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PLUMMET [ˈpləmət]

plummet (verb) · plummets (third person present) · plummeted (past tense) · plummeted (past participle) · plummeting (present participle)

plummet (noun) · plummets (plural noun)

  • a steep and rapid fall or drop.
Synonyms: tumble . trip . spill . topple . stumble . slip . collapse . nosedive . header . cropper .
  • a plumb or plumb line.

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See also: Plummet Plummeted Plummeting

1. Plummet definition is - to fall perpendicularly

2. How to use Plummet in a sentence.

3. Drop, fall, crash, nose-dive, descend rapidly Share prices have Plummeted

4. Plunge, fall, drop, crash, tumble, swoop, stoop, nose-dive, descend rapidly The car Plummeted off a cliff

5. Plummet definition, a piece of lead or some other weight attached to a line, used for determining perpendicularity, for sounding, etc.; the bob of a plumb line

6. To go down in amount or value very quickly and suddenly: House prices have Plummeted in recent months

7. Plummet (by) sth First-half advertising revenues Plummeted 13%, compared with the same …

8. 14 synonyms of Plummet from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 16 related words, definitions, and antonyms

9. Plummet: to go to a lower level especially abruptly.

10. The Plummet of our thought fails always to reach the depth of that mystery of Mary's Child

11. BARRY Measurements of the depth of the water with a Plummet and line

12. Drop, fall, crash, nose-dive, descend rapidly Share prices have Plummeted

13. Plunge, fall, drop, crash, tumble, swoop, stoop, nose-dive, descend rapidly The car Plummeted off a cliff

14. Plummet was an American trance duo from Orlando, Florida.The act consisted of producer/remixer Eric B

15. The Plummet at second from the left is a Gilcrease Plummet

16. The other Plummet is called an Elm point Plummet

17. They are also referred to as "bottle cap" Plummets

18. Plummet is a Words with Friends word

19. Words with Friends point value for Plummet: 13 points

20. Plumb bob, a weight with a pointed tip on the bottom that is suspended from a string and used as a reference line that is perpendicular to the ground; Sinker (fishing) Plummet (musicians), a trance duo Plummet, by Sherwin Tjia (2020); See also

21. The definition of a Plummet is something that weighs something else down. An example of Plummet is a weight tied to a piece of material.

22. Plummet - traduction anglais-français

23. Forums pour discuter de Plummet, voir ses formes composées, des exemples et poser vos questions

24. Plummet - Traduzione del vocabolo e dei suoi composti, e discussioni del forum.

25. The verb Plummet means "to drop sharply," like eagles that Plummet toward earth, seeking prey, or school attendance that Plummets when there is a flu outbreak.

26. Plummet From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English plum‧met /ˈplʌmɪt/ (also Plummet down) verb [ intransitive] 1 to suddenly and quickly decrease in value or amount SYN plunge Plummet from something to something Profits Plummeted from £49 million to £11 million.

27. Examples of Plummet in a sentence When the housing bubble burst, many people saw their property values Plummet

28. 🔊 The increase in the bear population has caused the salmon population to plummet

29. 🔊 Because the number of deer in the area has started to Plummet, deer hunting has …

30. Plummet is a House/Techno/Trance duo from Florida

31. The original female vocalist of Plummet was Cheramy Burgess

32. Plummet now features vocal appearences from talents singles such as Erica Ayala, BJ Carlson and Jelica Thomson.

33. ‘The Plummet in interest in religion was brought home last week when only one Catholic Priest was ordained in Northern Ireland for the year coming.’ ‘I went in to watch the first half, and despite the central character's life going well, in the face adversity, I could sense a Plummet in the second half.’

34. Plummet is the newest Seatbelt Suspense® from Brandilyn Collins, and it’s a fast-paced, intense read

35. See 6 authoritative translations of Plummet in Spanish with example sentences, conjugations and audio pronunciations.

36. Plummet definition: If an amount, rate , or price Plummets , it decreases quickly by a large amount

37. Plummet: A Novel - Kindle edition by ZAROCOSTAS, MICHAEL

38. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Plummet: A Novel.

39. Plummet (down) to (something or some place) 1

40. He teetered precariously on the edge of the building before Plummeting to the ground

41. I stood watching in horror as the vase with my grandfather's ashes came Plummeting down to the floor from the mantelpiece

42. Industrial production continued to Plummet in September, the twelfth straight month of decline, according to a report issued earlier this week by the Federal Reserve.: This means that convertible bonds limit risk should the stock price Plummet, while limiting exposure to upside price movements of the underlying common stock.: You Plummet to the bottom screaming and are impaled on the spikes.

43. 9 hours ago · New home sales Plummet amid bad weather, but analysts remain upbeat on construction activity New home sales briefly faltered because of last month's bad …

44. 3 CHUMASH ARTIFACTS 2 Plummet Stones / Cog Stone Arrowheads Old Indian Native Am

45. 4" Plummet Indian Artifact

46. Plummet (4 Occurrences) 2 Kings 21:13 I will stretch over Jerusalem the line of Samaria, and the Plummet of the house of Ahab; and I will wipe Jerusalem as a man wipes a dish, wiping it and turning it upside down

47. Plummet Natural Cheek Tint - Creamy Mineral Makeup - Gluten Free Titanium Free Makeup LittleStuff4u

48. Favorite Add to Blizzard Beach Watercolour Sketch Print, Summit Plummet, Disney Prints Available in A3, A4, A5 SunstateCreationShop

49. 1 day ago · News ratings, traffic Plummet post-Trump

50. Synonyms for Plummet include hurtle, plunge, crash, descend, dive, drop, nosedive, fall headlong, descend rapidly and fall

51. 11 hours ago · How Disneyland ride capacity could Plummet under COVID-19 restrictions Updated state guidelines for California theme parks will keep indoor attractions at Disneyland and Disney California

52. The video for Plummet’s dance music cover involves two mannequins whom come alive and meet each other on a date

53. As nouns the difference between Plummet and fall is that Plummet is (archaic) a piece of lead attached to a line, used in sounding the depth of water while fall is the act of moving in a fluid or vacuum under the effect of gravity to a lower position

54. As verbs the difference between Plummet and fall is that Plummet is to drop swiftly, in a direct manner; to fall

55. 9 hours ago · Maine saw Lyme disease cases Plummet in 2020 by Christopher Burns 42 mins ago March 23, 2021

56. One hundred feet below him the Plummet rested on something solid that sustained it in space.; Into it, dropping through it like a Plummet through space, came the report of a rifle.; It fell like a Plummet into the French second line trenches, and continued to burn there.; The boy who had kept up his friendship with engine-drivers after he was an officer knew how to sink the Plummet into human

57. Faculty Publications (29) ; Plummet

58. 1 day ago · Existing home sales Plummeted 6.6% to a seasonally adjusted 6.22 million in February from a month earlier, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR).

59. Definition and synonyms of Plummet from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.

60. This is the British English definition of Plummet.View American English definition of Plummet.

61. Plummet in a sentence - Use "Plummet" in a sentence 1

62. Helpless, they start to Plummet

63. Just about anything that flutters before it Plummets to the ground

64. Click for more sentences of Plummet: 46

65. Plummet is defined as to fall down quickly and suddenly

66. An example of Plummet is for a model airplane to quickly plunge from the

67. Another word for Plummet: drop, fall, crash, nosedive, descend rapidly Collins English Thesaurus

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