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packages (plural noun) · package deal (noun) · package deals (plural noun)

  - an object or group of objects wrapped in paper or plastic, or packed in a box.

  - a set of proposals or terms offered or agreed as a whole.


packages (third person present) · packaged (past tense) · packaged (past participle) · packaging (present participle)

  - put into a box or wrapping, especially for sale.

  - present (someone or something) in a particular way, especially to make them more attractive.


parcel, packet, container, box, carton, collection, bundle, lot, combination, conglomeration,

"Package" in Example Sentences

1. It was more seriously threatened in 1890 by the " Original package Decision," of the United States Supreme Court, the decision, namely, that the state law could not apply to liquor introduced into Kansas from another state and sold from the original package, such inter-state commerce being within the exclusive jurisdiction of Congress.
2. CK 1 2358773 I have a package in my car for Tom. CK 1 1341394 Please send this package right away. CK 1 2262757 The package arrived three hours ago. CK 1 1341395 I'd like you to send this package for me right away. CK 1 556702 I've just been to the post office to send a package. CK 1 1093709 Tom has already delivered the package to Mary's
3. How to use prepackaged in a sentence. Example sentences with the word prepackaged. prepackaged example sentences. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience.
4. Use "package" in a sentence The first package holiday was arranged by Thomas Cook in 1861. We have sent you a package which should arrive within a couple of days. You have to make out a customs declaration of what is in your package if you are going to mail it overseas.
5. Ditson took out a package of cigarettes, offering them first to Harry, who shook his head. 🔊 6. A package of tinsel-paper bonbons floated safely, I remember, in the pool beside her. 🔊 7. One morning, as Mrs. Longfellow was sealing a package with hot wax, her dress caught fire. 🔊 8. Into the gaslight A package is borne; Quickly from
6. The lines of text below use package in a sentence, and provide visitors a sentence for package. Also see sentences for: bundle, pack, packet, parcel. But the driver stopped his horses, and leaned out of the side of the wagon with a little package in his hand. (9) He gave the old man a package of candy, and passed on. (9)
7. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "package" Did you look at the ingredients on this package of cookies? They're full of additivesThere's a package for you waiting to be picked up at the post office. Did you look at the ingredients on this package of cookies? They're full of additives.
8. How to use package in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word package? Here are some examples. Sentence Examples. He tore open the package, to reveal crumpled rice paper wadded up around a much smaller box in the center of the package.
9. 6. Fiscal packages in a sentence - Use "fiscal packages" in a sentence 1. Past incoming presidents have pushed through big fiscal packages soon after inauguration. 2. 3. Use "packages" in a sentence The packages were bound together with string and tape.
10. package in a sentence - Use "package" in a sentence 1. Hallman's total package was worth $ 284, 000. 2. Investigators said they had not yet determined where the package originated. click for more sentences of package
11. How do you use the word excitedly in a sentence? The word 'excitedly' is an adverb, a word that modifies a verb, for example: She excitedly opened the door because she was expecting a special package.
12. package in a sentence Example Sentences for "package" The electronics industry uses several types of packaging material, including glass, ceramic, and plastic. Can you stop by the post office on your way to work, and mail some packages off for me? Someone once joked that if you want to speed a package through the mail, try stamping "Fresh Fish" on it.
13. The package deal spans several genres, Heike Renner, the company's territory manager, told World Screen Newsflash. According to POSCO officials, its top executives reviewed the package deal but made no final decision on the bid. A HOLIDAY company is offering a package deal with a difference.
14. package store in a sentence - Use "package store" in a sentence 1. I got " carded " at a package store the other day. 2. Not just sunlight but also the fluorescent lighting of supermarkets and package stores. click for more sentences of package store
15. Definition of compensation package: Sum of direct benefits (such as salary, allowances, bonus, commission) and indirect benefits (such as insurance, pension plans, vacations) that an employee receives from an employer. Use 'compensation package' in a Sentence.
16. The lines of text below use bundle in a sentence, and provide visitors a sentence for bundle. Also see sentences for: pack, package, packet, parcel. A bundle of firewood or old bracken, a few peat sods from one especial corner, were all the selfish peasants gathered. (8)
17. package deal definition is - an offer or agreement involving a number of related items or one making acceptance of one item dependent on the acceptance of another. How to use package deal in a sentence.
18. The job I've been offered recently comes with a lovely remuneration package. I wish it were true
19. Regular LaTeX Finding the font name. This is actually the hardest part. When you load a regular font package like helvet (which sets the default sans serif font to a Helvetica clone) it issues commands to set up the font using an internal name, which is hidden to regular users. These names traditionally use a system of three or four letter lower case names for each font family.
20. Floated in a sentence 🔊 Definition of Floated . simple past tense and past participle of float. Short Example Sentence for Floated . 1. She floated off smiling. 🔊 2. 12. A package of tinsel-paper bonbons floated safely, I remember, in the pool beside her. 🔊 13.
21. The Uses of One. As a determiner, the word one is sometimes used before a proper noun to designate, particularly, this person: "He delivered the package to one Ronald Pepin of Colchester." The article "a" will also function in that position for the same purpose. Sometimes we use the word one as an adjective, as in "I'll have just one scoop of ice-cream," and we seldom have trouble with that usage.
22. Use "according to" in a Sentence Example Sentences for "according to" type and use of the text, its literary qualities, its social or historical context, etc; Google switched to Gentoo Linux in order to use that distribution's Portage package management system,
23. package ‘stringr’ February 10, 2019 Title Simple, Consistent Wrappers for Common String Operations Version 1.4.0 Description A consistent, simple and easy to use set of wrappers around the fantastic 'stringi' package. All function and argument names (and positions) are consistent, all functions deal with
24. The second situation (I have not received your package until today) means the package has arrived. As I understand, you want the action to continue as in a sentence "I have not received your package yet". But you want to include the time of this day. I'm not that good at english, so some more experienced fellows will provide more help.
25. The BH package is not essential for sourcing the function below, but it is a good idea to have installed for use with future C++ functions. Now, let's take a look at a C++ function that will help us generate a document term matrix:
26. Use "the addition of" in a Sentence Example Sentences for "the addition of" On April 6, Google Now displays cards with information pulled from the user's Gmail account, such as flight information, package tracking information, hotel reservations and restaurant reservations. Other additions were movies, concerts, stocks and news cards based

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