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1. Oysters are saltwater bivalve mollusks that live in marine habitats such as bays and oceans

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2. If using canned Oysters, cover the dish with plastic wrap and place in refrigerator for about 30 minutes


3. Oysters are also high in calcium, iron, and protein


4. Admittedly, they’re not for everyone, but adventurous humans the world over have enjoyed Oysters, raw and cooked, for thousands of years.

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5. Oysters are a delightful bite of pure ocean flavor, or a slimy salty blob

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6. Fans praise Oysters as chewy, distinctive, and fresh-flavored.


7. Pacific Oysters tend to be sweeter and smaller in size, while Atlantic Oysters are known for their salinity


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10. Shucking Oysters is a hard task that yields delicious results


11. For some people, raw Oysters are a unique delicacy and since the work of shucking Oysters is a time-consuming and practiced skill, it may be best left to the professionals at a restaurant or raw bar

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12. An easier method to prepare Oysters at home is to grill them on an outdoor grill.

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13. J&W Seafood is a grower, packer and shipper of fresh wild caught Oysters from the Chesapeake Bay

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14. We also shuck Oysters in pint, quarts, gallon and frozen pillow pac


15. Smoked Oysters are a more refined appetizer and taste great straight from the tin, when placed on top of low-fat cream cheese and a mini toast, or even blended into a spread

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16. A CLASSIC SHELLFISH FAVORITE - Pacific Northwest Oysters Our shellfish farms yield some of the best, and freshest Oysters

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17. We farm Oysters in several locations across Western Washington and British Columbia, that each capture many unique flavor profiles.


18. Raw Oysters have a protein content of about 9 percent and a fat content of less than 2 percent

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19. One-half pound of raw Oysters contains about 150 calories

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20. The cholesterol content of Oysters is 50 milligrams/100 grams of meat, and the sodium content is 109 milligrams/100 grams

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23. Raw Oysters contaminated with Vibrio vulnificus can be life threatening, even fatal when eaten by someone with liver disease, diabetes or a weakened immune system

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25. Oysters are a luxurious treat typically reserved for happy hours or fancy dinners out

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26. But shucking and preparing your own Oysters at home is a rewarding and surprisingly easy …

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27. Why are Oysters important for the Chesapeake Bay? Eastern Oysters, Crassostrea virginica, are a critical component of the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem, known as a keystone species.The reefs that Oysters form provide important habitat for the Bay’s fish, crabs, worms, and other animals.

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28. Whether grilled, fried, boiled or even raw, Oysters are a seafood delicacy

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29. More Shellfish: Calamari Clams Crab Crawfish Lobster Mussels Oysters Scallops


30. Grilled Oysters with Lemon-Garlic Butter


31. Oysters are naturally low in calories and fat, packed with essential vitamins and minerals - especially zinc


32. Just six Oysters will give you 220% of your daily zinc value

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35. Oysters are considered a delicacy around the world


36. Discover how to buy the best Oysters, plus how to store, prepare, shuck and cook them for prime results.


37. Atlantic Oysters; East Coast, or Atlantic, Oysters are slightly saltier in taste and narrower in shape than their Pacific oyster counterparts with a chewier, meatier flesh

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39. That being said, Oysters still generally taste better in the late fall and early winter months because at this point of the oyster’s life cycle, it is richer and plumper

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40. Oysters on the half shell are topped with a rich mixture of spinach or parsley, cheese, and butter, and baked.Rebecca transformed this classic holiday appetizer into a soup for a comforting meal option.Adapted from Rebecca Rather’s “The Pastry Queen Christmas: Big …

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41. According to a survey we conducted for our 25 th birthday, Oysters are one of the nation’s least favourite dishes – 40% of respondents described them as ‘food hell’ (they were pipped to the top spot only by tripe and tongue)

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42. On the flipside, fervent fans of Oysters are all but addicted to their mineral-rich flavour and theatrical serving method.

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44. Oysters have a rough, irregularly shaped shell and live mainly in temperate or warm coastal or estuarine waters

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45. Oysters (often eaten raw) are considered a seafood delicacy

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46. Oysters and Erections-Conclusion: The writing on this particular wall is pretty clear: Oysters as a libido booster isn’t just an old legend like Spanish fly

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47. But there are a few caveats… First, eating raw Oysters is delicious (and weirdly sexy) but carries all the health risks associated with eating raw meat of any kind.

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48. Oysters are widely cultivated for food


49. Oyster farming is an aquaculture (or mariculture) practice in which Oysters are bred and raised mainly for their pearls, shells and inner organ tissue, which is eaten.Oyster farming was practiced by the ancient Romans as early as the 1st century BC on the Italian peninsula and later in Britain for export to Rome

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50. The French oyster industry has relied on aquacultured Oysters since the late 18th

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51. Oysters and, in general, mollusks (as well as other groups of invertebrates) form their shells in an extremely small space (much less than one micron) that sits between the living tissue that

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52. Oysters, in turn, are eaten by birds, sea stars, and snails, as well as by fishes


53. Like other bivalves, most Oysters are either male or female, although hermaphroditism also occurs

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OYSTERS [ˈoistər]


  • any of a number of bivalve mollusks with rough irregular shells. Several kinds are eaten (especially raw) as a delicacy and may be farmed for food or pearls.
  • a shade of grayish white.
  • an oyster-shaped morsel of meat on each side of the backbone in poultry.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do oysters symbolize?

The oyster symbolizes obstacles that have to be overcome to get to hope(the pearl). Beach combing represents searching for the obstacles to get to hope. The pearl is hope. When Clay identified the oyster he thought there was a pearl inside.

What does the name Oyster mean?

oyster (Noun) A name popularly given to the delicate morsel of dark meat contained in a small cavity of the bone on each side of the lower part of the back of a fowl. Etymology: ostre, from ostrea; reinforced or superseded in by oistre, from oistre, uistre (modern French huître), also from ostrea, from ὄστρεον. oyster (Noun)

What does oyster fish mean?

OYSTER FISH (noun) The noun OYSTER FISH has 1 sense: 1. a variety of toadfish Familiarity information: OYSTER FISH used as a noun is very rare.

What is a description of an oyster?

Definition of oyster. 1a : any of various marine bivalve mollusks (family Ostreidae) that have a rough irregular shell closed by a single adductor muscle and include commercially important shellfish. b : any of various mollusks resembling or related to the oysters. Oct 31 2019