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1. Examples of overtop in a Sentence a manager whose arrogance was Overtopped only by his ineptitude Recent Examples on the Web The storm could raise ocean levels 7 to 11 feet (2 to 3 meters) at the mouth of the Mississippi River, which could overtop

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2. 16 synonyms of Overtopped from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 36 related words, definitions, and antonyms

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4. Overtopped: to be greater, better, or stronger than.

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5. EXAMPLES FROM THE WEB FOR Overtopped The Tree of Life had pierced the heavens; it Overtopped the stars

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6. But though surrounded by other sorts, they were Overtopped by none

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7. Swami Ram Juna Overtopped them all in inches, as in serenity.


8. In the Kalta-alaghan, which is the culminating range of this part of the Kuen-lun, and is Overtopped by towering, snow-clad peaks, the passes climb to considerably higher altitudes, namely, 14,560, 1 4,47 0, 1 4,43 0 and 14,190

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9. Levee Overtopped by flooding from Hurricane Barry


10. Brent Gardner-Smith/Aspen Journalism The Roaring Fork River, flowing at more than 3,000 cubic feet per second through Basalt since Wednesday, has Overtopped the rock work installed in the fall on the north bank of the river just below the Midland Avenue Bridge, and it has washed away some topsoil and portions of a recently installed gravel path.

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11. Shoshone dairy, owner sentenced for wastewater violation stemming from 2017 flooding During this period of flooding, a catchment area on the east side of the dairy Overtopped, inadvertently

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12. Levees Overtopped in areas of Plaquemines Parish Water overtops levees at Pointe Celeste pumping station in Myrtle Grove July 13, 2019 at 8:26 AM CDT - Updated July 13 at 3:25 PM

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13. Levees in Lewis County along the Mississippi River in northeast Missouri were Overtopped Thursday, flooding several thousand acres of farmland

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14. Record floods breach levees "We had lots of water coming down the canal which we couldn't cope with and the canal Overtopped a bit onto parts of the towpath," a spokesperson said.

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15. “With more than 14 inches of rain in a very short period of time, the reservoir just filled up, and Overtopped the dam and sent water rushing down the spillway

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16. The rifle which he held in front of him Overtopped him by at least a foot

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17. » by Heywood Broun; I climbed a young but good-sized plane which Overtopped the wall


18. Crockett; When standing he Overtopped every man in a …


19. Appeal Analysis Background Floodwater Overtopped electrical equipment and pumps at the Lewis River Hatchery on February 9, 1996

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20. If Overtopped trees are cut, those under 8 inches dbh and less than 80 years of age produce vigorous stump sprouts and provide a source of natural regeneration

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21. Response of Overtopped White Oak to Release

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22. With more than 14 inches of rain in a very short period of time, the reservoir just filled up, and Overtopped the dam and sent water rushing down the spillway

Of, Overtopped

23. Synonyms for Overtopped include surpassed, topped, exceeded, eclipsed, beat, beaten, outshone, outshined, outdid and outdone

Overtopped, Outshone, Outshined, Outdid, Outdone

24. "With more than 14 inches of rain in a very short period of time, the reservoir just filled up, and Overtopped

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25. The Sanford Dam, which was built in 1925 and Overtopped by floodwaters Tuesday, received a fair rating


26. ‘Water Overtopped the levee of the industrial canal and poured into the lower Ninth Ward, reflooding it for the second time in three weeks.’ ‘The wall is designed to prevent waves overtopping the seafront road but Scarborough Civic Society and the Sons of Neptune environmental group say it is clear from their own consultant's report the

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27. Some lower levees may be Overtopped


28. But when a levee is Overtopped, water cascades down the landward slope


29. The agricultural levee protecting Rush Island northeast of Hermann is Overtopped near this height

Of, Overtopped

30. The water Overtopped the dam, which rapidly eroded, causing the entire volume of Lake Conemaugh to rush down the valley below

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31. Overtopped Embankment Dams by Kathleen H


32. Low-crested structures, i.e., Overtopped structures but with crest level above swl


33. Definição de Overtopped: to exceed in height Significado, pronúncia, traduções e exemplos


34. The levee at Osawatomie is Overtopped

Osawatomie, Overtopped

35. 43: The Missouri-Pacific Railroad tracks will be Overtopped by flood waters


36. On dams and levees that have been Overtopped by floods, severe erosion has often been observed to begin where sheet flow becomes turbulent flow

On, Overtopped, Often, Observed

37. Satsop, and Chehalis Rivers Overtopped their banks and inundated adjacent land


38. On hard-hit Maui, floods damaged homes and Overtopped a …

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39. The following is a list of levees Overtopped or breached in the Kansas City, Omaha and St

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40. Louis Corps of Engineer Districts: Kansas City District Levee Status Federal Levees Overtopped March Event Overtoppings MRLS 500-R (KS) Iowa Point Drainage District No

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41. Heavy rains Overtopped the roads in some areas during the storms, Posey said, but the water receded


42. I’m sure there were others because, basically, if you lived by a stream of any kind, it flooded and Overtopped your road,” Oakley said, noting that there was one particularly surprising area where a creek overflowed its banks enough to put a road under water

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43. DSR ID# 34561, 91769, 21221; Floodwater Overtopped salmon hatcheries 11/16/1998


44. Title: Flowthrough and Overtopped rockfill dams


45. Date: 1996: Abstract: The emphasis of this thesis is on the derivation of original results or improvement to the available results in order to obtain a practical design methodology for Overtopped rockfill dams.

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OVERTOPPED [ˌōvərˈtäp]


  • exceed in height.
  • (especially of water) rise over the top of (a barrier constructed to hold it back).
Synonyms: dominate . overlook . overshadow . top . cap . tip . head . surmount .