Use precipitous in a sentence

Word suggestions (1): Precipitous




  - dangerously high or steep.

  - (of an action) done suddenly and without careful consideration.


steep, sheer, high, perpendicular, abrupt, sharp, dizzy, vertiginous, vertical, bluff,

"Precipitous" in Example Sentences

1. No sooner is the object of alarm scented or seen than each one seeks safety in the most inaccessible situations, which are often reached by a series of astounding leaps over crevasses, up the faces of seemingly perpendicular rocks, or down the sides of equally precipitous chasms. The chamois will not hesitate, it is said, thus to leap down 20 or even 30 ft., and this it effects with apparent
2. Because Richard never thinks about the consequences of his precipitous actions, he often ends up in jail. 🔊 You should think before you do precipitous stunts that endanger your life! 🔊 Before the colonel makes a precipitous decision, he must consider the number of lives he might lose in battle. 🔊
3. Use "precipitous" in a sentence. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. precipitous in a sentence. Precipitous; Beyond that the hills become precipitous. precipitous fall actually exists; that's when they get. were
4. 41+1 sentence examples: 1. From a precipitous height we looked at the town spread out below. 2. A precipitous path led down the cliff. 3. The stock market's precipitous drop frightened foreign investors. 4. Much of the precipitous decline in return o
5. Separated from Lycabettus by a depression to the south-west, through which flows a brook, now a covered drain (probably to be identified with the Eridanus), stands the remarkable oblong rocky mass of the Acropolis (512 ft.), rising precipitously on all sides except the western; its summit was partially levelled in prehistoric times, and the flat area was subsequently enlarged by further
6. They rarely reach the cave on its precipitous slope. There was a precipitous fall in GDP.. A precipitous , winding road leads down the hillside to seashore.. Crash barriers are installed along the sides of dangerous bends and precipitous verges.. These conditions forced both wheat agriculture and the lumber industry into a precipitous decline.. This led to a precipitous loss of working and
7. precipitous definition: The definition of precipitous is something very steep. (adjective) An example of precipitous is a cliff that requires climbing gear to get to the top.
8. With precipitous limestone cliffs, deeply shaded ravines, and clear rocky streams, the Driftless Area is a rugged landscape. Along the coast, precipitous cliffs up to 1,400 feet high are interspersed with coves and bays leading into deep, V-shaped canyons. A precipitous drop in performance and a more rapid rate of fatigue often result.
9. Examples of precipitous decline in a sentence, how to use it. 19 examples: However, his training performance for the rhyme production objective did show a precipitous decline, from an initial accuracy level of 65% to a final level of 5%. - Only a true understanding will lead—urgently—to a reverse in the precipitous decline of the agriculture sector.
10. Use "precipitous" in a sentence precipitous wooded inclines that rise more than 200 feet (61 m) above the water create a feeling of remoteness and mountain vastness. This action, combined with a broad-based pro-democracy movement occurring in Pakistan at the time, led to a precipitous fall in Musharraf's flocculation.
11. precipitous definition is - precipitate. How to use precipitous in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of precipitous.

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