Use Poster in a sentence


POSTER [ˈpōstər]

poster (noun) · posters (plural noun)

  • a large printed picture used for decoration.
  • a large printed picture, notice, or advertisement displayed in a public place.
Synonyms: notice . placard . bill . sign . advertisement . announcement . playbill . sticker . dazibao . ad . advert .
  • a person who posts something online, as on a blog, social media website, or forum.

poster (verb) · posters (third person present) · postering (present participle) · postered (past tense) · postered (past participle)

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70. Poster definition is - a usually large printed sheet that often contains pictures and is posted in a public place (as to promote something)

71. How to use Poster in a sentence.

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What does the name poster mean?

noun a placard or bill posted or intended for posting in a public place, as for advertising. a large print of a painting, photograph, etc., used to decorate a wall: posters of street scenes. a person who posts bills, placards, etc.

What is a poster in art?

A poster is a large piece of printed paper that has a picture of something. Posters are made to be shown on a wall or other flat surface. Posters may be used for advertising, education, propaganda, and decoration. They may also be copies of famous works of art.

What is poster making?

Poster projects: Poster making can be done in pairs or groups with students working on a common topic or separate topics. Abstract topics help to stimulate the flow of ideas and encourage students to think out of the box.

Is an advertisement a poster?

What is Advertising Poster? Advertising posters are one of the common types of advertisements for entertainment and information. These posters can be used for several intended purposes such as for promoting events or introducing new products and services.

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