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PATRICIAN [pəˈtriSHən]

patrician (noun) · patricians (plural noun)

patrician (adjective)

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1. A Patrician was originally a descendant of one of the original citizen families of ancient Rome

2. Until about 350 B.C., only Patricians could hold the office of senator, consul, or pontifex (priest)

3. Patrician, Latin Patricius, plural Patricii, any member of a group of citizen families who, in contrast with the plebeian (q.v.) class, formed a privileged class in early Rome.

4. Patrician is defined as someone belonging to or related to a royal, noble or wealthy family

5. Someone who is very well-to-do and who attends private schools throughout his childhood is an example of someone who would be described as having a Patrician upbringing.

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12. Patrician What true, glorious, superior beings refer to themselves as, after reaching a higher level of existence

13. A Patrician will often call people of lower existence "plebeians" or simply " plebs " for short

14. Feels good to be a superior Patrician.

15. And, while the Patrician class would exist long into the Byzantine Empire, it was not the same as the small group of families who established the Republic

16. Emperor Constantine would use the term “Patrician” only as a title

17. The original Patricians' attempt at controlling the power within the Republic had been short-lived, for the plebians

18. Patrician (ancient Rome), the original aristocratic families of ancient Rome, and a synonym for "aristocratic" in modern English usage Patrician (post-Roman Europe), the governing elites of cities in parts of medieval and Early Modern Europe The adjective formed from Saint Patrick; Youngstown Patricians, a former semi-professional football team based in Youngstown

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24. Patricians were the elite class of Rome Sitting at the top of Roman society were the emperor and the Patrician classes

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26. In ancient Rome, a Patrician was a member of one of the families of original citizens of the city (Definition of Patrician from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

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28. Summary: Patrician Wilkinson's birthday is 08/09/1957 and is 63 years old

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30. In the past, Patrician has also been known as Patrician A Williams, Patrician A Wilkinson, Patricia Ann Wilkinson, Patricia A Williams and Patricia A Wilkinson.

31. Definition of Patrician relating to an individual born into a lofty position or an aristocratic family Examples of Patrician in a sentence Marcus was born into a Patrician family of great wealth

32. 18 synonyms of Patrician from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 24 related words, definitions, and antonyms

33. Find another word for Patrician

34. Patrician: of high birth, rank, or station.

35. Patrician (plural Patricians) ( antiquity ) A member of any of the families constituting the populus Romanus , or body of Roman citizens, before the development of the plebeian order; later, one who, by right of birth or by special privilege conferred, belonged to the senior class of Romans, who, with certain property, had by right a seat in

36. Patrician (n.) early 15c., patricion, "member of the ancient Roman noble order," reputed descendants of the original citizens, from Old French patricien, from Latin patricius "of the rank of the nobles, of the senators; of fatherly dignity," from patres conscripti "Roman senators," from plural of pater "father" (see father (n.))

37. A fine Patrician shape, to suitMy dear old father's sister— Lips softly curved, a dainty foot:Happy the man that kissed her! THE BOOK OF HUMOROUS VERSE VARIOUS Rank he despised, nor, if they came well dressed,Cared if they were plebeian or Patrician

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40. Patrician: 1 n a person of refined upbringing and manners Type of: adult , grownup a fully developed person from maturity onward n a member of the aristocracy Synonyms: aristocrat , blue blood Examples: show 48 examples hide 48 examples Dido (Roman mythology) a princess of Tyre who was the founder and queen of Carthage; Virgil tells of

41. In ancient Rome, a Patrician was a member of one of the families of original citizens of the city (Definition of Patrician from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

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49. ‘A Patrician could serve as tribune, though this was not common.’ ‘Between 486 and 511, Clovis conquered a few provinces still ruled by Roman Patricians.’ ‘This was established early in the conflict between Patricians and plebeians.’

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51. Patrician a member of a noble family or class in ancient Rome.The rank was originally hereditary, but in Imperial Rome Patricians could be appointed by the emperor

52. In the later Roman Empire and Byzantine Empire, Patrician was an honorific title bestowed by the Emperor at Byzantium, introduced by Constantine I; it was also used for an officer, originally bearing this distinction, sent or

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60. Patrician definition: A Patrician is a person who comes from a family of high social rank

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What are the characteristics of patricians?

The patricians were the upper class. They were the wealthy land owners. All free adult males were citizens, no matter what their class. In both classes, the oldest male was the paterfamilias or head of the family. Old age was honored, and women had no rights. If you could afford them, both classes owned slaves.

What were patricians in ancient Rome?

The patricians (from Latin: patricius) were originally a group of ruling class families in ancient Rome.

What is the noun for patrician?

patrician (noun) a person of refined upbringing and manners aristocrat, blue blood, patrician (adj) a member of the aristocracy

What are Patricians in Rome?

Patrician (ancient Rome) The patricians (from Latin: patricius) were originally a group of ruling class families in ancient Rome.

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