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probes (plural noun) · space probe (noun) · space probes (plural noun)

  - a blunt-ended surgical instrument used for exploring a wound or part of the body.


probes (third person present) · probed (past tense) · probed (past participle) · probing (present participle)

  - physically explore or examine (something) with the hands or an instrument.


investigation, inquiry, examination, scrutiny, inquest, exploration, study, research, analysis, scrutinization,

"Probe" in Example Sentences

1. How to use probe in a sentence. Example sentences with the word probe. probe example sentences. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience.
2. Examples of probe in a sentence. An independent investigator will probe the allegations of racial bias in police hiring. 🔊 A robot is being sent inside the school to probe the building for explosive devices. 🔊 Before a warrant can be issued, the detective must probe the case further. 🔊 The pathologist will probe the tissue for signs of
3. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "probe" The questionnaire asks some very personal, probing questions which I consider to be an invasion of privacyThe police have been probing into the suspicious death of a senior executive of the bank. The questionnaire asks some very personal, probing questions which I consider to be an invasion of privacy.
4. The astronauts sent a robot down to the surface of the planet to probe for alien life forms. [verb] to poke or look for something with a stick; The kids probed the mud with a stick to find their lost coins.. She probed the snow with a tree branch to see how deep it was. [noun] A flexible slender surgical instrument used to explore wounds or body cavities;
5. How to use probing in a sentence. Example sentences with the word probing. probing example sentences. A large bee in probing for honey comes in contact with the end of the short arm of the lever and causes the longer arm to descend and the pollen is deposited on the back of the insect The spear probe is used for probing pads where
6. How to use probe in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word probe? Here are some examples. Sentence Examples. The Competition Authority is to probe excessive fees and uncompetitive practices in the Irish banking sector.
7. English words and Examples of Usage use "probe" in a sentence Solar cells were mounted on the outside of the cylinder, and they provided power to the storage batteries located inside the space probe. X Factor fans urge phone votes probe MSN Entertainment, 14 November 2008 In the following week's show, Walsh defended his actions in the opening VT
8. Can you use the word probe in a sentence? Answer. Wiki User December 09, 2009 12:09AM. When my mother cooks a roast, she uses a thermometer with a probe to stick into the meat, to see if it's
9. probe in a sentence - Use "probe" in a sentence 1. A congressional panel is conducting its second probe of the matter. 2. One specific protein stuck to the longer probe, Strittmatter said. click for more sentences of probe
10. Use “probe” in a sentence | “probe” sentence examples. یادگیری لغت probe در جمله و متن؛ یک روش موثر برای حفظ لغت probe در متن؛ کاربرد probe در جمله انگلیسی، مثال از probe در جمله انگلیسی
11. probe definition is - a slender medical instrument used especially for exploration (as of a wound or body cavity). How to use probe in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of probe.
12. To probe in a sentence 🔊 Short Example Sentence for To probe . 1. Zenner continued to probe. 🔊 2. Try not to probe too deeply. 🔊 3. She was too tired to probe further. 🔊 4. One has to probe the ideals of the other person. 🔊 5. I wanted to probe things. 🔊 6.
13. 26. Strap him down, probe into his brain with searching electronic needles. 🔊 27. For, after all, all disturbances are vascular if you probe them deep enough. 🔊 28. He could probe the depths of their minds, he thought, in a single evening. 🔊 29. If you probe the human heart, you will find a want, and that want is rest. 🔊 30.
14. probe in a sentence - Use "probe" in a sentence 1. She was simply giddy at the idea of a DPS probe. 2. The deal is pending while Justice Department investigators probe antitrust concerns. click for more sentences of probe
15. 14 sentence examples: 1. Atlantis was to carry the Galileo space probe on the first leg of a six-year voyage to Jupiter this afternoon. 2. Artificial satellites and space probes have contributed much new knowledge. 3. Careful scrutiny by telescopes a
16. probe definition: The definition of a probe is an investigation into something or a blunt surgical tool used for exploratory medical testing. (noun) An example of a probe is an investigation into who stole money from the petty cash jar. An example
17. Use "probe" in a sentence German authorities launched a wide-ranging probe last June. She blamed her Republican opponents for harping on the email probe. The case was turned over to the GBI to ensure an independent probe. A graphic shows where the probe would be sitting in the photograph.
