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1. Outperform definition is - to perform better than


2. How to use Outperform in a sentence.


3. What Does Outperform Mean? In financial news media Outperform is commonly used as a rating given by analysts who publicly research and recommend securities.


4. Outperform [ˈaʊtpəˈʃɔːm] VT → hacer mejor que, superar a; [ shares, investment fund] → dar mayores beneficios que Collins Spanish Dictionary - Complete and Unabridged 8th Edition 2005 © William Collins Sons & Co


5. Outperform definition, to surpass in excellence of performance; do better than: a new engine that Outperforms the competition; a stock that Outperformed all others

Outperform, Of, Outperforms, Outperformed, Others

6. Find 10 ways to say Outperform, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


7. Outperform is the solution provider companies keep going back to.We are thought partners in solving your complex planning challenges through smart simplification.Whatever the challenge, we believe that no problem is unsolvable with the right skills and attitude.


8. Outperform introduced the first version of Outperform Planning software in 2005

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9. Today, companies across the world and in various industries rely on Outperform Planning as their robust and easy-to-use solution for Sales & Operations Planning

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10. Outperform 2020 was the virtual conference experience that shared tools and trends to help companies compete in today’s digital economy


11. Antonyms for Outperform include fail, lose, underperform, fall behind, surrender, help, aid, give up, be inferior and follow


12. Cubus Outperform EV Analytics is the most comprehensive self-service analysis and reporting frontend for the market-leading multidimensional databases Oracle Essbase, IBM Cognos TM1 and Microsoft Analysis Services

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13. Cubus Outperform EV Analytics provides technology


14. To do well in a particular job or activity compared to others of a similar type: The company has consistently Outperformed its rivals this season.

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15. Summary - Outperform is an investment rating that analysts assign to investments (usually stocks) that they expect will provide returns that will exceed a …


16. Outperform is also a term used by analysts to describe the prospects of a particular company

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17. Over the eighteen-year horizon from birth until university, shares are likely to Outperform all other mainstream investments

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18. Cautious balanced funds in this vein generally Outperform zero-risk savings or investments by a significant 2 or 3 per cent

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19. Thus, growth stocks Outperform a bull market and under perform a bear market.


20. Outperform is a rating that a company’s stock can receive from analysts


21. When a stock receives an Outperform rating, it means analysts expect this stock to produce better returns than the overall market, a particular financial index, or other companies in the same industry.Outperform isn’t always the best rating a company’s stock can receive.

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22. Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word Outperform. Princeton's WordNet (0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: surpass, outstrip, outmatch, outgo, exceed, outdo, surmount, Outperform (verb) be or do something to a greater degree

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23. 52 synonyms and near synonyms of Outperform from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus

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24. Find another word for Outperform


25. Outperform: to do or perform better than (someone or something).

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26. Outperform: 1 v be or do something to a greater degree “This car Outperforms all others in its class” Synonyms: exceed , outdo , outgo , outmatch , outstrip , surmount , surpass Types: show 20 types hide 20 types beat , circumvent , outfox , outsmart , outwit , overreach beat through cleverness and wit outgrow grow faster than outcry ,

Outperform, Or, Outperforms, Others, Outdo, Outgo, Outmatch, Outstrip, Outfox, Outsmart, Outwit, Overreach, Outgrow, Outcry

27. Outperform - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions


28. Principal Translations: Inglés: Español: Outperform [sb] ⇒ vtr transitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat." (do better than) hacer mejor que loc verb locución verbal: Unidad léxica estable formada de dos o más palabras que funciona como verbo ("sacar fuerzas de

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29. A stock is said to Outperform if it produces a higher return than an index or the overall stock market, and analysts give stocks an Outperform rating if superior performance is expected

Outperform, Or, Overall

30. Considering that most of the best idea funds do not markedly Outperform the averages, investors are also entitled to wonder whether the managers’ ideas are even worth having in the first place

Of, Outperform

31. Monthly changes in implied volatilities predict relative future returns: stocks with rising call volatilities Outperform stocks with falling call


32. If one thing Outperforms another, the first is more successful or efficient than the second.

One, Outperforms, Or

33. ‘The debate about whether property investment will Outperform an investment in the stock market will run and run.’ ‘Even if foreign investments Outperform domestic ones, he …

Outperform, Ones

34. Out‧per‧form /ˌaʊtpəˈfɔːm-pərˈfɔːrm/ verb [ transitive] to do better or be more successful than someone or something else Stocks generally Outperform other investments

