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breed, grow, cultivate, generate, layer, pipe, reproduce, multiply, proliferate, breed,

"Propagate" in Example Sentences

1. The fact that it is possible to propagate these cells of one animal for years in other animals of the same species, without any loss of their vegetative vitality, suggests that this continued growth is kept up by a growth-stimulating substance present in the proper species of animal; this substance, however, has not the power of transforming the normal tissue into a cancerous one.
2. Examples of propagate in a sentence. The political candidate hopes to propagate his vision to potential voters. 🔊 How dare the newspaper propagate a fake story about the president! 🔊 The missionary hopes to propagate a belief in Christianity during his mission to the third world nation. 🔊 When Ann has her baby, she will propagate the
3. But today, the wooing of the BJP by the Dravidian parties has reduced the clout of the language used to propagate regional pride.: You also can propagate daylilies by removing and planting the proliferation that may develop about halfway up a flower scape.: Disturbances on a large power grid propagate through the system in milliseconds to fractions of a second.
4. propagate in a sentence - Use "propagate" in a sentence 1. The " debris cloud " is self-propagating. 2. Then the plants were propagated to develop enough for commercial production. click for more sentences of propagate
5. Use "propagate" in a sentence. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word.
6. Examples of propagate in a sentence, how to use it. 100 examples: The wave propagates along the azimuthal angle, across an external axial steady… 12. propagate definition: To propagate is to breed plants or animals, to cause something to increase in number, or to spread an idea. 6. propagate in a sentence - Use "propagate" in a sentence 1 : 4. 4.
7. How to use propagate in a Sentence? 1. And there was obligation to propagate this belief until received by all the world. 🔊 2. Also learn how to use these words in a sentence. Evolve in a sentence | Short example sentence for evolve. Suppress in a sentence | Short example sentence for suppress
8. 102+3 sentence examples: 1. insects propagate themselves by means of eggs. 2. The group launched a website to propagate its ideas . 3. Plants won't propagate in these conditions. 4. Missionaries went far afield to propagate their faith. 5. These plan
9. 1. Use "the form of" in a Sentence Example Sentences for "the form of" As this matter collides with the surrounding interstellar gas, it creates a relativistic shock wave that then propagates forward into interstellar space. A second shock wave, the reverse shock, may propagate back into the ejected matter.
10. The common mushroom (Agaricus campestris) is propagated by spores, the fine black dust seen to be thrown off when a mature specimen is laid on white paper or a white dish; these give rise to what is known as the "spawn" or mycelium, which consists of whitish threads permeating dried dung or similar substances, and which, when planted in a proper medium, runs through the mass, and eventually
11. propagate in a sentence - Use "propagate" in a sentence 1. These sections of contact propagate posteriorly, resulting in continuous motion. 2. Mature " Sarracenia " are commonly propagated by division. click for more sentences of propagate
12. Examples of propagate in a sentence, how to use it. 99 examples: The wave propagates along the azimuthal angle, across an external axial steady…
13. propagate definition is - to cause to continue or increase by sexual or asexual reproduction. How to use propagate in a sentence. Did You Know?
14. 102+3 sentence examples: 1. Further, deep-water surface waves propagate with almost no frictional loss of energy. 2. The law denied to the state the right to propagate atheism or otherwise to interfere in religious affairs. 3. Short wave radio can pr
15. English words and Examples of Usage use "propagate" in a sentence Restrictions on religious freedom The Constitution provides for the right to profess, practice, or propagate any religion; however, proselytism was discouraged. propagate changes upward: :Form a set S that contains L, its cooperating siblings : and the new leaf (if any) :Invoke
16. Use propagate in a sentence. Sentence for propagate. How to use the word propagate in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word propagate. How to use “propagate” with example sentences. Examples of propagate in a sentence *** In the fall, you may propagate using stem cuttings planted moist, sandy mixture. *** At the end of the summer, you