18. Agent noun of probe; one who probes. 6. 1. Use proems in a sentence, proems meaning?, proems definition, how to use proems in a sentence, use proems in a sentence with examples prints prions priors priory prised prises prisms prison prissy privet prized prizer prizes probed prober probes probit proems profit progun projet prolan proleg proles
19. How do you use the word probe in a sentence? Answer. Wiki User 02/25/2010. One day i would like to probe the bottom of the ocean! Related Questions.
20. For more than 40 years, the Moon has been visited by automated space probes and by nine manned expeditions, six of which landed on its surface.: For this reason, electric currents can be induced within fast-moving metal space probes.: To get a better view of the more distant planets requires space probes.: In 1984, the Soviet space probes Vega 1 and Vega 2 released two balloons with scientific
21. 1. 1. How can you use “probesets” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: RNA was prepared from 3 such pairs of samples, each was analyzed by hybridization with a Affymetrix chip RG-U34A, which contains 8799 probesets.10.: 2.
22. Some studies use a "probe verification" task rather than an overt acceptability judgment; in this paradigm, each experimental sentence is followed by a "probe word", and subjects must answer whether or not the probe word had appeared in the sentence.
23. Example sentences for: probe How can you use “probe” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: While the intensity of the perfect match probe for X69550_1561 increases with time, reaching a plateau around 16 hours, the intensity of both the mismatch probes decreases with time, reaching a plateau around 16 hours (Figure 3C).
24. The correct way to write “and/or” together in a sentence [closed] Ask Question In writing the phrase and/or, for example in a sentence as: Why/when does SQL Server evaluate the probe side of an inner hash join when the build side was empty?
25. Sentence Examples for probe. Police will probe another murder. How to use probe in a sentence is shown in this page. Check the meaning of probe.
26. Translations of the phrase probe KIT from english to french: A DNA probe kit department was established shortly thereafter.
27. How can you use “non-probe” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: An early study on DNA microarray hybridization found that hybridization was strongly dependent on the rate constants for DNA adsorption/desorption in the non-probe covered regions of the surface, the two-dimensional diffusion
28. 243+1 sentence examples: 1. Objective To probe into rehabilitation education and kinesiatrics of patients after total knee arthroplasty(TKA). 2. Purpose:To probe into pathogeny, pathology, symptoms diagnosis and treatment of adrenal ganglioneuroma.
29. Researchers can use this type of experiment to probe other mysteries in physics and cosmology. The federal probe is being led by the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division. The government of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been facing a corruption probe since mid-December.
30. Translations of the phrase VALVE probe from english to french: aligning the dispensing valve probe to the center of the
31. 277970 Investigators are running a probe into what caused the crash. CK
32. Tympanic thermometers can be difficult to use on babies and are often inaccurate because their ear canals are so small. Temporal - Press button down and sweep probe across forehead; This is fairly new technology but seems to be relatively accurate and very quick and easy to use. Be sure to read the instructions for your device - some require a
33. Definition of probe into in the Idioms Dictionary. probe into phrase. What does probe into expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. probe into - Idioms by The Free Dictionary probe into (something) probe it for; probe me for; probe memory; probe Mode Control Register; probe patency; probe scissors; probe someone for
34. probe definition, to search into or examine thoroughly; question closely: to probe one's conscience. See more.
35. Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word probe: . See probe used in context: 10 poetry verses, 6 definitions: Help Advanced Feedback Android iPhone/iPad API
36. Use probe in a sentence. A person putting a probe thermometer into a turkey to check the temperature for doneness. An example of a probe is an investigation into who stole money from the petty cash jar. An example of a probe is a probe used to perform a colonoscopy. An example of probe is when a scientists studies the origin of DNA.
37. probe definition: If you probe into something, you ask questions or try to discover facts about it. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
38. A non-verbal probe can also be used, for example by raising your eyebrows and tilting your head. This shows you are interested in a particular point and they may give you more detail without you having to say anything. Make it easy. Make it easy for them to answer. Be nice. Be casual. Slip the questions in without them noticing.

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