Use prepared in a sentence

Word suggestions (3): Prepared, Prepare, Prepaid






ready, set, equipped, primed, waiting, available, fixed, poised, produce, arrange,

"Prepared" in Example Sentences

1. How to use prepared in a sentence. Example sentences with the word prepared. prepared example sentences.
2. prepared in a sentence - Use "prepared" in a sentence 1. To prepare vegetables, squeeze cucumbers dry in a clean towel. 2. And so the United States was prepared to provide the resources. click for more sentences of prepared
3. prepared in a sentence - Use "prepared" in a sentence 1. To prepare a face to meet the faces that you meet; 2. High prices for all prepared breakfast cereals have been another deterrent. click for more sentences of prepared
4. He is better prepared this time and has the decided advantage of having five years of work behind him. Today's high school quarterback comes better prepared to shine right out of the box. Luther was smarter and better prepared than the papal legate had anticipated. All of them came a cropper against more powerful and better prepared rivals.
5. Translations of the phrase THE prepared from english to finnish and examples of the use of "THE PREPARED" in a sentence with their translations: g of the prepared aluminium oxide(3.5) and transfer to
6. prepared definition is - subjected to a special process or treatment. How to use prepared in a sentence.
7. Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word prepared: . See prepared used in context: 100 poetry verses, 38 Shakespeare works, 3 quotations, 79 Bible passages, 207 definitions
8. Translations of the phrase I HAVE prepared from english to spanish and examples of the use of "I HAVE PREPARED" in a sentence with their translations: Today i have prepared savoury zucchini & ham muffins.
9. Example Sentences for "prepare" Many people died in the earthquake simply because the government was totally unprepared for a disaster of this sizeShe studied for three solid days in order to prepare for her final exam. Many people died in the earthquake simply because the government was totally unprepared for a disaster of this size.
10. In 1915 he urged " preparedness " for naval defence. 26 14 A high state of military preparedness of any one state obliges all the others to endeavour to be prepared on the same level.
11. Use prepared in a sentence. January 6, 2019 0. 10 Characteristics Of A Manager – What are the features of the Manager? May 31, 2020 0. Queensland Day (June 6) – Why We Love Queensland Day.
12. How do you use the word prepared in a sentence? Wiki User 2010-08-07 21:57:11. I prefer prepared mustard. Were you prepared to go to school? Who prepared your lunch? Related Questions.
13. Present continuous I am preparing you are preparing he/she/it is preparing we are preparing you are preparing they are preparing: Present perfect I have prepared you have prepared he/she/it has prepared we have prepared you have prepared they have prepared: Future I will prepare you will prepare he/she/it will prepare we will prepare you will prepare they will prepare
14. Use prepared in a sentence. January 6, 2019 0. Use treacherous in a sentence. February 3, 2019 0. Use Diplomacy in a Sentence. December 5, 2018 0. Use Development in a Sentence. November 29, 2018 0. Words that end with ble
15. Significant mentions of the word prepared: . See prepared used in context: 100+ rhymes, 38 Shakespeare works, several books and articles.
16. Usually you use prepared statements when you want to quickly repeat something (like an INSERT) many times. The prepared statement makes it so that the SQL statement doesn't have to be parsed and compiled every time. You can speed things up even more by using transactions. This allows all the changes to be applied at once. Here is an example:
17. Use “tepider” in a sentence | “tepider” example sentences 1- Be prepared for many more tepid rom-coms in which she spazzes around yelling. 2- The praise was more tepid for Sam and Quinn’s “(I’ve Had) the Time of My Life”.
18. All is prepared—the table and the feast— With due appurtenance of clothes and cushions. I don't think it will, mind, but it's best to be prepared, so give me the key. "Give this to Mr. Ware," she said to the stable boy as she prepared to get into the dog-cart. He was prepared to talk all night on the subject of Toddles.
19. Examples of Secondment in a sentence The department head was required to find a couple of replacement workers since two permanent employees were on secondment in a different department. Arriving in France for his new position, the air traffic controller prepared to be on secondment from his original post for three months.
20. Army Reserve company commanders and first sergeants are where the training rubber meets the proverbial road.: But for now, while Brenda is prepared to grin and bare it, I am going to make like the proverbial pig and wallow.: The old adage that more is not necessarily better is certainly the proverbial case here.: Back in the days between leaving college and finding a real job, my friends and I
21. The motto was 'Be prepared.' The coat of arms had the motto engraved at the base. Here are a few:It can sometimes be hard to find the word phrase in a sentence.She found a translation for the
22. Commonly Confused Words: already / all ready Already refers to time.. It may mean "by this time. Example of already in a sentence. Already may also mean "by the time mentioned.". Example of already in a sentence. The words all and ready, when used together, mean "completely prepared.". Example of all ready in a sentence.. Link to exercises on already / all ready.
23. How to use Grateful in a Sentence? 1. She had prepared with her own hands the meal which her grateful patrons were consuming. 2. Jerry was not only grateful to his fair preserver, but fell violently in love with her. 3. Too grateful for the blessing lent Of simple tastes and mind content! 4.
24. The house in which evil is born => evil is born in this house the club of which I am a member => I am a member of this club the club to which I belong => I belong to this club the restaurant at which I eat => I eat at this restaurant a cause for which he is prepared to die => he is prepared to die for this cause and so forth "where" may be an acceptable substitute for location-related
25. 1. 1. corrigendums in a sentence - Use "corrigendums" in a sentence 1. A technical corrigendum, correcting some errors in the original standard, is being prepared at the time being. 2. There was a short technical corrigendum ( ISO 6709 : 2008 / Cor 1 : 2009 ) released in 2009. click for more sentences of corrigendums: 12.
26. But we have psychologically prepared ourselves to accept death by heart attack or car accident or such while we abhor the idea of being murdered. Source null Interfaith dialogue is necessary to promote inclusive nationalism and abhor exclusive nationalism being peddled in the name of cultural nationalism.
27. "Couldn't be any worse than pudding flavoured with onion extract," chuckled Joe, referring to a viand prepared by Ossie while at Newburyport. a n v d [Please select] Submit. ongoing - onion - onions. USE IN A SENTENCE
28. After you've prepared with the appropriate books, browsed through the specifications, read the tutorials, articles, and notes, all that's left to do is practice. 15 Of particular use to the new user of NLTK -- including the author, as he wrote this article -- are the series of nine tutorials on NTLK.

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