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PANTOMIME [ˈpan(t)əˌmīm]

pantomime (noun) · pantomimes (plural noun)

  • a dramatic entertainment, originating in Roman mime, in which performers express meaning through gestures accompanied by music.
  • an absurdly exaggerated piece of behavior.
Synonyms: dumb show . mummery . fuss . commotion . trouble . bother . upset . agitation . stir . excitement . ado . hurly-burly . palaver . rigmarole . nonsense . hoo-ha . ballyhoo . performance . hoopla . rumpus . monkey business . jiggery-pokery . carrying-on . kerfuffle .
  • a theatrical entertainment, mainly for children, that involves music, topical jokes, and slapstick comedy and is based on a fairy tale or nursery story, usually produced around Christmas.
Synonyms: farce . situation comedy . burlesque . slapstick . satire . vaudeville . comic opera . sitcom . tragedy .

pantomime (verb) · pantomimes (third person present) · pantomimed (past tense) · pantomimed (past participle) · pantomiming (present participle)

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1. Pantomime definition is - pantomimist

2. How to use Pantomime in a sentence

3. Recent Examples on the Web: Noun Footage of the warlord played on loop on cable news, a Pantomime TV villain that helped highlight a six-year-old insurgency as a contest of good versus almost unfathomable evil

4. The art or act of expressing thoughts and emotions with movement rather than speech; mime (Definition of Pantomime from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

5. Communication by means of gesture and facial expression: Some tourists make themselves understood abroad by Pantomime. 2.

6. Main reference In mime and Pantomime By extension, the mime and Pantomime has come to be in modern times the art of portraying a character or a story solely by means of body movement (as by realistic and symbolic gestures)

7. Analogous forms of traditional non-Western theatre are sometimes also characterized as mime or Pantomime.

8. The English excel in Pantomime as much as the French in comedy

9. Pantomime is a marvellous and wonderful (if a little eccentric!) British institution

10. Pantomimes take place around the Christmas period and are nearly always based on well known children’s stories such as Peter Pan, Aladdin, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty etc

11. Pantomimes are performed not only in the best theatres in the land but also in village halls throughout Britain.

12. Pantomime an activity for students, such as riding a motorcycle or baking bread, and ask them to guess what you’re doing

13. Discuss how they knew what you were portraying and how movement of the hands as well as facial expressions are part of Pantomime.

14. Communication by means of gesture and facial expression: Some tourists make themselves understood abroad by Pantomime. 2.

15. Although in the United States the word "Pantomime" refers to dramas enacted without dialogue, the word has a different meaning in Britain

16. There, a Pantomime show combines dialogue, music, dance, acrobatics, slapstick humor, colorful costumes, and special effects around the enactment of a simple story, often a fairy tale.

17. Pantomime: 1 n a performance using gestures and body movements without words Synonyms: dumb show , mime Types: panto an abbreviation of Pantomime Type of: acting , performing , playacting , playing the performance of a part or role in a drama v act out without words but with gestures and bodily movements only Synonyms: mime Type of: act , play

18. Synonyms of Pantomime (Entry 1 of 2) 1 a movement of the body or limbs that expresses or emphasizes an idea or feeling the game requires that you use Pantomime to communicate an idea

19. Mime and Pantomime, Latin mimus and pantomimus, Greek mimos and pantomimos, in the strict sense, a Greek and Roman dramatic entertainment representing scenes from life, often in a ridiculous manner.

20. Pantomime is a hilarious, heartfelt and heartbreaking documentary portrait of the longest running and lowest budget Pantomime in Nottingham, UK

21. Provided to YouTube by Loen Entertainment IncPantomime (Pantomime) · WJSNNeverland℗ 2020 STARSHIP ENTERTAINMENT,under license to Kakao M Corp.Released on: 20

22. (also British English, informal panto) [countable, uncountable] (in the UK) a type of play with music, dancing and jokes, that is based on a fairy tale and is usually performed at Christmas We took the children to a Pantomime

23. He has also appeared in Pantomime.

24. Pantomime: Where imitation is the generic attempt to reproduce praxic movements performed by another, Pantomime is communicative, intended to get the …

25. ‘In a totally unstructured environment, they present this creative explosion through modern dance, mime, Pantomime and music with a whole lot of playfulness.’

