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1. What is an Overbite? Overbites are identified when the upper teeth protrude over the lower teeth by a proportion of between 30-50%. It is what is medically referred to as a malocclusion

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2. Overbites, crossbites, underbites and open bites are all types of malocclusions

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3. Overbites, are present when the upper teeth stick out too far beyond the lower teeth

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4. But Overbites, they're a little more complicated and pretty common


5. Often getting braces for Overbites does the trick

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6. Overbites (buck teeth or deep bite) are class II malocclusions

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7. One of the most common dental issues, Overbites are often genetic but can also be caused by frequent thumbsucking, extended pacifier use, and other childhood habits.

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8. There are two main categories of Overbites – skeletal and dental

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9. Overbites are often most successfully corrected in children because the growing jaw can be easier to manipulate than one that has already fully formed

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10. Overbites, crossbites, underbites and open bites are all types of malocclusions

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11. Overbites, as defined by Futuredontics, are present when the upper teeth stick out too far beyond the lower teeth

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12. Overbites are sometimes genetic, but it can also be caused by children thumb sucking or using a pacifier once the teeth have grown in

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13. The fully developed jaws of adults can make Overbites difficult to treat with traditional metal braces

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14. Where this is the case, there are other options for correcting Overbites

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15. Vertical Overbites Vertical Overbites are diagnosed when the upper teeth extend down over the bottom teeth

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16. Overbites can result in a smaller than normal chin, headaches, jaw pain, and a round-looking facial appearance.


17. Fixing Overbites With Invisalign in Young Patients If a patient is young and still growing (usually 12 years old or younger), an overbite can be corrected by using the patient’s growth to help correct the bite

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18. Overbites are unfortunately classified as a class II malocclusion and a major genetic fault


19. What does that mean? In vertical Overbites, the top teeth overlap the lower teeth too much

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20. In horizontal Overbites, technically called "overjets," the top teeth protrude too much

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21. Overbites are the most common bite problem to have


22. Many children have Overbites, which leads parents to wonder when they should take them to an orthodontist to be corrected, and if correcting it is even necessary

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23. Unfortunately, Overbites need to be corrected and the sooner it’s fixed, the better


24. Leaving Overbites untreated can lead to developmental problems and can…


25. Oh hi, I'm Jackie, the creator of Underpants and Overbites! It's a diary comic all about my often funny, but occasionally serious tiny human life

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26. Overbites occur when a person’s upper teeth overlap their bottom teeth and are typically a result of an overdeveloped upper jaw or underdeveloped lower jaw.Overbites can be hereditary and can also be caused as a result of habits started at an early childhood age and require orthodontic treatment.These habits include thumb sucking or pacifier use and can cause problems with swallowing, eating

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27. Underbites and Overbites should never go uncorrected


28. Vertical Overbites occur when the top teeth significantly overlap the bottom teeth

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29. Although they look different, both types of Overbites have a lot in common

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30. Dental, or teeth Overbites mean the teeth are the problem, while skeletal Overbites indicate the jaw is to blame.

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31. Overbites synonyms, Overbites pronunciation, Overbites translation, English dictionary definition of Overbites

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32. The Overbites band is a MPLS rock act doing odd covers from the 60s thru 2010s

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33. Cat Overbites & Underbites While cats do not get malocclusions nearly as frequently as dogs, they are not free from this problem


34. Overbites are common type of malocclusion that can be caused by a wide variety of different factors, including genetics, jaw size, thumb-sucking, and more

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35. Find out the effects and solutions to Overbites

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36. View the comic strip for Underpants and Overbites by cartoonist Jackie E


37. » Overbites and Underbites Professional Dog Breeders


38. Other causes of Overbites include milk teeth not falling out and the growth of permanent teeth pushing beneath, also tartar and plaque build-up

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39. Small Overbites often correct themselves as the puppy matures, and brushing the dog's teeth regularly to prevent buildup can help keep the overbite from becoming more severe

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40. View the comic strip for Underpants and Overbites by cartoonist Jackie E


41. Overbites can also be classified as dental or skeletal

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an underbite and overbite?

In addition to chewing problems, an overbite puts added stress on the jaw joint which can produce headaches. An underbite is essentially the opposite of an overbite, but it's far less common. If you have an underbite, your jaw might protrude farther than ideal .

What's the difference between overbite and overjet?

An overbite is the condition wherein the upper incisors overlap and cover more than one third of the lower incisors, while an overjet is the condition wherein there is a discrepancy in the distance of the upper and lower teeth.

What is another word for an overbite?

An overbite is known in the medical world as a type of malocclusion, which is another word for “misalignment.” Genetics are typically to blame with this sort of problem, or children who suck their thumbs as their adult teeth are forming may also increase their risk.

Do you have a normal bite, overbite or underbite?

Overbite If your bite overlaps by just 2mm more than the standard bite, you may have an overbite. In a more extreme overbite scenario, your top teeth could nearly cover your bottom teeth. This type of misalignment could also give you a shorter and rounder facial appearance.