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1. The phosphate beds contain Eocene fossils derived from the underlying strata and many fragments of Pleistocene vertebrata such as mastodon, elephant, stag, horse, pig, &c. The phosphate occurs as lumps varying greatly in size, scattered through a sand or clay; they often contain phosphatized Eocene fossils (Mollusca, &c.).
2. How to use phosphates in a sentence. Example sentences with the word phosphates. phosphates example sentences. phosphates Sentence Examples. and thus in the formation of highly insoluble calcium phosphate and carbonate deposits in the disorganized tissues. 0. 0. The theory most widely accepted at present is that glass is a quickly
3. The increased upwelling initially brings more phosphate to the surface waters, thereby increasing productivity.: The addition of phosphor copper or the use of a phosphate or borate slag flux cover and thorough stirring improves the rate of lead removal.: The carbodiimide was washed with a phosphate buffer and the beads were resuspended in a borate buffer.
4. 1. The phosphate beds contain Eocene fossils derived from the underlying strata and many fragments of Pleistocene vertebrata such as mastodon, elephant, stag, horse, pig, &c. The phosphate occurs as lumps varying greatly in size, scattered through a sand or clay; they often contain phosphatized Eocene fossils (Mollusca, &c.).: 2. How to use phosphates in a sentence.
5. Use phosphate in a sentence | phosphate sentence examples. The normal ortho-phosphate, Pb3(P04)2, is a white precipitate obtained by adding sodium phosphate to lead acetate; the acid phosphate, PbHPO 4, is produced by precipitating a boiling solution of lead nitrate with phosphoric acid; the pyrophosphate and meta-phosphate are similar white : 23.
6. How do you use phosphate in a sentence? Answer. Wiki User November 30, 2011 1:33AM. phosphate is a molecule found in the backbone of DNA and RNA
7. phosphate definition: 1. 2. a salt of phosphoric acid containing the trivalent, negative radical PO 3. an uncharged ester of this acid 4. any substance containing phosphates, used as a fertilizer 5. a soft drink made with soda water, syrup, and, origin
8. (28) In the constituents of inorganic phosphorus, the content of occluded phosphate is the highest, followed by ferric phosphate and aluminium phosphate, while calcium phosphate is the lowest. (29) The result indicated that the ability of new crystal formation was different from pore size of porous calcium phosphate ceramics.
9. Home > Calcium phosphate in a sentence. (40) All of the studies evaluated the use of calcium phosphate cement for the treatment of metaphyseal fractures occurring primarily through trabecular, cancellous bone. (41) The experiment results show that the copolymer is an excellent scale inhibitor and calcium phosphate.
10. phosphate in a sentence - Use "phosphate" in a sentence 1. Englewood, Colorado-based Nu-West makes phosphate fertilizer. 2. Or, a solution of trisodium phosphate ( TSP cleaner ). click for more sentences of phosphate
11. phosphate group in a sentence - Use "phosphate group" in a sentence 1. The ecto-ATPase NTPDase1 hydrolyses extracellular ATP to AMP, phosphate groups, and protons. 2. The phosphate group gives the molecules a negative charge at physiological pH. click for more sentences of phosphate group
12. Zinc, calcium, phosphate, potassium, sodium, chloride and other ions are abundant in the ejaculate, although sodium and chloride are at levels below their serum concentrations. Mice were perfused under anesthesia with fixative (4% paraformaldehyde, 0.1% glutaraldehyde in 0.1 M phosphate buffer, pH 7.5).
13. Translations of the phrase phosphate ORE from english to french: phosphate ore from Florida is contaminated with
14. Examples of how to use “adenosine triphosphate” in a sentence from the Cambridge Dictionary Labs
15. Hypophosphatemia in a sentence. October 11, 2019 Sentence Dictionary. Link to this page. Other metabolic effects found with theophylline poisoning include hypophosphatemia, hypothermia and metabolic acidosis (lactic acidosis). He has hypophosphatemia (low serum phosphate) and hyperphosphaturia (excessive excretion of phosphate in the urine).
