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POLEMICAL [pəˈlemək(ə)l]

polemical (adjective)

  • relating to or involving strongly critical, controversial, or disputatious writing or speech.
Synonyms: critical . hostile . bitter . polemic . virulent . vitriolic . venomous . waspish . corrosive . biting . caustic . trenchant . cutting . acerbic . sardonic . sarcastic . scathing . acid . sharp . keen . tart . pungent . stinging . astringent . incisive . devastating . piercing . acidulous . mordacious .

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1. Examples of Polemical in a Sentence during the Middle Ages even theologians could be surprisingly Polemical in their writings an unnecessarily Polemical look at the supposed incompatibility between science and religion Recent Examples on the Web But a good deal of recent Polemical

2. Adjectivecontroversial, cutting, biting, critical, acid, bitter, hostile, contentious, scathing, virulent, polemic, sardonic, caustic, venomous, vitriolic, acerbic, trenchant, argumentative, waspish, disputatioushis biting Polemical novelHe's best when he's cool and direct, rather than abusive and Polemical.

3. Saadiah's Polemical works have always a positive as well as a negative value

4. CHAPTERS ON JEWISH LITERATURE ISRAEL ABRAHAMS He describes this vigorous Polemical treatise as "flung like a bombshell among my opponents." MAKERS OF BRITISH BOTANY; A COLLECTION OF BIOGRAPHIES BY LIVING BOTANISTS VARIOUS

5. Polemical is an adjective meaning of or relating to controversy, refutation, or hostile argument

6. Polemical means arguing very strongly for or against a belief or opinion

7. Daniels is at his best when he's cool and direct, rather than combative and Polemical.Kramer's biting Polemical novel

8. Synonyms: controversial, cutting, biting, critical More Synonyms of Polemical

9. Polemical is the adjective form of the noun polemic, which itself comes from the Greek word, polemos, meaning "war." Use Polemical to describe a controversy or argument that could end up as a huge conflict, because Polemical refers to a major disagreement.

10. See authoritative translations of Polemical in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations.

11. Each day focused on a different topic: bio-materiality; synthesizing design and production; optimization for a changing world; and Polemical performative practice.

12. Synonyms for Polemical in Free Thesaurus

13. 30 synonyms for Polemical: controversial, cutting, biting, critical, acid, bitter, hostile

14. Polemical Performative Practice ; Material details of Jenny Sabin's Ada (2019), a collaborative pavilion project installed at the Microsoft Research campus in Redmond, Washington

15. "Playwrights on the Threshold Between Stage and Study: paratexts and Polemical texts in seventeenth century French theater." Diss., 2012.

16. Polemical (comparative more Polemical, superlative most Polemical) Related to argument or controversy ; containing polemic , being polemic

17. Definition of Polemical in the dictionary

18. What does Polemical mean? Information and translations of Polemical in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

19. Unleashing an extended Polemical attack upon the foundational elements of orthodox psychoanalysis and Marxism, it quickly became a bestseller

20. Definition of Polemical (adjective): using or supported by strong arguments

21. Definition and synonyms of Polemical from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.

22. This is the British English definition of Polemical.View American English definition of Polemical.

23. What does Polemical mean? Of, or relating to argument or controversy; polemic or contentious

24. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Related topics: Literature Polemical po‧lem‧i‧cal / pəˈlemɪk ə l / (also polemic) adjective formal AL CRITICIZE using strong arguments to criticize or defend a particular idea, opinion, or person The reforms were attacked in a highly Polemical

25. This is a Polemical tract about a new way in which the Anglican church government should be organized

26. Healthcare looks likely to be a big issue in next year's US presidential election, while Michael Moore's latest Polemical film Sicko has driven the subject further up the agenda.

27. Other articles where Polemic is discussed: nonfictional prose: Reportage: Polemical cast in countries in which libel laws are not stringent

28. Polemical journalism flourished in continental Europe when a journalist’s insults could be avenged only in a duel; one of the great journalists of this heroic era of the press in France, Armand Carrel, died…

29. This process, which Currid terms ‘Polemical theology’, serves to demonstrate the unique sovereignty of the God of Israel

30. This interaction generated many Polemical texts presenting the competing claims of the three monotheistic faiths

31. Synonyms for Polemical include contentious, controversial, disputatious, argumentative, quarrelsome, scrappy, hot-button, belligerent, combative and contrary

32. Definition of Polemical adjective in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

33. The views of Nicole and Carson regarding Polemical theology are the same in at least one way – they both claim polemics is necessary, while warning of dangers

34. Carson writes, "Polemical theology is an unavoidable component of any serious theological stance, as the Bible itself makes clear

35. Nevertheless there is something wrong-headed about making Polemical theology the focus of one's theological identity."

36. Polemical - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions

37. Polemical es un término alternativo para polemic

38. 'Polemical' is an alternate term for 'polemic'

39. Lambeth council, which is consulting the public on the idea until September 10, admits the debate is "Polemical" - with local residents and businesses in favour of a ban but cyclists opposed.Evening Standard - Home

40. It is convenient for many of the Europhiliacs to dismiss much of what Christopher Booker writes as Polemical, that is when they are not in total denial mode.

41. Polemical Zine is a FREE, volunteer-run, non-profit magazine which publishes submissions from all people and has no jury or selection process

42. Polemical Zine shares visual art, writing, poetry, photography, music, and videos in digital forms: online publications and podcasts.

43. A prolific and Polemical author unafraid to offend any and all comers, Abbey was a gadfly who reveled in the controversy he stirred.: Most conservative commentators are either unwilling even to credit the debate or approach it only in the most Polemical fashion.: Turgenev had already given a Polemical portrait of the peasant-loving Slavophile, Konstantin Aksakov.

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