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1. - Ichneumon Fly (Rhyssa per- group may be distin suasoria) Ovipositing


2. It is believed that from the nature of the cell in which she is Ovipositing, the queen derives a reflex impulse to lay the appropriate egg - fertilized in the queen or worker cell, unfertilized

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3. Whenever there is an emergence of periodical cicadas some of the weaker, ornamental or fruit trees will be lost to damage from Ovipositing (egg laying).

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4. Giant Ichneumon wasp (Megaryssa macrurus, Linneaus 1771) Ovipositing.10th of August 2013, Georgia State Botanical Garden, Athens, GA

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5. The smaller species of Magicicada, ‘cassini & ‘decula, like Ovipositing on trees on the edge of a forest, probably because their offspring will be more likely to find grass roots when they leave their egg nests (cicadas initially feed on grass roots until they are big enough to reach and feed on the larger rootlets of trees).

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6. Ovipositing Caddis The often overlooked stage of the life cycle of the caddis fly is Ovipositing or egg laying stage

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7. In the spring and summer western trout, especially at dawn and dusk, key on the Ovipositing caddis.

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8. Conversely, for our Ovipositing females captured earlier in spring (prior to ovulation and fed ad libitum), there was no difference in size of clutch ([F.sub.1,37] = 0.84, P = 0.37) or body-size-standardized size of clutch ([F.sub.1,37] = 2.02, P = 0.16) compared to females captured late in …

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9. Sometimes, the female wasp dies in the act of Ovipositing, or is consumed by a predator during this lengthy period of vulnerability

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10. Indeed, on September 4 I found a deceased wasp still embedded in the tree where she was Ovipositing; and nearby were the remains of another, just the needle-like ovipositor protruding from the tree trunk.

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11. These weevils are, and will be Ovipositing and the small grub-like larvae will consume or otherwise destroy the seed.

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12. We conducted an enclosure experiment to test the hypothesis that bats reduce the local abundance of Ovipositing female mosquitoes by examining whether the northern long-eared bat (Myotis septentrionalis Trouessart) had an effect on Culex spp

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13. 10th August 2013 3:47 pm. ovipositor appears as a single filament, but

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14. However, aggregation of eggs by clutch laying does not always promote coexistence, whereas aggregation of eggs by aggregated distributions of Ovipositing females always has a significant contribution to the coexistence

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15. The largest early-diverging angiosperm family is mostly pollinated by Ovipositing insects and so are most surviving lineages of early angiosperms Proc Biol Sci

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16. Lady beetles avoid egg predation by reducing oviposition where other adults are present, Ovipositing on plants associated with less exposure or incidence of intraguild predation, and avoiding areas with tracks and frass of con- and heterospecific larvae

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17. This bias is significantly different from random Ovipositing (wilcox.test, μ = 0.5, P < 0.001)


18. Flies showed a strong aversion to Ovipositing on …

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20. Example sentences with the word Ovipositing.Ovipositing example sentences.: 2


21. Ovipositing mosquitoes use similar principles of attraction to AOs (Ordon˜ez-Gonzales et al

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22. Oviposit (third-person singular simple present oviposits, present participle Ovipositing, simple past and past participle oviposited) ( intransitive ) To lay eggs Related terms [ edit ]

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23. The phosphodiesterase-4 inhibitor roflumilast impacts Schistosoma mansoni Ovipositing in vitro but displays only modest antischistosomal activity in vivo.

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24. When Ovipositing into flowers with longer styles, moths appear to partially compensate by placing their eggs further from the stigma (R 2 = 0.25, P = 0.0054), perhaps by extending the oviduct deeper into the stylar canal

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25. Apiwathnasorn (2012) observed Anopheles dirus Peyton and Harrison Ovipositing inside limestone caves in Thailand and suggested this to be in response to climatic effects

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26. The bacterial genera Gilliamella, Snodgrassella, and Lactobacillus were relatively dominant in unmated and Ovipositing queens, with Bifidobacterium dominant in Ovipositing queens only

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27. Ovipositing females get stuck to the adhesive on the oviposition substrate

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28. The difference of Ovipositing selectivity to food plants (tomato, tobacco and pepper) and larval feeding performance of the oriental tobacco budworm Helicoverpa assulta Guen e were tested through the choice trials of adults Ovipositing in a net-house(1.2 m×1.2 m×1.2 m)and the performance trials of the newly hatched larvae in petri dishs (Φ 9 cm).

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29. This species has been documented Ovipositing on Tephrosia florida (Florida Hoarypea) in North Carolina

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30. T1 - Trade-offs between fecundity and choosiness in Ovipositing butterflies

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31. Chambers at 25ºC, and Ovipositing was quantified for each treatment group by counting the number of eggs deposited on agar at post-treatment intervals of 16, 24, 40, 48, 64, and 72 hours

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32. Ovipositing of Basc mutants exposed to Fly Nap® was significantly (p < 0.05) lower than etherized Basc during the first 24 hours post-treatment.

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33. If bats were eating Ovipositing mosquitoes, we predicted that enclosures containing northern long-eared bats (Myotis septentrionalis) would have fewer Culex egg rafts than enclosures without bats


34. Comment: Madison, 2020-09-16, Hot Springs area - 2 males sighted, one female Ovipositing, female netted and pictured, 72 mm total length

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35. Photo 3 by: p dixon Comment: Madison, 2020-09-11, Hot Springs area - 3 netted, a mated pair observed, a female observed Ovipositing : Photo 4 …

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OVIPOSITING [ˌōvəˈpäzət]


  • (especially of an insect) lay an egg or eggs.
Synonyms: produce .