16. Nitrate in a sentence 🔊 Definition of Nitrate . To treat, or react, with nitric acid or a nitrate | (chemistry) Any salt or ester of nitric acid. The ashes supplied the potash and the dung the nitrate and phosphate. 🔊 15. What weight of sodium nitrate is necessary to prepare 100 cc. 🔊 How to use Nitrate in Sentence? 1.
17. Superphosphate definition: an acid phosphate, esp. a mixture mainly of monobasic calcium phosphate and gypsum, made by treating bone, phosphate rock, etc. with sulfuric acid and used as fertilizer
18. Nauru in a sentence 🔊 Short Example Sentence for Nauru dozen Members of the House of Commons had ever heard of this tiny excrescence in the Western Pacific with its wonderful phosphate About Us. This website can serve as a reference for the one who is looking how to use a word in sentences. Most of the sentences are taken from the
19. Translations of the phrase DIAMMONIUM phosphate from english to spanish: Diammonium phosphate DAP 100% water soluble.
20. Hard rock phosphate should not be confused with soft rock phosphate, which is a by product of mining the phosphate rock. While both these products supply the much needed phosphate required by plants their use in agriculture and gardening are different.
21. phosphate rock definition is - a rock that consists largely of calcium phosphate usually together with other minerals (such as calcium carbonate), is used in making fertilizers, and is a source of phosphorus compounds.
22. phosphate definition is - a salt or ester of a phosphoric acid. b: an organic compound of phosphoric acid in which the acid group is bound to nitrogen or a carboxyl group in a way that permits useful energy to be released (as in metabolism)
23. Parnas soon postulated a phosphate cycle, whereby the use of one ATP for phosphorylation is balanced by regeneration of ATP during subsequent steps in glycolysis. Meyerhof and Hill's pioneering thermodynamic studies had been the basis for the conclusion that the cycle of lactic acid formation and oxidation were the key events in glycolysis.
24. phosphate is a 9 letter word, used as a noun, and has the letters aehhoppst (aehopst). Starts with p, ends with e, six consonants, three vowels and two syllables. Learn how to use the easiest words finder here. Word lists are in the order of the most common words and most searched.
25. Phosphorus is a chemical element found on Earth in numerous compound forms, such as the phosphate ion (PO43-), located in water, soil and sediments. The quantities of phosphorus in soil are generally small, and this often limits plant growth. That is why people often apply phosphate fertilisers on farmland. Animals absorb phosphates by eating plants or plant-eating animals.
26. Substrate-level phosphorylation occurs in the cytoplasm of cells during glycolysis and in mitochondria either during the Krebs cycle or by MTHFD1L , an enzyme interconverting ADP + phosphate + 10-formyltetrahydrofolate to ATP + formate + tetrahydrofolate (reversibly), under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions.
27. Definition of phosphate in the D dictionary. Meaning of phosphate. What does phosphate mean? Information and translations of phosphate in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
28. The result is a free-floating phosphate plus ADP, or adenosine diphosphate (meaning it only has two phosphate groups). An enzyme called ATP synthase can use energy from the food we eat to attach
29. 用phosphate造句和"phosphate"的例句: 1. The phosphate also acts as a binder .磷礦還起膠結劑的作用。 2. Sea water contains about 0.07mg/litre of phosphate .海水含磷酸鹽約為007毫克升。 點擊查看更多phosphate的造句
30. Use teratogenesis in a sentence, teratogenesis meaning?, teratogenesis definition, how to use teratogenesis in a sentence, use teratogenesis in a sentence with examples. 90 in ash of biological samples - extraction chromatography by di - 2 - ethylhexyl phosphate: 10. Revista Colombiana de Salud Ocupacional, 5(2) Jun 2015, pp 21-26 .
31. The present invention relates to a coating composition and its method of use for treating metal surfaces to apply a zinc phosphate conversion coating thereon. More particularly, the present invention relates to a zinc phosphate conversion coating composition which contains an accelerator system comprising chlorate anion and an aromatic nitro anion.
32. 2002. To my knowledge, no, the phosphating bath as such does not include fluorides. But some phosphating systems use a [potassium-Titanium Fluoride] in the previous rinse tank, which works as a metal activator for the phosphate crystal build up.

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