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PREMEDITATED [ˌprēˈmedəˌtādid]

premeditated (adjective) · pre-meditated (adjective)
  1. (of an action, especially a crime) thought out or planned beforehand.
    "premeditated murder"

6. There is no specific formula for determining whether a defendant Premeditated and deliberated before acting.

7. Premeditated As rational beings these doctors had to give Premeditated assent, take the action repeatedly, and reflect on the consequences of their acts

8. From the Cambridge English Corpus In place of spontaneity, every movement seems Premeditated,

9. DELIBERATE AND PremeditatedCriminal law; an act that was intentional and carefully planned prior to being carried out

10. Something Premeditated is planned in advanced and has a purpose behind it

11. A Premeditated crime involves careful planning and research before it happens. Premeditated comes from a combination of two Latin words: pre, meaning "before," and meditat, meaning “to ponder.”

12. "Premeditated Myrtle is a book young readers will love and adults may well sneak out of backpacks and off of nightstands for their own enjoyment… Here’s hoping for more adventures with this delightful, heroic protagonist." —BookPage, starred review

13. Definition of Premeditated in the dictionary

14. What does Premeditated mean? Information and translations of Premeditated in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

15. Premeditated definition: A Premeditated crime is planned or thought about before it is done

16. A Premeditated act can be an act that is carefully and consciously considered beforehand

17. The following is an example of a case law defining the term: The word "Premeditated" means considered beforehand

18. A murder is Premeditated if the killer decides to kill before actually killing

19. Premeditated murder is a murder committed by someone who planned ahead

20. The laws surrounding Premeditated murder vary, but as a general rule it is treated as the most serious form of murder because of the fact that the murderer planned to kill beforehand

21. Premeditated Murder Premeditated murder was originally and historically the predominant form of murder in any first-degree murder statute

22. A common statutory definition of first-degree Premeditated murder is a willful, deliberate, Premeditated killing (Mich

23. Definition of Willful, Deliberate, and Premeditated

24. "This was Premeditated": Netflix's "American Murder" shows toxic masculinity at its deadliest Ashlie D

25. Premeditated Pride makes clothes and accessories for the LGBTQ+ communities

26. Premeditated combines so many things I enjoy in a book: a revenge story, a going undercover story, a story about family relationships, and a story about preconceptions and prejudice

27. The robbery was not Premeditated and was a spur of the moment decision.: Khan was among a mob wielding cudgels, swords, hammers and guns who attacked a group of West Indians in what was described as a Premeditated and racially motivated attack.: This appears to be a Premeditated and cowardly racially motivated attack.: Let's face it, everybody understands Premeditated, first-degree …

28. Examples of Premeditated in a sentence Since Mary planned her husband’s death in advance, she was charged with Premeditated murder

29. 🔊 The politician came up with his premeditated campaign to destroy his rival over a year ago

30. All four men testifying said they agree the attack was largely Premeditated.

31. The killing had not been Premeditated

32. This was a callous, Premeditated attack on a defenceless young man

33. Opposite unPremeditated Topics Crime and punishment c2 , War and conflict c2

34. Premeditated Mortar is the 8th in the Fixer Upper series by Kate Carlisle

35. Antonyms for Premeditated include accidental, unintentional, spontaneous, unplanned, unPremeditated, casual, inadvertent, unwitting, chance and fortuitous

36. 18 minutes ago · Less than a day after referee Tim Peel's hot mic admission of a Premeditated penalty call was aired, the NHL fired and barred Peel.

37. Premeditated murder – this means that the murder was willful, deliberate and Premeditated

38. Premeditated assault? There's no such thing

39. Premeditated Leftovers with Alea Milham

40. The Justice Department and FBI engaged in a "Premeditated effort to dislodge the duly elected president of the United States," Rep

41. Homicide-suicides showed a more Premeditated pattern while homicide alone suggested a crime of passion, wi …

42. Definition of Premeditated written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and count/noncount noun labels.

43. Why unrealistic expectations are Premeditated resentments

44. Suicide: Premeditated Versus Impulsive By Beyond Blue Thanks to Beyond Blue reader Larry Parker for forwarding me the piece, “The Urge to End It …

45. The minds of murderers who kill impulsively, often out of rage, and those who carefully carry out Premeditated crimes differ markedly both psychologically and …

46. Premeditated murder carries the death sentence

47. The assault was Premeditated and particularly brutal

48. The killing had not been Premeditated

49. In a case of Premeditated murder a life sentence is mandatory

50. Premeditated Dance Conservatory, Temecula, California

51. ‘It is a totally Premeditated crime and the criminals have to very carefully plan their moves.’ ‘Prosecutors have argued that the crime was Premeditated and that while she was mentally ill, she was not insane when she acted.’ ‘The robbery was not Premeditated and was a spur of the moment decision.’

52. In antisocial personality disorder (ASPD), aggression is a frequent manifestation that differently compromise therapeutic and prognostic goals according to its impulsive or Premeditated categorisation.

53.Premeditated”, on the other hand, is an act characterized by fully conscious willful intent and a measure of forethought and planning and requires careful identification, solicitation, and procurement of necessary weapons, and analysis of human, material, and financial resources visa vis …

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What is deliberate and premeditated?

Legal definition for DELIBERATE AND PREMEDITATED: Criminal law; an act that was intentional and carefully planned prior to being carried out.

What does premeditate mean?

Definition of premeditation : an act or instance of premeditating specifically : consideration or planning of an act beforehand that shows intent to commit that act

What does premeditated murder stand for?

Premeditated murder is the crime of wrongfully and intentionally causing the death of another human being after rationally considering the timing or method of doing so, in order to either increase the likelihood of success, or to evade detection or apprehension. State laws in the United States vary as to definitions of "premeditation."

What is premeditated design?

What is PREMEDITATED DESIGN? definition of PREMEDITATED DESIGN (Black's Law Dictionary) Definition of PREMEDITATED DESIGN: a term used in cases of murder that means that the murderer planned then act before doing it.

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