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1. AWS Outposts is a fully managed service that offers the same AWS infrastructure, AWS services, APIs, and tools to virtually any datacenter, co-location space, …

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2. Outposts is a channel dedicated to providing independent video content and online resources for the LGBTQ+ community

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3. You can purchase a variety of AWS Outposts configurations featuring a combination of EC2 instance types, EBS gp2 volume, and S3 on Outposts

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4. Noun a station established at a distance from the main body of an army to protect it from surprise attack: We keep only a small garrison of men at our desert Outposts

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5. Outposts is big compute, memory and storage on-prem, managed via AWS

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6. With AWS Outposts launching soon, it was really good to hear some more details about the offering

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7. Outposts are our pillars of space exploration that are focused on concepts we cherish here on Earth: re-use and recycle

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8. Outposts Camps at Lawrence Bay Lodge


9. Outposts are buildings that can be built by guilds with a monument on unclaimed fiefs to claim additional fiefs

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10. The amount of buildable Outposts depends on your monument tier and a guild needs to hold a certain amount of fiefs to be able to upgrade their monument.

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11. KayAir’s fly-in Outposts are situated in some of the best fishing and hunting areas in Ontario

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12. Outposts is perhaps the oddest of Winchester's many books; surely it is the most melancholy

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13. ‘The advance guard fought Spanish Outposts at Las Guasimas, and the whole force made a spirited if awkward twin assault on the Spanish fortifications at Kettle and San Juan Hills and El Caney.’ ‘His forte was the cavalry raid, surprising Outposts, sweeping down on garrisons, catching the enemy off guard.’

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14. Knowledge of Outposts and their effectiveness is crucial in exploiting situations involving an isolated queen's pawn

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15. 1 day ago · AWS Outposts is a solution that enables service providers to operate the full suite of AWS tools and services on their premises

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16. The MECs with AWS Outposts can be accessed from the closest Singtel site to help businesses seamlessly operate their applications that use AWS tools and require ultra-low latency data processing.

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17. Outposts check out the Outposts we offer

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18. Outposts is perhaps the oddest of Winchester's many books; surely it is the most melancholy

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19. The Outposts, Burney, California


20. Now, if customers provision Outposts with Amazon S3 on Outposts, a new storage class designed to durably and redundantly store data on Outposts, they …

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21. Wesley's Fly-In Outposts, Cat Lake, Ontario

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22. 24 Outposts are scattered around the Open World of Far Cry 4

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23. Each zone has an outpost, and on each of those Outposts you need to choose between two buildings

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24. You can unlock all the Outposts, but as I said before, only 1 building per outpost.

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25. 1 day ago · OpenText™ , announced that OpenText™ Migrate has achieved the AWS Outposts Ready designation, part of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Service Ready Program

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26. This designation recognizes that OpenText Migrate has demonstrated successful integration with AWS Outposts deployments

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27. AWS Outposts is a fully managed service that extends AWS infrastructure, AWS …


28. Outposts are located in each region


29. Outposts are also where the player may retrieve the Saber 4x4


30. AWS Outposts is a fully managed service that extends AWS infrastructure, APIs, and tools to customer premises.


31. These ten individual Outposts are located between 150 – 250 miles northeast of Ft

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32. Nine of the Outposts can comfortably sleep up to eight guests in three bedrooms

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33. Learn more about AWS Outposts at Outposts offer a range of pre-validated Outposts configurations offering a mix of EC2 and EBS cap

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34. Frontier Outposts, also known as "FO Anomalies" or "Field Outposts" are Anomalies that have the indication "FO" in their name

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35. Outposts are a type of location in Sea of Thieves

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36. Outposts are the hubs for players until they reach


37. AWS Outposts qualifies NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP to bring the public cloud home

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38. Cloud Volumes ONTAP for AWS Outposts combines NetApp industry-leading file storage services and AWS industry-leading cloud infrastructure for workloads that require on-premises performance and availability.

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39. Like in the main game, Outposts have alarms


40. Beginning with Amazon EMR version 5.28.0, you can create and run EMR clusters on AWS Outposts

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41. AWS Outposts enables native AWS services, infrastructure, and operating models in on-premises facilities

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42. In AWS Outposts environments, you can use the same AWS APIs, tools, and infrastructure that you use in the AWS Cloud


43. Amazon EMR on AWS Outposts is ideal for low latency workloads that …

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44. AWS Outposts provides the benefit of cloud services in on premise data centers, extending AWS infrastructures, APIs and toolsets into on-premises and hybrid cloud workloads for smoother migrations

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45. Our Outposts hold all sizes of groups

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46. The rest of the Outposts sleep up to 12 people max depending on the cabin

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OUTPOSTS [ˈoutˌpōst]


  • a small military camp or position at some distance from the main force, used especially as a guard against surprise attack.
Synonyms: territory . possession . holding . dependency . province . dominion . protectorate . settlement . tributary . fief .
  • a remote part of a country or empire.
  • something regarded as an isolated or remote branch of something.
Synonyms: dependency . colony . protectorate . territory . province . satellite . holding . possession . tributary . fief . demesne . realm . kingdom . empire . domain . country . nation . land .

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of outpost?

Definition of outpost. 1a : a security detachment dispatched by a main body of troops to protect it from enemy surprise. b : a military base established by treaty or agreement in another country.

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What are combat outposts?

Combat Outposts were almost unanimously described in positive terms by defense analysts and military officers as a means through which to carry out its counterinsurgency efforts. ^ Seidel, S. B. (2010). Planning Combat Outposts to Maximize Population Security. Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

What is an outpost in English?

English Language Learners Definition of outpost. : a large military camp that is in another country or that is far from a country's center of activity. : a small town in a place that is far away from other towns or cities.