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OUTSPOKEN [ˌoutˈspōkən]

outspoken (adjective)

  • frank in stating one's opinions, especially if they are critical or controversial.
Synonyms: forthright . direct . candid . frank . straightforward . honest . open . straight . plain . plain-spoken . vociferous . vocal . explicit . point-blank . round . blunt . abrupt . bluff . brusque . unequivocal . free . unreserved . uninhibited . unceremonious . free-spoken . diplomatic . reticent . evasive .

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1. Outspoken definition is - direct and open in speech or expression : frank

2. How to use Outspoken in a sentence.

3. Members of the Log Cabin Republicans, Los Angeles get Outspoken about California's dire situation

4. 19 synonyms of Outspoken from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 37 related words, definitions, and antonyms

5. Find another word for Outspoken

6. Outspoken: free in expressing one's true feelings and opinions

7. The Crossword Solver found 39 answers to the Outspoken crossword clue

8. Outspoken Eyewear, daring glasses with the pronounced design! In 2013, the Outspoken brand saw the light of day and this year is celebrating its seventh anniversary

9. Welcome to Outspoken Kerala Official Page!

10. Outspoken father of missing activist killed in Iraq's south

11. Washington also is considered a thought leader for the United States and is known for progressive thinking and an Outspoken population

12. Outspoken definition, uttered or expressed with frankness or without reserve: Outspoken criticism

13. Outspoken Trivia is beginning to return at select venues! The ever changing list will be updated as more venues return!! Here is the current list as of 3/12/21: MONDAYS: WR Social House in …

14. The first film in the new "Outspoken" series tells the story of Yeshara, who describes herself as a "home-schooled, vegetarian, Adventist pastor's kid"

15. Outspoken, Huntington Beach, California

16. Outspoken hollandcollectioncollectioncollection

17. Find 32 ways to say Outspoken, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

18. Comment on the syllables in Outspoken

19. A comprehensive resource for finding syllables in Outspoken, how many syllables are in Outspoken, words that rhyme with Outspoken, how to divide Outspoken into syllables, how to pronounce Outspoken, how to break Outspoken into syllables, and how to pronounce Outspoken.

20. Outspoken synonyms, Outspoken pronunciation, Outspoken translation, English dictionary definition of Outspoken

21. Outspoken Leaders is a not for profit organization dedicated to serving, empowering, and amplifying the voices of the LGBTQ+ community

22. The work of Outspoken – which provides resources for parents and teachers to have open, honest conversations about sex and relationships – is therefore more crucial than ever ” Natasha Devon MBE – mental-health and body-image campaigner

23. How to be Outspoken or How to be Outspoken without being rude? With our society obsessed being with a sugar coating

24. Outspoken! LGBTQ Storytelling at Sidetrack Join us the first Tuesday of each month from your home for our Virtual Edition of Outspoken (“Virtual” while Sidetrack is unable to be fully open without restrictions)

25. Details and the Zoom link are on the Outspoken Facebook the day of the event

26. Click here! Outspoken is Chicago’s monthly storytelling event celebrating uniquely personal stories

27. The primary candidate is an Outspoken critic of the healthcare system

28. The email provided to Outspoken and redacted to protect the identity of the source–who requested anonymity citing fears of repercussions in the workplace–was sent to a “bipartisan” federal agency established by Congress to deal in foreign relations and …

29. Outspoken adj adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house." (expressed with honesty) schietto, trasparente agg aggettivo: Descrive o specifica un sostantivo: "Una persona fidata" - "Con un cacciavite piccolo" - "Questioni controverse"

30. Outspoken - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions

31. Principal Translations: Inglés: Español: Outspoken adj adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house." (person: blunt, without reservation)

32. Outspoken: 1 adj given to expressing yourself freely or insistently “ Outspoken in their opposition to segregation” Synonyms: vocal communicative , communicatory able or tending to communicate adj characterized by directness in manner or speech; without subtlety or evasion “it is possible to be Outspoken without being rude” Synonyms: blunt ,

33. Being Outspoken is a quality that, when used with skill and wisdom, can set you apart from the crowd

34. Being Outspoken is to speak your mind, to be honest and forthright, candid yet tactful

35. Being Outspoken doesn’t necessarily mean that you are an open book and that you spill all of the details of your life

36. Mark A Matthews was one of the most Outspoken opponents of anti-Japanese agitation before and during the Congressional hearings

37. What does Outspoken mean? Frank and unreserved in speech

38. Outspoken definition: Someone who is Outspoken gives their opinions about things openly and honestly , even if Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

39. Outspoken is a substantive yet entertaining analysis of why women still haven’t been fully granted the right to speak, and a guide to how we can start changing the culture of silence

40. Avon Outspoken By Fergie - Eau de Parfum Spray 1.7 Oz

41. “We can only speak true, talk straight and be Outspoken, if we prove to be able to decrypt the veiled elements of the puzzle inside and outside our environment; describe the intricacies of the social constructions and the emotional sensitivities; analyze the feasible contingencies and practical options; arbitrate and come to sensible conclusions; and invent pragmatic proposals and equitable

42. 15.6k Followers, 55 Following, 147 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Outspoken (@getOutspoken20)

43. Outspoken by Pluto is a book series unlike any other: unravelling debates on sex education, masculinity, feminism, mental health, class and inequality.

44. Outspoken is a diverse group of LGBTQ and allied youth, adults, organizations, and providers dedicated to challenging bullying, oppression and anti-LGBTQ violence in our schools and communities

45. An exciting employment opportunity, Outspoken pays and trains youth ages 13-24 to be educators and leaders who directly address and challenge the

46. ‘An Outspoken fire union boss has got round a gagging order by turning to the power of the written word.’ ‘He is still as Outspoken as ever and although he defends public radio he is highly critical of television.’ ‘Her Outspoken nature made her a socially active person, taking part in several campaigns.’

47. In Outspoken! poet–educators Sara Holbrook and Michael Salinger take you through the process of developing, implementing, and assessing poetry performance—and beyond

48. With their vibrant and innovatibe approach to color, Outspoken frames embody a stunning combination of exuberance and refinement.

49. The Outspoken theme helps you create unique, bespoke pages that look good in the browser and rank well in the search engines

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