26. Find Pantomime stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection

27. What does Pantomime mean? To gesture without speaking

28. Pantomime refers to a "play" which takes place within a performance of a remarkably ordinary (but not really so ordinary) travelling circus

29. Modern Pantomime is a form of entertainment particularly suited for children, with exotic stories and stunning visual elements

30. Their Pantomime is ruthless and restive, always craving more but instantly jaded

31. A scholarly edition of the Obi Pantomime is forthcoming from Romantic Circles, edited by Jeffrey N

32. While on the same page, he looked up the definition of Pantomime

33. Pantomime is a pretty popular sect of acting, and lots of art, drama, and community centers offer Pantomime-specific classes

34. Taking a class could also help get you into a Pantomime show.

35. Pantomime first came to Britain in the 18th century from the 'commedia dell'arte', the Italian tradition of improvised theatre

36. The Pantomime is a laugh a minute with curly wigs, outrageous costumes, banter and confusion the order of the day

37. Perrault's fables were much reprinted and adapted by the Victorians into children's picture books, burlesque, and Pantomime .

38. Pantomime - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums

39. Pantomime is a powerful power trio that plays songs with power

40.Pantomime is a big thing in the cultural calendar of my country…” — Alan Cumming

41. Pantomime (パントマイム) is an EP / mini-album released by The Pillows on May 21, 1990

42. Make sure to put the hashtag #Pantomime_challenge, so we can find you! 3 most creative and popular videos will get prizes! Be creative, use your imagination and have fun

43. Good luck! Pantomime TikTok Challenge is your chance to win 150$, 70$ and 20$! 1

44. Pantomime (countable and uncountable, plural Pantomimes) (now rare) A Classical comic actor, especially one who works mainly through gesture and mime

45. Pantomime definition: A Pantomime is a funny musical play for children

46. Pantomimes are usually based on fairy Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

47. Pantomime Guide 2020 – A few months ago it appeared that this Christmas might be the first in living memory to be lacking Pantomime as a result of COVID-19

48. Here is our Pantomime Guide 2020 listing the pantos that have survived to entertain us this Christmas.

49. Pantomime Scripts by Alex Jackson Pantomimes are funny, flexible and family-friendly

50. “In Pantomime, Laura Lam has created a world which will take your breath away, and characters you will never want to leave

51. Among the oldest theater arts, Pantomime figured prominently in Greek and Elizabethan drama, appeared in French and Italian commedia dell'arte theatricals, and surfaced more recently in burlesque, vaudeville, and musical comedy reviews

52. Pantomime (often called panto) is a kind of theatre entertainment usually performed around Christmas and the New Year in Britain and a few other English-speaking countries.It must not be confused with mime (acting with gestures but no speech)

53. Pantomimes are usually meant for children-however they can be directed at adults.

54. Synonyms for Pantomime in Free Thesaurus

55. 3 synonyms for Pantomime: dumb show, mime, mime

56. What are synonyms for Pantomime?

57. Pantomime (n.) 1610s, "mime actor, one who expresses meaning by action, not words," from Latin pantomimus "mime, dancer," from Greek pantomimos "actor," literally "imitator of all," from panto-(genitive of pan) "all" (see pan-) + mimos "imitator" (see mime (n.)).

58. High quality Pantomime gifts and merchandise

59. Pantomime Qdos Entertainment and LW Theatres have announced that Julian Clary will headline this year’s “ Pantoland at the Palladium ” Christmas special running Dec

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What is the difference between a play and a pantomime?

The main young man in the play (the principal boy) may be played by a young woman, and usually in tight-fitting male clothes (such as breeches). An older woman (the pantomime dame - often the hero's mother) is usually played by a man dressed as a woman.

What are the main characteristics of pantomime?

Pantomimes are based on folk storiesor fairy tales like Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk or Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. The performances often include songs or music. There are two stock characters who feature in almost every pantomime. The first is the pantomime dame, an older woman such as an aunt, usually

What does pantomime mean?

pan·to·mime (păn′tə-mīm′) n. 1. Communication by means of gesture and facial expression: Some tourists make themselves understood abroad by pantomime. 2. a. The telling of a story without words, by means of bodily movements, gestures, and facial expressions. b.

What is the importance of pantomime?

Pantomimes are one example of a theatre form that involved gender-swapping in its performances. Men and women alike were wearing each other's clothes. The creation of a safe space for gender fluid identities is another reason why pantomime is important.

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