17. propagate definition: To propagate is to breed plants or animals, to cause something to increase in number, or to spread an idea. (verb) An example of propagate is when you breed dogs by having the male impregnate the female. An example of propagate is
18. Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word propagate: . See propagate used in context: 9 poetry verses, 4 Shakespeare works, 5 definitions
19. propagate is used as an action verb. example; He is propagating his ideas in the community.
20. ‘a hydraulic fracture is generally expected to propagate in a vertical plane’ ‘a propagated electrical signal’ ‘As light is propagated through a biological medium, components of that light are either propagated forward in the medium, absorbed by molecules, or scattered in all directions within the medium.’
21. propagate definition, to cause (an organism) to multiply by any process of natural reproduction from the parent stock. See more.
22. German Translation of “propagate” | The official Collins English-German Dictionary online. Over 100,000 German translations of English words and phrases.
23. Become familiar with the meaning of propagate and then increase your comprehension by reading the word propagate in sentences.
24. They propagate by being transcribed from an internal RNA polymerase II promoter [ 15, 16], and then use their endonuclease and reverse transcriptase respectively to nick a target site and reverse transcribe L1 RNA, integrating the L1 into a new genomic locus [ 12, 17, 18]; this process is known as target-site-primed reverse transcription (TPRT).
25. propagate definition: If people propagate an idea or piece of information , they spread it and try to make | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
26. This point, if it could be cleared up, would be interesting; if, for instance, it could be shown that the greyhound, bloodhound, terrier, spaniel and bull-dog, which we all know propagate their kind truly, were the offspring of any single species, then such facts would have great weight in making us doubt about the immutability of the many closely allied natural species--for instance, of the
27. Sentence Examples for propagate. The easiest way to propagate a vine is to take hardwood cuttings. How to use propagate in a sentence is shown in this page. Check the meaning of propagate.
28. 1. Some of these plants must have propagated themselves unchanged for half a million of years.; 2. Bulbous roots are propagated by offsets; some growing on the top, others around the sides.; 3. In trees propagated by cleft-grafting, the union scar will be long, slim and V-shaped.; 4. Seedlings not propagated by budding or grafting, if recognized have been omitted because of individual variability.
29. How to use propagate in a sentence. The propagate list of example sentences with propagate. propagate examples - propagate in a sentence - 4. Lists. Synonyms Antonyms Definitions Examples Part of speech. nouns verbs 0. noun,verb "propagate these characteristics
30. He erected a polythene tunnel to help him propagate a crop of radishes. (to clarify, polythene is an English [British] derivative of the term polyethylene) An ounce of pain propagates a ton of rage.
31. Propagated works, but it does not give the sentence the meaning you intend it to. To propagate would mean to spread, in this context. You could use obliged, but that sounds a bit weird. You are looking for a word similar to ruled/specified. Otherwise, I have misunderstood what your sentence means.. in which case, listen to Mark's answer.
32. How can you use “self-propagate” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: Mother cells almost always gave rise to daughter cells in which the CPEBQ–GFP polypeptide was in the same state, indicating the ability of these aggregates to be inherited, i.e., to self-propagate .
33. How to use propagate in a sentence. Synonyms for propagate at Thesaurus. Find descriptive alternatives for propagate. Definition of propagate - breed specimens of (a plant or animal) by natural processes from the parent stock, spread and promote (an idea, theory, etc.) wide. It takes hours for password changes to propagate throughout the system.
34. Sentence Examples for propagated. Moreover, since the same amount of energy is propagated across all spheres concentric with the particle, we recognize that i varies as r. How to use propagated in a sentence is shown in this page. Check the meaning of propagated.
35. 1 Hatred will propagate violence and vice versa. 2 I propagate the plants from seed. 3 GPR propagates electromagnetic pulses into the ground or structures. 4 The smaller numbers don't necessarily propagate into the equation. 5 Some flowers are easy to propagate from cuttings.

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