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1. Oxalises is an accepted word in Word with Friends having 16 points. Oxalises is a 8 letter medium Word starting with O and ending with S


2. 6 letter Words made out of Oxalises 1)

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5. Most Oxalises will fold their leaflets down in colder temperatures and/or at nighttime

Oxalises, Or

6. Oxalis (plural Oxalises) ( horticulture ) Any of various ornamental flowering plants of the genus Oxalis 2007 April 5, Anne Raver, “Rethinking the Pots on …

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7. Believe it or not, it’s not a reason to panic, it happens to all Oxalises, every 2 to 7 years

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8. There are some Oxalises that are not bothersome and adapt to containers or flower beds

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9. For the genus as a whole, the term Oxalises is also used


10. Oregana), one of a handful of native California Oxalises

Oregana, One, Of, Oxalises

11. For the genus as a whole, the term Oxalises is also used


12. For the genus as a whole, the term “Oxalises” is also used


13. Most of the Oxalises are found to be 4-to-12 inches tall with 1-to-2 inches bloom

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14. Oxalises grow in neat mounds of foliage topped by five-petaled flowers

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15. Native to South America Oxalises are popular house plants but can also be left in the ground in Zones 6-10.


16. For the genus as a whole, the term “Oxalises” is also used


17. Oxalises can grow individually or in colonies, and if you have one there will be colonies

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18. The shamrock, the traditional Irish symbol is usually associated with clover or another member of the Oxalis family of tri-leaf flowers known commonly as Oxalises, sorrels, false shamrocks, or sourgrasses.

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19. Oxalises: Height : Expect a max height of 25 cm / 10 inches and it will spread to fill the size of the container you have put it in

Oxalises, Of

20. Magickal Houseplants: Aloe, African violets, air plants, maiden hair fern, orchids, spider plants, prayer plants, red Oxalises, Chinese money plant, begonia maculata, alocasia frydek

Orchids, Oxalises

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OXALISES [ˈäksələs, äkˈsaləs]


  • a plant of a genus which includes the wood sorrel, typically having three-lobed leaves and white, yellow, or pink flowers.