosaic is a crossword puzzle clue that we have spotted over 20 times

35. Definition of Prosaic in the Fine Dictionary

36. Meaning of Prosaic with illustrations and photos

37. Pronunciation of Prosaic and its etymology

38. Related words - Prosaic synonyms, antonyms, hypernyms and hyponyms

39. Example sentences containing Prosaic

40. Prosaic (adj.) 1650s, "having to do with prose" (a sense now obsolete), from French prosaique (15c.) and directly from Medieval Latin Prosaicus "in prose" (16c.), from Latin prosa "prose" (see prose).Meaning "having the character of prose (in contrast to the feeling of poetry)" is by 1746; the extended sense of "ordinary, commonplace in style or expression, lacking poetic imagination or beauty

41. The Prosaic sight of monks going about their everyday business, just when she needed them, was irresistible

42. Bloomwater's present owner was a more Prosaic figure, Sir …

43. Prosaic A Postmodern vernacular sans serif in 8 fonts

44. Prosaic, a Postmodern vernacular sanserif

45. Prosaic is radical, because it comes from a long artistic reflection of its designer, Aurélien Vret, as well a multidisciplinary artist

46. The Prosaic is also a dual tone typeface because it helps to serve the readability in very small sizes and brings a sturdy typographic power to large sizes.

47. The Prosaic life of a hardworking farmer

48. She believes the noises are made by ghosts, but I think there's a more Prosaic explanation

49. Definition of Prosaic adjective in Oxford Advanced American Dictionary

50. Another word for Prosaic: dull, ordinary, boring, routine, flat Collins English Thesaurus

51. Prosaic is an antonym of poetic

52. Poetic is an antonym of Prosaic

53. As adjectives the difference between poetic and Prosaic is that poetic is relating to poetry while Prosaic is pertaining to or having the characteristics of prose.

54. See 2 authoritative translations of Prosaic in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations.

55. This somewhat Prosaic personality set off his more frivolous companion to advantage

56. My set detests the Prosaic and commonplace; we must have the clever and original

57. Definition of Prosaic adjective in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

58. Fun Facts about the name Prosaic

59. How unique is the name Prosaic? Out of 6,028,151 records in the U.S

60. Social Security Administration public data, the first name Prosaic was not present

61. Weird things about the name Prosaic: The name spelled backwards is Ciasorp.

62. Find 60 ways to say Prosaic, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

63. The Prosaic is an affair of description and narration, of details accumulated and relations elaborated, It spreads as it goes like a legal document or catalogue

64. John Dewey's *Art as Experience* Still other manufacturers wrap their cars in Prosaic disguises in an attempt to travel on public streets without tipping off the paparazzi.

65. What is the opposite of Prosaic? Antonyms for Prosaic (opposite of Prosaic)

66. Definition, Synonyms, Translations of Prosaically by The Free Dictionary

67. Search Prosaic and thousands of other words in English Cobuild dictionary from Reverso

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