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1. Find 142 ways to say Overlooking, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


2. Definition of Overlooking in the dictionary

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3. What does Overlooking mean? Information and translations of Overlooking in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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4. overlook (third-person singular simple present overlooks, present participle Overlooking, simple past and past participle overlooked) To offer a view (of something) from a higher position

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5. “I think Conor was Overlooking Dustin, and [had a mindset] like, ‘let me get through this, so I can work on other things,'” White said.

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6. Sigatoo Inn, is perched on a hillside Overlooking seven miles of pink sand beach The 26-room hotel is equipped with a pool, ocean-view patios and balconies.

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7. Overlooking - WordReference thesaurus: synonyms, discussion and more


8. Overlooking: 1 adj used of a height or viewpoint “the balcony Overlooking the ballroom” Synonyms: commanding , dominating high (literal meaning) being at or having a relatively great or specific elevation or upward extension (sometimes used in combinations like `knee-high')

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9. Overlooking looks like it is a form of the word overlook

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10. Condo/Apartment Imagine being on a scenic outlook Overlooking the city and mountains with 30 mile views

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11. Find 142 ways to say Overlooking, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


12. What does Overlooking mean? Present participle of overlook

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13. “And I don’t know if this is true — only Conor can answer this question — I think Conor was Overlooking Dustin, like ‘let me just get through this and onto other things.’” While White believes McGregor looked past Poirier at UFC 257, McGregor himself has been fairly candid about the fact that he simply didn’t employ the right

Only, Overlooking, Onto, Other

14. Overlooking (11 Occurrences) Exodus 34:7 Having mercy on thousands, Overlooking evil and wrongdoing and sin; he will not let wrongdoers go free, but will send punishment on children for the sins of their fathers, and on their children's children to the third and fourth generation

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15. (BBE) Numbers 14:18 The Lord is slow to wrath and great in mercy, Overlooking wrongdoing and evil, and will not


16. After Overlooking Charlie Bertrand out of high school, UVA lacrosse coach Lars Tiffany wasn't about to make that mistake twice Mike Barber Feb 25, 2021 Feb 25, 2021; 0 {{featured_button_text}}

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17. Starboard Value Acquisition Company: Market Overlooking Tontine Warrants Mar


18. Manchester United stars have been accused of "Overlooking" Donny van de Beek, with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer being criticised for his treatment …

Of, Overlooking, Ole

19. This item: Upstairs, Overlooking by Joe Christmas Audio CD $8.91


20. Overlooking can sometimes be mitigated by planting or fencing

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21. At ground floor level, a 2m-high close-board fence along a flank boundary is likely to eliminate the potential for Overlooking between ground floor windows, and a well-kept hedge could have the same effect.


22. View deals for Oakes Hotel Overlooking the Falls, including fully refundable rates with free cancellation

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23. Are you Overlooking Pinterest for growing your business? Back to video As an emerging leader in the e-commerce community, Pinterest is an effective tool that entrepreneurs need to utilize for brand growth, particularly if they’re running small- or medium-sized businesses.

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24. Outside the Box Opinion: The stock market rightly sees an economic rebound — but is Overlooking this worrisome development Last Updated: Feb

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25. Book El Nido Overlooking, El Nido on Tripadvisor: See 250 traveler reviews, 377 candid photos, and great deals for El Nido Overlooking, ranked #8 of 208 specialty lodging in …

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26. The One Pandemic Investment Law Firms Are Overlooking By failing to readjust expectations for employees and provide more flexibility, the investments some firms made during the pandemic could be

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27. BUILDING REGULATIONS 2018 - REG 84 Overlooking (1) A habitable room window or raised open space of a building on an allotment must not provide a direct line of sight into a habitable room window or on to a secluded private open space of an existing dwelling on an adjoining allotment

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28. Inside California’s surreal hot springs town Overlooking Trump’s border wall 25/25 SLIDES It was July 2020 and I was in Jacumba Hot Springs , a high desert town populated with scrub, Live Oak

Overlooking, Oak

29. CONOR McGREGOR was guilty of ‘Overlooking’ Dustin Poirier before their rematch earlier this year, according to UFC president Dana White

Of, Overlooking

30. Coco Shop Designer Taylor Simmons Wore Floral Oscar de la Renta for Her Outdoor Ceremony Overlooking the Ocean

Oscar, Outdoor, Overlooking, Ocean

31. Overlooking City and Laguna Bay View With on going House Construction beside the lot Flood Safe Exclusive Village Full Amenities With Clubhouse,swimming pool and basketball court Tight Security FREE TRIPPING MEET UP PUREGOLD TAYTAY CONTACT 0919.207.6027-strawbery 😊

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does overlooking the tidal basin mean?

to rise above: The Washington Monument overlooks the tidal basin. to excuse; pardon: a minor infraction we can overlook this time. to look over in inspection, examination, or perusal: They allowed us to overlook the proposed contract. to look after, oversee, or supervise: She has to overlook a large number of employees.

What is another word for overlooking?

Choose the Right Synonym for overlook. neglect, disregard, ignore, overlook, slight, forget mean to pass over without giving due attention. neglect implies giving insufficient attention to something that merits one's attention.

What is the meaning of Overlook?

SEE SYNONYMS FOR overlook ON THESAURUS.COM. to fail to notice, perceive, or consider: to overlook a misspelled word. to disregard or ignore indulgently, as faults or misconduct: Only a parent could overlook that kind of behavior.

What does overlooking mean?

English Language Learners Definition of overlook. : to fail to see or notice (something) : to pay no attention to (something) : to not consider (someone) for a job, position, promotion, etc.