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See also: Poor Poorly Poorer Poori Poorest Poorper Poorness Poorhouse

1. Poor: [adjective] lacking material possessions

Poor, Possessions

2. Adjective, Poor·er, Poor·est


3. Having little or no money, goods, or other means of support: a Poor family living on welfare


4. Cacography - Bad handwriting or Poor spelling


5. Illegible, unreadable - Illegible refers to bad handwriting, while unreadable refers to Poor writing


6. Heterography, inorthography - Incorrect or Poor spelling is heterography or inorthography


7. Penurious - A synonym for "Poor, in need."

Penurious, Poor

8. 111 synonyms of Poor from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 197 related words, definitions, and antonyms

Poor, Plus

9. Poor: lacking money or material possessions.

Poor, Possessions

10. Find 189 ways to say Poor, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


11. The definition of Poor is having little money or belongings, or lacking something


12. An example of Poor is living below the poverty line

Poor, Poverty

13. An example of Poor used as an adjective is the phrase Poor communication skills which means that a person cannot communicate well with others.

Poor, Phrase, Person

14. “The Poor often denotes a great, undifferentiated mass


15. And sayingPoor countries” sounds patronizing

Poor, Patronizing

16. But Poor governance in Poor countries is not entirely the fault of the people living in those countries

Poor, People

17. In many cases, the borders left behind by former European colonial powers have made it difficult, if not impossible, for the people of the world’s Poorest countries to …

Powers, People, Poorest

18. Blessed are the Poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven


19. Poor - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums


20. Poor adjective (NO MONEY) A1 having little money and/or few possessions: Most of the world's Poorest countries are in Africa.

Poor, Possessions, Poorest

21. Poor describes having little of something


22. If you lack needed food and shelter, you're Poor, and if you fall below a standard or don't even try, you're giving a Poor performance

Poor, Performance

23. Empty pockets and empty efforts both mean Poor. Rich or wealthy often serve as opposites of Poor.

Pockets, Poor

24. Video that revolves around a Poor boy how he struggles everyday to Fill his stomach.We should look around ourselves there are lots of Poor people who are sle

Poor, People

25. Why did Mozart and Beethoven die Poor while …


26. Poor translate: 没有钱的, 贫穷的,穷困的;拮据的, 糟糕的, 粗劣的,蹩脚的;不好的, 值得同情的, 可怜的


27. The Mosaic legislation regarding the Poor is specially important


28. Synonyms for Poor in Free Thesaurus


29. 150 synonyms for Poor: impoverished, broke, badly off, hard up, short, in need, needy, on the rocks, penniless

Poor, Penniless

30. Definition of Poor in the dictionary


31. What does Poor mean? Information and translations of Poor in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


32. Vincent Poor and Mengdi Wang EE faculty members receive grants for COVID-19 research from Digital Transformation Institute A new model developed by Princeton and Carnegie Mellon researchers improves tracking of epidemics by accounting for mutations in diseases.

Poor, Princeton

33. Poor (comparative Poorer, superlative Poorest) With no or few possessions or money, particularly in relation to contemporaries who do have them

Poor, Poorer, Poorest, Possessions, Particularly

34. We were so Poor that we couldn't afford shoes


35. See: (as) Poor as a church mouse (as) Poor as a Job's turkey a (kind of) reflection on (someone or something) a Poor craftsman blames his tools a Poor relation a Poor thing but mine own a Poor thing, but mine own a Poor thing, but my own a sad, Poor, etc


36. Reflection on something be a Poor second be a Poor third be a/the Poor man's (someone or something


37. The word “Poor” can usually be linked to someone’s monetary status, but it also has significance in many other ways


38. In numerous cases, financially Poor individuals have Poor mindsets, which is oftentimes why they stay Poor


39. Poor adjective Referring to a status wherein a person or persons lack enough money to live at a standard of comfort considered normal in a society

Poor, Person, Persons

40. In 2009, 14.3% of Americans were Poor; by race, 25% of Hispanics and Blacks are Poor, 9% of Whites are Poor


41. Susan Collins Sees ‘Poor Strategy’ in White House Rebuffing GOP Biden says he values bipartisanship, yet the centrist Maine Republican says she feels frustrated


42. ‘A Poor place to be when, as he expects, the negotiations begin some time after the next elections.’ ‘The place was Poor beyond the conceptions of a privileged 21 st-century Westerner.’ ‘They both laboured to earn enough to take a lease on a small farm at Gumeracha, near Adelaide, but the land was Poor and the rainfall scant.’

