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1. Overgrazing represents an environmental hazard whereby wildlife or livestock excessively feeds on pasture. It is also the practice of grazing livestock on vegetation before it has recovered from a former grazing state, also known as intensive grazing.

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2. Overgrazing synonyms, Overgrazing pronunciation, Overgrazing translation, English dictionary definition of Overgrazing

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3. What constitutes Overgrazing is failure to move or rotate animals in harmony with forage growth. Proper grazing management is a matter of moving animals before they have the opportunity to regraze lush regrowth

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4. Overgrazing occurs when livestock are allowed to graze on pasture for extended periods

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5. Overgrazing reduces the 'solar panel' for regrowth. Meaning that once temperatures decrease again, your regrowth will be slower

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6. Overgrazing damages the root system.


7. Overgrazing is a factor of time, not animal species or numbers

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8. Since our founding, the Center has led efforts to reform Overgrazing on public lands in the West

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9. Overgrazing But if the return on capital goes down, capital becomes cheaper and this will encourage more investment in cattle which, in turn, leads to Overgrazing. From the Cambridge …

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10. Species composition will also begin to shift with continued Overgrazing and this can start in just two years of Overgrazing

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11. Inappropriate farming methods, deforestation, and Overgrazing causes soil degradation such as loss of organic matter and nutrient depletion, acidification, salinization, and chemical contamination, as well as deterioration of physical properties, such as water and wind erosion.

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12. Overgrazing typically increases soil erosion


13. Overgrazing Overgrazing occurs when the consumption of vegetation biomass by livestock and other grazers (e.g., wildlife) exceeds the vegetation's ability to recover in a timely fashion, thus exposing the soil and reducing the vegetation's productive capacity

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14. Definition of Overgrazing in the dictionary

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15. What does Overgrazing mean? Information and translations of Overgrazing in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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16. Overgrazing promotes soil erosion leading to loss of vital nutrients and pasture finish

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17. Overgrazing is a complex problem that is seen all over the world

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18. The impacts of Overgrazing are far reaching, from loss of jobs to the extinction of key species.

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19. Overgrazing can lead to compacted soil, which makes it harder for the land to absorb water when it rains


20. Overgrazing associated with livestock breeding practice exceeding pastureland carrying capacity degrades natural habitat for wildlife


21. About 70% of the country's pasture land is degraded due to Overgrazing according to findings of scientists.

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24. Overgrazing can be defined as the practice of grazing too many livestock for too long a period on land unable to recover its vegetation, or of grazing ruminants on land not suitable for grazing as a result of certain physical parameters such as its slope

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25. Overgrazing exceeds the carrying capacity of a pasture.

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26. Overgrazing has damaged the steppes and brought limits on herd sizes

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27. Times, Sunday Times (2006) Brought in to stop elk Overgrazing, they have transformed the landscape


28. Overgrazing: The crux of the pastoralist controversy (87K) by Eric Schwennesen points out the lack of good definitions of Overgrazing, and how stopping "Overgrazing" often hasn't yielded promised results

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29. Browse 183 Overgrazing stock photos and images available, or search for deforestation or desertification to find more great stock photos and pictures

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30. What does Overgrazing mean? Present participle of overgraze

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31. Overgrazing, along with overfarming and deforestation, are causing serious large-scale damage to large parts of Asia, Africa, and South America

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32. Currently Antarctica is the only continent that is not suffering from some form of large-scale ecological degradation from agriculture, including Overgrazing.

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33. Overgrazing has damaged the steppes and brought limits on herd sizes

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34. Times, Sunday Times (2006) Brought in to stop elk Overgrazing, they have transformed the landscape


35. Jets fly low over the area on an almost daily basis, livestock is impounded by the Bureau of Indian Affairs on the pretense that resisters are "Overgrazing" the land, and, due to the special Bennet Freeze clause of P

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36. Overgrazing (countable and uncountable, plural Overgrazings) Excessive grazing to an extent that the land is damaged

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37. 142: The law was intended to reduce Overgrazing by cattle, but its impact would be to further curtail land for


38. Translation for 'Overgrazing' in the free English-Polish dictionary and many other Polish translations.

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39. Overgrazing occurs when plants are exposed to intensive grazing for extended periods of time, or without sufficient recovery periods

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40. Overgrazing is caused when the number of animals carried in a rangeland are more than its grazing capacity, suggesting these extra animals could be from a few to too many

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41. Kangaroo Overgrazing could be jeopardizing land conservation, study finds Date: February 3, 2021 Source: University of New South Wales Summary: The native species has reached numbers that are

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42. Overgrazing occurs when this is done without proper management of the animals and plants

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43. Overgrazing on upland pastures is causing the decline of native species including skylarks, curlews and dotterels

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44. Overgrazing in the surrounding lowlands and logging in the highlands are causing severe soil erosion, which in turn has caused heavy siltation in the lake


45. Overgrazing this type of pasture will damage the plants and eventually kill

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46. Overgrazing happens when animals are kept in a paddock too long or brought back too soon

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47. To stop Overgrazing, producers must move livestock out of a pasture before regrowth begins

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48. During periods of fast growth, Overgrazing will occur if livestock are kept in a paddock for more than three or four days.

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49. Understanding Overgrazing causes comes down to getting to grips with how these three factors influence the amount of vegetation growing in an area over time

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50. Overgrazing: What do we mean by "Overgrazing?" Basically the presence of too many animals on the land or for too long or at inappropriate seasons, such that the land becomes degraded.

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51. Translation for 'Overgrazing' in the free English-Hindi dictionary and many other Hindi translations.

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52. A bad winter coupled with Overgrazing of the grasslands during 2000-2001 caused heavy loss of animals, some human lives and heavy economic loss

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53. ‘The grasslands frequently suffer from Overgrazing, a problem affecting not only cattle, but also the productivity of local fisheries.’ ‘The landowner risks having the pasture become overgrazed, resulting in future weed problems, reduced production, and lowered value.’

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54. Kangaroo Overgrazing could be jeopardising land conservation The native species has reached numbers that are contributing to drier soil and less vegetation – and may be more damaging to conservation areas than rabbits


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OVERGRAZING [ˌōvərˈɡrāziNG]

overgrazing (noun)


Frequently Asked Questions

What does overgrazing cause?

Overgrazing is also seen as a cause of the spread of invasive species of non-native plants and of weeds. It is caused by nomadic grazers in huge populations of travel herds, such as the American bison of the Great Plains, or migratory Wildebeests of the African savannas, or by holistic planned grazing.

How does overgrazing affect the land?

The impact of overgrazing includes: soil erosion, land degradation and loss of useful species. The decrease of the vegetation cover and the removal of the soil by the footprints of the animals generate a soil vulnerable to erosive agents, favoring water erosion by rain, strong wind and other factors.

How does the overgrazing affect the environment?

Effects of Overgrazing Soil erosion. The continued trampling of numerous animals in an average forage land will act to accelerate the death of plants and vegetation cover. Land degradation. The acts of compaction and erosion as a result of overgrazing can cause tremendous land degradation. Loss of valuable species. ... Food shortage/famine. ... Death of people and livestock. ...

Can overgrazing be prevented?

To prevent overgrazing, taking plant-growth rate, natural processes of grazing lands and animal grazing behavior into consideration are essential. There are many styles of grazing management to choose from: rotational, mob, cell or holistic, for example. It is up to the grazing manager to choose which one will work best in each situation.