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1. The phosphate beds contain Eocene fossils derived from the underlying strata and many fragments of Pleistocene vertebrata such as mastodon, elephant, stag, horse, pig, &c. The phosphate occurs as lumps varying greatly in size, scattered through a sand or clay; they often contain phosphatized Eocene fossils (Mollusca, &c.).
2. The increased upwelling initially brings more phosphate to the surface waters, thereby increasing productivity.: The addition of phosphor copper or the use of a phosphate or borate slag flux cover and thorough stirring improves the rate of lead removal.: The carbodiimide was washed with a phosphate buffer and the beads were resuspended in a borate buffer.
3. 1. Use “pyrophosphate” in a sentence | “pyrophosphate” sentence examples. In such cases, thiamine pyrophosphate acts as a co-factor. The normal ortho-phosphate, Pb3(P04)2, is a white precipitate obtained by adding sodium phosphate to lead acetate; the acid phosphate, 24.
4. Black phosphate in a sentence - Use "black phosphate" in a sentence 1. This process can leave a black phosphate coating that provides moderate corrosion resistance ( such protection is also provided by the superficially similar blued electrochemical conversion coating processes ). 2.
5. How to use phosphates in a sentence. Example sentences with the word phosphates. phosphates example sentences. Definitions . SentencesSentence examples. and thus in the formation of highly insoluble calcium phosphate and carbonate deposits in the disorganized tissues.
6. Sugar phosphate in a sentence - Use "sugar phosphate" in a sentence 1. In mammals, transketolase connects the pentose phosphate pathway to glycolysis, feeding excess sugar phosphates into the main carbohydrate metabolic pathways. 2. Transferases may also use lipids as an acceptor, forming glycolipids, and even use lipid-linked sugar phosphate donors, such as dolichol phosphates. click for more
7. The best way to use triple phosphate or super phosphate is to build it into your soil. You can do this by mixing your soil in a mixing box or right on the ground.
8. 195 sentence examples: 1. This was stimulated further by additional supplementation with phosphate, especially in the colon and faeces. 2. An additional reason that serum phosphate may fall is that it may shift into cells. 3. It also occurs in alcoho
9. The best way to use triple phosphate or super phosphate is to build it into your soil. You can do this by mixing your soil in a mixing box or right on the ground.
10. Home > Calcium phosphate in a sentence. (40) All of the studies evaluated the use of calcium phosphate cement for the treatment of metaphyseal fractures occurring primarily through trabecular, cancellous bone. (41) The experiment results show that the copolymer is an excellent scale inhibitor and calcium phosphate.
11. phosphate definition: 1. 2. a salt of phosphoric acid containing the trivalent, negative radical PO 3. an uncharged ester of this acid 4. any substance containing phosphates, used as a fertilizer 5. a soft drink made with soda water, syrup, and, origin
12. Ribose phosphate in a sentence - Use "ribose phosphate" in a sentence 1. The backbone of RNA, however, is a single strand of ribose phosphate _ a pentose sugar containing an additional oxygen atom. 2. A key regulatory step is the production of 5-phospho-?-D-ribosyl 1-pyrophosphate ( PRPP ) by ribose phosphate pyrophosphokinase, which is activated by inorganic phosphate and inactivated by
13. Learn how to use words in English by example. Here are some example sentences for “phosphate”. Test Your Vocabulary Online With VocabularyS – Example sentences for: “phosphate”
14. phosphate definition is - a salt or ester of a phosphoric acid. b: an organic compound of phosphoric acid in which the acid group is bound to nitrogen or a carboxyl group in a way that permits useful energy to be released (as in metabolism)
15. phosphate Group Definition. Phosphate, chemical formula PO 4 3-, is a chemical compound made up of one phosphorus and four oxygen atoms.When it is attached to a molecule containing carbon, it is called a phosphate group. It is found in the genetic material DNA and RNA, and is also in molecules such as adenosine triphosphate (ATP) that provide energy to cells.
16. Calcium in a sentence 🔊 Short Sentences for Calcium . 1. It is usually made by treating calcium phosphate with concentrated sulphuric acid. 🔊 5. This website can serve as a reference for the one who is looking how to use a word in sentences. Most of the sentences are taken from the books available in public domain.
