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1. Definition of Ownness in the dictionary

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2. What does Ownness mean? Information and translations of Ownness in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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3. Ownness meaning The property of being one's own.

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4. Ownness ( uncountable) Ownness (uncountable) Examples


5. People sometimes mishear this word and turn it into “owness.” This form is also used by some to refer to the opposite of otherness, but that would be “Ownness,” with two N’s

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6. Ownness, on the contrary, is my whole being and existence, it is I myself

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7. Gender Egoism: On Ownness and Identity

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8. Ownness pronunciation - How to properly say Ownness


9. Ownness in a sentence - Use "Ownness" in a sentence 1


10. The Pakistan Air Force maintains a sense of Ownness and possessiveness towards its cadets

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11. For its object is not this liberty ( which on the contrary it sacrifices to Ownness ), but only Ownness ." click for more sentences of Ownness

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12.Ownness has created a new freedom, insofar as it is the creator of everything”

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13. This Ownness is I myself, and “my entire essence and existence.” Stirner calls the essential being of this kind of Ownness “unnameable,” “conceptually unthinkable,” and “unsayable”

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14. Ownness created a new freedom; because Ownness is the creator of everything, as brilliance (a particular Ownness), which is always originality, has for a long time been considered the creator of new, world-historical productions.

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15. This 'Ownness' is a feature of a more advanced stage of human personal and historical development

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16. Ownness, on the contrary, is my whole being and existence, it is I myself

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17. The sphere of Ownness therefore includes 'the intentionality directed to what is alien' (125) In other words, although the sphere of Ownness excludes the noematic side of intentionality directed to others, it includes the noetic side - those forms of synthesizing consciousness in which …

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18. Sites: [l97467] Label

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19. Ownness created a new freedom; for Ownness is the creator of everything, as genius (a definite Ownness), which is always originality, has for a long time already been looked upon as the creator of new productions that have a place in the history of the world

Ownness, Of, Originality

20. This video examines Max Stirner's egoism, focusing on Ownness

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21. I begin by explaining the role Ownness plays in Stirner's egoism; then I examine Stirner's acc


22. He described birds 'nests -- a lifelong interest -- as tiny miracles, places of safety, of "Ownness," but also of vulnerability and risk.A Most Prolific Peasant Poet

Of, Ownness

23. The urgency is now, this second, anyone with sagging pants should take the empowerment and Ownness to pull them up, affix their belt snuggly, tighten their bootstraps, and walk with a stride that represents someone that cares


24. The Question of Ownness: Influence of Relationship Context on Parental Socialization Strategies

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25. A wide variety of bird Ownness options are available to you, such as waterproof

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26. There are 1,086 bird Ownness suppliers, mainly located in Asia.


27. Do you know the meaning of Ownness? The property of being one's own

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28. This definition of the word Ownness is from the Wiktionary, where you can also find the etimology, other senses, synonyms, antonyms and examples.

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29.Ownness created a new freedom’: Max Stirner’s alternative concept of liberty

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30. Sphere of Ownness is one step removed from this Nature, from the 385 FIRST STEPS TOWARD A PURE PHENOMENOLOGY OF (HUMAN) NATURE pre-given intrinsic dynamics of life itself, from the very animation that

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31.Ownness’ is a form of freedom that profanes institutions and acts as though power no longer exists

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32. A wide variety of eye Ownness options are available to you, such as quick dry, anti-pilling, and breathable

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33. And whether eye Ownness is casual


34. There are 44,666 eye Ownness suppliers, mainly located in Asia.


35. Ownness to Stirner was a odd thing, it is us, and at the same time is things which lie outside of what we consider “Us”

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36. Almost anything can come into our “Ownness” by turning it into our “Property”, but not in the traditional sense

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37. Ownness Bias Ownness bias is a psychological principle that is often encountered in all types of communication

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38. This could achieved by the participation of every denizens by having the feeling of Ownness

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does ownness mean?

Ownness definition is - the quality or state of belonging to oneself. ... Love words? You must — there are over 200,000 words in our free online dictionary, but you are looking for one that’s only in the Merriam-Webster Unabridged Dictionary.

What does being one's own mean?

The property of being one's own. [noun] The property of being one's own. Member States may decide that credit institutions which do not fulfil the requirement of separate own funds and which were in existence on 15 December 1979 may continue to carry on their business.

Is owness a word?

Owness is the incorrect spelling of the word onus which is probably caused by the way they hear the articulation. It should never be used in writing.

What is the noun for owned?

to have or hold as one's own; possess: They own several homes. to acknowledge or admit: to own a fault. to acknowledge as one's own; recognize as having full claim, authority, power, dominion, etc.: He owned his child before the entire assembly.