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"Picnic" in Example Sentences

1. A picnic table can help you make great use of your outdoor living space, but it needs to be an attractive extension of your home. 0 You can have even more fun when you decorate a children's picnic table.
2. The Word "Picnic" in Example Sentences Page 1. 3160241 I like picnics. Hybrid 1 956923 We love picnics. CK 1 2300069 I called off the picnic. CK 1 1288430 We love going on picnics. CK 1 956924 We really like picnics a lot. CK 1 2643026 It's a great day for a picnic. CK 1 3199043 I've made a picnic lunch for us.
3. 201+28 sentence examples: 1. One spring day the school arranged a picnic. 2. The plans for the picnic fizzled out. 3. The students often picnic at the park. 4. We decided to have a picnic down by the lake. 5. Too often, picnic preparation consists of
4. The Word "Picnic" in Example Sentences Page 2. 242749 It is too cold for a picnic today. CK 34809 Let's fix the date for the picnic. CM 1898114 This is a nice place for a picnic. CK 249422 We are to go on a picnic tomorrow. furagwa 261107 I'd like to go on a picnic with her.
5. Examples of family picnic in a sentence, how to use it. 18 examples: In addition to a large family picnic area with playgrounds, the park has… 10. 10. picnic definition is - an excursion or outing with food usually provided by members of the group and eaten in the open; also : the food provided for a picnic .
6. A picnic in a sentence 🔊 Short Example Sentence for A picnic . 1. For them it was a picnic. 🔊 2. A picnic on the hill. 🔊 3. There is virtue in coming to a picnic. 🔊 4. After that we had a picnic dinner in the woods. 🔊 5. She was very anxious that we should get up a picnic. 🔊 6.
7. English words and Examples of Usage use "picnic" in a sentence The weather looks awful today. Why don't we have our picnic tomorrow? When we came back to our picnic basket, we found that there were ants all over our blanket, and even in our food. The picnic had to be canceled due to rain.
8. How can you use the word picnic in a sentence? Answer. Wiki User March 29, 2014 5:58PM. They had a romantic picnic on the top of the hill. The picnic area was infested with ants, birds and the
9. How to use no picnic in a sentence Looking for sentences with "no picnic"? Here are some examples. Sentence Examples. Though commuting to the suburban campus is still no picnic, things have improved. Not being able to work I have to rely on benefits, temporary housing is no picnic for any single mother, it's hard, far from ideal!
10. picnic mat in a sentence - Use "picnic mat" in a sentence 1. There is never any reserved seating, and visitors are encouraged to bring a picnic mat to sit on. 2. The audience would arrive with picnic baskets, sit on picnic mats in front of the church, and join in the choir's chorales and madrigals. click for more sentences of picnic mat
11. picnic definition: The definition of a picnic is a cut of cured pork. (adjective) A shoulder cut of ham is an example of a picnic ham.
12. Examples of using Roadside picnic in a sentence and their translations. Click {-} to exclude some words from your search. For instance, word1 -{word2} : will search phrases that contain word1 and NOT word2. Tarkovsky's movie, stalker, is a free adaptation of the novel roadside picnic written by arkady and boris strugatsky in 1972.
13. How do you use squelch in a sentence? How do you use squelch in a sentence? How do you use squelch in a sentence? Un pique-nique à la campagne is 'a picnic by the countryside' in English
14. Example sentences for: picnic How can you use “picnic” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: The upper levels and battlements have been landscaped with fine lawns, which make a fine place for a summer picnic.. It is the perfect place for a picnic on a summer’s day.. You can extend the hike along the river for a picnic or bracing swim at
15. picnic definition is - an excursion or outing with food usually provided by members of the group and eaten in the open; also : the food provided for a picnic. How to use picnic in a sentence.
16. We've had to postpone the picnic because a number of people are busy that day. Mustard, ketchup and relish for the hamburgers are on the picnic table. This specially-insulated picnic basket will retain a constant temperature for up to 3 hours. Only first 15 results shown. - Example Sentences for picnic use the word picnic in a sentence
17. How to use picnic in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word picnic? 2. Skives definition: Noun 1. plural form of skiveverb 2. third-person singular simple present indicative form of skive: 5. In Britain, such a person is a 'skiver' (skives off work). Read More. 1. Share.
18. Examples of picnic lunch in a sentence, how to use it. 14 examples: During the winter one cannot always have a picnic lunch with one's family… Cambridge Dictionary Plus My profile
19. picnic definition: When people have a picnic , they eat a meal out of doors , usually in a field or a forest | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Examples of 'picnic' in a sentence picnic. These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content.
20. Sentence Examples for picnic. We took delicious picnic with us on the way to Jaipur. How to use picnic in a sentence is shown in this page. Check the meaning of picnic.
21. Definition of picnic in the D dictionary. Meaning of picnic. What does picnic mean? Information and translations of picnic in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
22. Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word picnic: . See picnic used in context: 13 poetry verses, 1 quotation, 12 definitions
23. picnic quotes from YourDictionary: The Pop artists did images that anybody walking down Broadway could recognize in a split secondcomics, picnic tables, men's trousers, celebrities, shower curtains, refrigerators,Coke bottlesall the great modern
24. Listen to all | All sentences (with pause) Used with nouns: " We will have a picnic if the weather permits. (weather, time, schedule) " The city permitted the use of the abandoned building. (use, development, inspection) Used with adverbs: " The school normally permits visitors. (normally, usually, generally) " His grandmother never permits strangers in the house.
25. (adjective) An example of conducive is favorable weather being the best for an outdoor picnic. Definitions. Use conducive in a sentence. adjective. The definition of conducive is something that brings about or leads to something. An example of conducive is favorable weather being the best for an outdoor picnic. YourDictionary definition
26. Journalists, professors, & those learning a new language might especially like this page. The lines of text below use wrecked in a sentence, and provide visitors a sentence for wrecked. 7. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "wreck" The rainstorm really wrecked our picniche wrecked his marriage by: 3. 2.
27. Ken: Here’s another example: “My friends are planning a picnic for this Saturday”. Sarah: That’s right,Ken. You used ‘Are’ because many of your friends are planning the picnic. If it was just one friend, you’d use ‘Is’ and say ‘My friend is planning a picnic for this Saturday’. Let’s listen to some conversations now.
28. Translations of the phrase picnic LUNCH from english to russian and examples of the use of "picnic LUNCH" in a sentence with their translations: Maybe I'll bring a picnic lunch . Norwegian Russian Spanish French Czech Indonesian Swedish Croatian Norwegian Spanish French
29. We use this when the action described in a sentence is directed back to you. This is so because myself is a reflexive pronoun; it reflects the action back to the subject (myself, yourself, himself). Myself for added emphasis. “John, Natalie, and myself went for a picnic.”
30. Laughing in a sentence - Use "laughing" in a sentence 1. At that, Nancy and her husband Jim burst out laughing. 2. A laughing group lays out a feast on two picnic tables. click for more sentences of laughing
31. Use it more often. Use it in a sentence: White people, why are you being so fucking officious? 4. Jun 12, 2017 - Explore dc6butter's board "picnicing", followed by 1539 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about picnic foods, Food and Food recipes. 5.
32. Definition of as luck would have it in the Idioms Dictionary. as luck would have it phrase. What does as luck would have it expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. As luck would have it - Idioms by The Free Dictionary As it turned out; as it happened: As luck would have it, it rained the day of the picnic.

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