17. Translations of the phrase DIAMMONIUM phosphate from english to spanish: Safety data sheet DIAMMONIUM phosphate. Russian Spanish French Czech Indonesian Russian French Czech Indonesian English . Español Français Русский
18. Trisodium phosphate definition is - a crystalline compound Na3PO4 that is used especially in cleaning compositions. Examples of trisodium phosphate in a Sentence. Recent Examples on the Web. Next, clean layers of grease and dirt off the cabinets using a wood cleaner,
19. MMV supports Pfizer's AZCQ clinical trial for intermittent preventive treatment of malaria in pregnant women Malaria Venture (MMV) entered into an agreement for the development, access and delivery of a fixed-dose combination treatment consisting of azithromycin dihydrate (AZ) and chloroquine phosphate (CQ) for the Intermittent Preventive Treatment of in pregnancy (IPTp).
20. phosphate Group Definition Phosphate, chemical formula PO43-, is a chemical compound made up of one phosphorus and four oxygen atoms. When it is attached to a molecule containing carbon, it is called a phosphate group. The phosphate group is important in living things in different ways.
21. Home / use of rock phosphate. Hot. Linear Vibrating Screen Online services. Have Questions? Chat Online. Hot. Grid Type Ball Mill Online services. Have Questions? Chat Online. Hot. Overflow Type Ball Mill Online services. Have Questions? Chat Online. Hot. Energy Saving Ball Mill Online services.
22. Use “fertilizer” in a sentence | “fertilizer” sentence examples most manufacturing of fertilizer had switched to the synthetic production of ammonium sulfate and ammonium phosphate. Although good crops may follow the application of lime, the latter is not a direct fertilizer or manure and is no substitute for such.
23. 14. Phosphorus is now manufactured from bone ash or a pure mineral phosphate by heating the phosphate with sand and carbon in an electric furnace. 🔊 15. All the passion he might have given to his alien wife and alien son was lavished on this land which was bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh. 🔊
24. . for their phosphorus content. It is an earthy material which varies from a hard rock to a granular, loosely consolidated mass. Florida's phosphate deposits are primarily of the "land pebble" type, which result from marine reworking of phosphatic limestones and deposition of hard pebbles of phosphate in gravel beds.
25. Parnas soon postulated a phosphate cycle, whereby the use of one ATP for phosphorylation is balanced by regeneration of ATP during subsequent steps in glycolysis. Meyerhof and Hill's pioneering thermodynamic studies had been the basis for the conclusion that the cycle of lactic acid formation and oxidation were the key events in glycolysis.
26. phosphate is a 9 letter word, used as a noun, and has the letters aehhoppst (aehopst). Starts with p, ends with e, six consonants, three vowels and two syllables. Learn how to use the easiest words finder here. Word lists are in the order of the most common words and most searched.
27. Sodium-hydrogen-phosphate definition: Noun (uncountable) 1. (inorganic chemistry) The acid sodium salt of phosphoric acid, Na2HPO4
28. The phosphate backbone of DNA is negatively charged due to the bonds created between the phosphorous atoms and the oxygen atoms. Each phosphate group contains one negatively charged oxygen atom, therefore the entire strand of DNA is negatively charged due to repeated phosphate groups. DNA is a
29. phosphate - AIMR 2013 - Australian Mines Atlas. phosphate rock is the main source of phosphorous which is essential to all forms of life. It is a key component of DNA, it is used in the control of energy transfer
30. The plant alpha-glucan phosphorylase, commonly called starch phosphorylase (EC, is largely known for the phosphorolytic degradation of starch. Starch phosphorylase catalyzes the reversible transfer of glucosyl units from glucose-1-phosphate to the nonreducing end of alpha-1,4-D-glucan chains with the release of phosphate.
31. Use "phosphate" in a sentence. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. phosphate in a sentence. Phosphate; Get a phosphate Test Kit. Deficiency of sodium phosphate will increase. High phosphate levels can cause algae outbreaks. The
32. Phospholipids are modified triglycerides with one of the fatty acid chains replaced with a phosphate group. They are made by four distinguished groups: fatty acid chains, a platform, a phosphate group, and an alcohol attached to the phosphate. The fatty acid chains are hydrocarbon chains that are typically 14-24 carbons in length.
33. Glycogen is a large, branched polysaccharide that is the main storage form of glucose in animals and humans. Glycogen is as an important energy reservoir; when energy is required by the body, glycogen in broken down to glucose, which then enters the glycolytic or pentose phosphate pathway or is released into the bloodstream.
34. The result is a free-floating phosphate plus ADP, or adenosine diphosphate (meaning it only has two phosphate groups). An enzyme called ATP synthase can use energy from the food we eat to attach
35. Substrate-level phosphorylation occurs in the cytoplasm of cells during glycolysis and in mitochondria either during the Krebs cycle or by MTHFD1L , an enzyme interconverting ADP + phosphate + 10-formyltetrahydrofolate to ATP + formate + tetrahydrofolate (reversibly), under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions.

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