Poor, Place, Privileged

43. Definition and synonyms of Poor from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.


44. This is the British English definition of Poor.View American English definition of Poor.


45. The Poor boy sandwich, made of simple but filling ingredients, was invented and named in New Orleans in 1921


46. To Poor mouth "deny one's advantages" is from 1965 (to make a Poor mouth "whine" is Scottish dialect from 1822)


47. Slang Poor man's _____ "the cheaper alternative to _____," is from 1854.


48. Poor SQL : Take pity on your SQL with instant, free and open-source, online or offline formatting using the Poor Man's T-SQL Formatter library

Poor, Pity

49. Poor definition: Someone who is Poor has very little money and few possessions

Poor, Possessions

50. When a Poor household spends resources received from the earned income tax credit, food stamps, or WIC program, the value of those benefits shows up in the household spending tally.

Poor, Program

51. Being Poor is nothing to be ashamed about


52. An anti‐ poverty agenda built on empowering Poor people and allowing them to take greater control of their own lives offers the chance for a new bipartisan consensus that rejects the current

Poverty, Poor, People

53. Director Jezza Neumann, who made 2012’s Poor Kids, once again delves into how poverty impacts children.With

Poor, Poverty

54. Poor Richards Bait and Tackle, Fairview, Pennsylvania

Poor, Pennsylvania

55. Rich Dad Poor Dad is the #1 personal finance book of all time

Poor, Personal

56. Poor Kids (2017) This is an updated program that originally aired Nov

Poor, Program

57. The days when vocational courses came a Poor second to a traditional academic education are becoming a thing of the past he finished a Poor third in Sunday's presidential election a Poor [substitute] (for sth) they thought the fruit wines were a Poor substitute for grape wine a wheelchair, medication, and physical therapy may make his life more bearable, but all of this is a Poor substitute

Poor, Past, Presidential, Physical

58. Poor rates of pay He blames himself for the team’s Poor performance

Poor, Pay, Performance

59. Of Poor quality (= not made well or not made of good materials) The jacket was of very Poor quality


60. Poor hearing/eyesight/memory Her hearing is Poor, so speak fairly loudly


61. Make/do a Poor job of doing something The builders did a really Poor job of fixing our roof


62. Poor circulation in the legs usually also means that there is decreased blood flow to other parts of the body

Poor, Parts

63. In Poor districts, pandemic overwhelms school counselors

Poor, Pandemic

64. Poor is a state of being, but it’s also a feeling; an invisible but oppressive mantle you carry around your neck at all times


65. Poor People struggles to confront poverty in all its hopelessness and brutality, its pride and abject fear, its fierce misery and quiet resignation, allowing the Poor to explain the causes and consequences of their impoverishment in their own cultural, social, and religious terms

Poor, People, Poverty, Pride

66. House Poor is a term used to describe a person who spends a large proportion of his or her total income on home ownership, including mortgage payments, property taxes, maintenance, and utilities.

Poor, Person, Proportion, Payments, Property

67. R/Poor: This is a place for people who are Poor to discuss personal situations and strategies on making ends meet

Poor, Place, People, Personal

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POOR [po͝or, pôr]

poor (adjective) · poorer (comparative adjective) · poorest (superlative adjective)

  • lacking sufficient money to live at a standard considered comfortable or normal in a society.
  • (of a place) inhabited by people without sufficient money.
Synonyms: poverty-stricken . impoverished . necessitous . beggarly . penurious . impecunious . indigent . needy . needful . badly off . destitute . hard up . underprivileged . deprived . penniless . moneyless . bankrupt . bust . insolvent . pauperized . beggared . rich . wealthy .

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best definition of poor?

The definition of poor is having little money or belongings, or lacking something. An example of poor is living below the poverty line. An example of poor used as an adjective is the phrase poor communication skills which means that a person cannot communicate well with others. Poor is defined as people with little to no money or belongings.

How to describe the word poor?

the poor noun [plural] people who have very little money They provided food and shelter for the poor. opposite the rich see also working poor

What does poor mean?

Poor is defined as people with little to no money or belongings. An example of the poor is everyone who lives in poverty.

What is an a poor person?

poor person synonyms, poor person pronunciation, poor person translation, English dictionary definition of poor person. Noun 1. poor person - a person with few or no possessions have-not unfortunate , unfortunate person - a person who suffers misfortune white trash - an ...

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