Use Produce in a sentence


PRODUCE [produce]

produce (verb) · produces (third person present) · produced (past tense) · produced (past participle) · producing (present participle)

  • make or manufacture from components or raw materials.
  • (of a region, country, or process) yield, grow, or supply.
Synonyms: manufacture . make . construct . build . fabricate . put together . assemble . turn out . bring out . process . create . mass-produce . churn out . yield . grow . give . supply . provide . furnish . bear . bring forth .
  • cause (a particular result or situation) to happen or come into existence.
Synonyms: bring about . cause . occasion . generate . engender . effect . induce . initiate . start . set off . make for . foster . promote . provoke . precipitate . breed . trigger . beget .
  • show or provide (something) for consideration, inspection, or use.
Synonyms: present . offer . proffer . show . display . exhibit . pull out . bring out . draw out . extract . provide . furnish . advance . put forward . bring forward . set forth .
  • administer the financial and managerial aspects of (a movie or broadcast) or the staging of (a play, opera, etc.).
  • supervise the making of (a musical recording), especially by determining the overall sound.
Synonyms: stage . put on . mount . present . show . perform .

produce (noun)

  • things that have been produced or grown, especially by farming.
Synonyms: food . crops . fruit . vegetables . greens . goods . products . commodities . staples . wares . greengrocery . truck .

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1. Produce definition is - to offer to view or notice

2. How to use Produce in a sentence.

3. 'Produce' used as a verb Produce is usually a verb, pronounced /prə'djuːs/

4. To Produce a result or effect means to cause it to happen

5. His comments Produced an angry response.

6. Produce definition, to bring into existence; give rise to; cause: to Produce steam

7. Synonyms & Antonyms of Produce (Entry 1 of 2) 1 to be the cause of (a situation, action, or state of mind) hopefully, the new approach to fighting substance abuse will Produce better results

8. Find 179 ways to say Produce, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

9. Our organic Produce choices include carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, apples and more

10. Produce for the people, at prices for everyone! The coolest trucks in the business

11. Produce Marketing Association is a trade organization representing companies from every segment of the global fresh Produce and floral supply chain

12. The Produce Reporter Week in Review – March 19, 2021

13. Piazza Produce is committed to supplying a wide array of food service leaders with the highest quality and freshest fruit and vegetables on the market today

14. Fresh Produce Our fresh Produce is stocked daily and locally grown to give our customers the best selection of fruits and vegetables each and every day

15. Choose from our fresh Produce selection to make a colorful fruit salad the family will love or steam fresh veggies to pair with your next meal.

16. Produce verb [T] (MAKE) B1 to make something or bring something into existence: France Produces a great deal of wine for export.


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18. The Crossword Solver found 200 answers to the Produce crossword clue

19. To bring forth; yield: a plant that Produces pink flowers

20. To create by physical or mental effort: Produce a tapestry; Produce a poem

21. To manufacture: factories that Produce cars and trucks

22. A&A Produce is one of the largest, full service wholesale food distributors located in Horry County

23. A Produce delivery service delivers food similar to a grocery delivery, but often specializes in specialty items, organic Produce, budget pricing, bulk purchasing, or other features

24. Can Items in a Produce Delivery Service Order Be Returned or Refunded?

25. Fruits, Vegetables, and Fresh Inspiration The Publix Produce section is like a vivid garden, bursting with ripe, colorful fruits and vegetables. Each item is neatly labeled: name, price, organic or conventional, grown close to home or international.

26. Produce Pro understands the perishables industry with an All-in-One ERP system that is a proven, scalable, flexible, user-friendly, complete software solution providing timely and accurate data for effective decision-making and management analysis.

27. Produce is a generalized term for many farm -Produced crops, including fruits and vegetables (grains, oats, etc

28. Are also sometimes considered Produce)

29. More specifically, the term Produce often implies that the products are fresh and generally in the same state as where and when they were harvested.


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31. In addition to our seasonal fresh Produce, we offer sliced and cooked products, such as apples, salads and beets

32. We sell specialty Produce, including baby vegetable gifts, okinawan sweet potatoes, coquitos, banana leaves, steamed …

33. We find, finance, and fulfill grower supply for importers of fresh Produce – a partner to growers from first planting to final liquidation

34. Produce Alliance is a GPO Alliance made up of the best distributors utilizing fifty-plus distribution centers around the country including Hawaii, Canada, and The Bahamas that service the foodservice industry

35. Through the years we have established ourselves as one of the largest Produce distributors in the state of Texas

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38. Our Produce department is a sight to behold, from stacks of crisp organic apples to rows of juicy Whole Trade pineapples, but that’s just the beginning

39. To Produce is to create, manufacture, or cultivate

40. We rely on agriculture to Produce food and artists to Produce art.

41. Synonyms for Produce in Free Thesaurus

42. 156 synonyms for Produce: cause, lead to, result in, effect, occasion, generate, trigger, make for, provoke, set off, induce, bring about, give rise to

43. A rise in sea level Produced by climatic change As a policy, it did not Produce the desired effect

44. Verb To Produce something means to cause it to happen

45. The drug is known to Produce side-effects in women.

46. Produce (v.) early 15c., Producen, "develop, proceed, extend, lengthen out," from Latin Producere "lead or bring forth, draw out," figuratively "to promote, empower; stretch out, extend," from pro "before, forth" (from PIE root *per-(1) "forward," hence "in front of, before, forth") + ducere "to bring, lead" (from PIE root *deuk-"to lead")

47. Buying fresh Produce is great (and healthy), but it won’t do you any good if you’re not storing it properly — and if it goes bad before you eat it

48. This article covers the do’s and don’ts of how to store fresh fruit and vegetables in your home, so you can get the maximum nutritious and delicious bang for your Produce bucks.

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51. My team has gone from being afraid to buy Produce, to confidently enjoying the experience

52. PRO*ACT is North America’s leading distributor of fresh Produce, sourcing from premier national, regional and local farmers

53. Greener Fields Together is a collective effort to provide safe, sustainable Produce

54. Harvest Sensations is a leading specialty Produce supplier to foodservice and retail operations in North America.

55. What does Produce mean? To provide or put forward

56. Fresh Produce Price Directory, Produce Historical prices, Fresh Produce FOB Market Prices and Reports, Fruit Prices, Vegetable Prices, [email protected], Skype: earlhb, General Farm Classifieds

57. is the premier job listing and recruitment portal for the Produce industry

58. Produce jobs, agriculture jobs, and more!

59. Reusable Produce bags are popular choices to reduce plastic waste and conveniently transport Produce home from the grocery store or farmers’ market


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 · All Produce items have a limit to how long they can be kept on the counter, in the refrigerator, or in the freezer

61. Some Produce keeps longer than others

62. In some cases, like blueberries and peaches, you can freeze your Produce to use it later

63. Produce verb [T] (MAKE) B1 to make something or bring something into existence: France Produces a great deal of wine for export.

64. Is a Los Angeles based wholesale Produce company, and one of the most respected Produce distributors in the … Read More For over 30 years, Produce Services of Los Angeles has earned its reputation as the wholesale Produce distributor of choice for the Southern California hospitality industry including restaurants

65. Carbon dioxide production the amount of carbon dioxide Produced by the tissues, measured as the amount of carbon dioxide given off by the lungs; normally 200 ml/min (or 3.0 ml/kg/min), but increased with increased metabolic rate

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