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1. 12 synonyms and near synonyms of Overseeded from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 3 antonyms and near antonyms

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2. Find another word for Overseeded.


3. Fertilize Overseeded sites with a complete fertilizer such as 12-4-8 at about 1 pound of nitrogen per 1,000 sq

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4. If the green is Overseeded, the topdressing consists of a mixture of sand, fertilizer, and seed

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5. Fertilize ryegrass that is Overseeded about October 20 or later with 60 to 70 pounds of actual nitrogen at planting time so the grass can get maximum growth before cold weather.

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6. Over time, lawns that have not been Overseeded will grow thin and unhealthy, making it much easier for weeds to overtake the lawn.

Over, Overseeded, Overtake

7. Now that you have Overseeded in the fall, you will want to do something with the leaves depending on the type of leaves and the amount that have fallen

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8. Overseeded ryegrass requires a lot of H20, especially in the early goings as the fledgling turf is taking root

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9. Lightly apply water for 10 to 20 minutes to the Overseeded lawn once or twice a day until the seeds have germinated—this usually takes about 7 to 10 days.

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10. Non-Overseeded bermuda fairways, even in April, will hold the ball up, although the lie might be a little tighter than it is when Overseeded


11. Non-Overseeded fairways do offer a sharp contrast between the green rough and dormant fairways

Overseeded, Offer

12. Overseeded perennial ryegrass in spring with a transitioning herbicide


13. Numerous herbicides are labeled to chemically remove Overseeded perennial ryegrass from bermudagrass turf (Table 1)


14. In mid-spring, as soil temperatures approach 60° F, mowing height should be reduced to half for the winter Overseeded ryegrass


15. Figure 1: Overseeded sports field (Photo credit: Unknown) The Need to Overseed The transition zone extends through the central part of the country and also includes parts of the other four climatic zones (Fig

Overseeded, Overseed, Of, Other

16. Overseeded bermudagrass (ryegrass and/or Poa trivialis present) • PROXY at 5.0 oz prod/1000 sq ft and PRIMO at 0.25 oz prod/1000 sq ft every 24 days

Overseeded, Or, Oz

17. Well Overseeded lawns also retain water, helping to irrigate grass from each blade top down through the root and the soil below


18. Note: A negative "Avg Seeding Difference" means that a conference is Overseeded, positive means underseeded


19. If you have Overseeded your lawn it will help the seeds germinate by boosting the fresh organic content of your lawn

Overseeded, Organic, Of

20. Overseeded greens are firmer and therefore less receptive to golf shots than Overseeded surfaces


21. In fact, in every case where this author has quantified the firmness using the USGA TruFirm® on both Overseeded and non ­Overseeded surfaces on the same green, the non ­ Overseeded portion is always less firm.

On, Overseeded

22. Primo Influences on Overseeded Perennial Ryegrass and Poa trivialis

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23. Many bahiagrass pastures are Overseeded with winter annual forages


24. Bahiagrass is more competitive than bermudagrass, and results of a three-year study in Florida comparing overseeding pastures showed that wheat produced less forage when Overseeded into bahiagrass than when Overseeded

Of, Overseeding, Overseeded

25. Currently Overseeded with rye for winter green! Download PDF Spec Sheet West Coast Turf's Tifway II bermuda has the shortest winter dormancy of all hybrid bermudas, and is able to stay green longer into the Fall, and greens up earlier in the Spring.

Overseeded, Of

26. Potential Overseeded forage species include annual and perennial grasses and legumes


27. Overseed (third-person singular simple present overseeds, present participle overseeding, simple past and past participle Overseeded) To replenish (a lawn, etc.) by adding more seeds

Overseed, Overseeds, Overseeding, Overseeded

28. Non-Overseeded ultradwarf bermudagrass greens have the potential to provide smooth, consistent and fast putting surfaces for more golf days when compared to the same greens when Overseeded


29. However, endearing golfers to non-Overseeded surfaces …


30. Bermudagrass will be Overseeded with perennial ryegrass in late September in the year before each study.


31. Golf fairways are often Overseeded with perennial ryegrass to maintain a green playing surface year round

Often, Overseeded

32. This project examines best management practices for perennial ryegrass control with herbicides on Overseeded golf fairways

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33. Although none of the following strategies are foolproof, a combination of these tactics will provide good to excellent weed control in non-Overseeded bermudagrass putting greens: Depending on the severity of the problem, one of the sulfonylurea herbicides should be sprayed in the months of October, November and December on the entire green.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does overseeded mean?

: to seed (an existing stand) with another type of plant overseeded the Bermuda grass with ryegrass Examples of overseed in a Sentence

What is the verb for overseed?

transitive verb : to seed (an existing stand) with another type of plant overseeded the Bermuda grass with ryegrass Examples of overseed in a Sentence

What is overseeding grass seed?

In the simplest terms, overseeding is adding grass seed to your existing lawn without turning the soil. This adds more color to your lawn, helps create thicker grass, and introduces enhanced varieties of grass to your lawn.

Can I aerate my lawn before overseeding?

If too thick, its best to aerate your lawn before overseeding or if filling in patches remove the thatch and dead grass before spreading seed in bare areas of your lawn. To prepare your lawn for overseeding, cut the grass short, using the lowest setting on your mower.