Out, Or, Outperform, Other

35. Clinical trials have shown that it Outperforms existing drugs


36. Definition of Outperform verb in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

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37. Market Outperform is a rank that stock analysts can give to stocks


38. A stock that is ranked as market Outperform is one that is expected to Outperform a specific index or the overall market

Outperform, One, Or, Overall

39. Outperform [sb] ⇒ vtr transitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat." (do better than) avere prestazioni migliori di [qlcn] vtr verbo transitivo o transitivo pronominale: Verbo che richiede un complemento oggetto: "Lava la mela prima di mangiarla" - "Non mi aspettavo un successo così grande"

Outperform, Object, Oggetto

40. It’s often repeated investing wisdom that value stocks Outperform growth stocks over the long run

Often, Outperform, Over

41. Outperform In general, this means to do better than some particular benchmark


42. Mutual Fund XYZ is said to Outperform the S&P500 if its return exceeds the S&P500 return


43. Why small caps will Outperform in 2021, according to market analyst


44. Transgender Athlete (Getty Images) Biological men who identify as women continue to Outperform biologically-female athletes for at least two years after they begin receiving “feminising therapy” (female hormones), a new study shows


45. Why Rookie CEOs Outperform Experienced executives rely too much on old playbooks

Outperform, On, Old

46. This makes it tougher for active funds to Outperform index funds, after fees


47. Find 10 ways to say Outperform, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


48. Outperform THE NORM delivers cutting edge peak performance strategies in three areas: HEALTH: Unleash sustained stamina, energy and physical vibrancy, so you're as strong at 4pm as you were at 8am


49. Outperform definition: be or do something to a greater degree synonyms: break, outcry, outrange, outmatch, surmount, outgrow, outfox, outmarch, exceed, outsail

Outperform, Or, Outcry, Outrange, Outmatch, Outgrow, Outfox, Outmarch, Outsail

50. Outperform In general, this means to do better than some particular benchmark


51. Mutual Fund XYZ is said to Outperform the S&P500 if its return exceeds the S&P500 return


52. Andreas Erlemann – Revenue Manager using Outperform RMS Andreas Erlemann Berlin Germany - CEO Zenith Hospitality GmbH Helping my clients in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, ranging from Independent family run Hotels, to small groups of up to 20 Hotels I have implemented Outperform with all …

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53. What Sectors Will Outperform the Market in 2021 With the ever-rising share of passive investors on the market, we’ve seen a clear trend

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54. Small-cap stocks should Outperform large-cap stocks in 2021 because of the potential for more fiscal stimulus and a strong economic recovery fueled by the vaccine in the second half of 2021.

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55. Investors work to find ways to Outperform the market, using different methods involving financial math and statistics to determine outcomes and reduce the inherent risks of investing

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56. The Outperform Podcast brings you inspiring people and messages to help you perform your best, personally and professionally


57. Featuring Scott Welle, #1 best selling author and motivational speaker, the insightful episodes will give you tools and strategies to achieve greater health, happiness and high performance (the trifecta of what it means to “Outperform The Norm”).

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58. 1 day ago · Cryptocurrency-mining stocks could continue to Outperform bitcoin amid a 'modern-age gold rush,' Fundstrat says


59. Outperform Rating for Acamar Partners Acquisition a by Barrington Research from 03/23/21


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OUTPERFORM [ˌoutpərˈfôrm]

outperform (verb) · outperforms (third person present) · outperformed (past tense) · outperformed (past participle) · outperforming (present participle) · out-perform (verb) · out-performs (third person present) · out-performed (past tense) · out-performed (past participle) · out-performing (present participle)

  • perform better than.
  • (of an investment) be more profitable than.
Synonyms: excel . exceed . transcend . outdo . outshine . outstrip . outclass . overshadow . eclipse . top . trump . cap . beat . better .

Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for outperform?

Synonyms for outperform. exceed. outrun. surpass. better. defeat. outplay. top. TRY outperform IN A SENTENCE BELOW.

Is outperform a good buy?

Although a rating of outperform can be a downgrade from a “strong buy” for analysts who use that rating, it is generally considered to be a strong signal that the particular stock is a good buying opportunity. In fact, some analysts may even use outperform in place of strong buy.

What is the difference between underperform and outperform?

Underperform can also be expressed as "moderate sell," "weak hold" and " underweight ." Outperform: Also known as "moderate buy," " accumulate " and " overweight ." Outperform is an analyst recommendation meaning a stock is expected to do slightly better than the market return.

What does outperform mean?

Outperform definition is - to perform better than. How to use outperform in a sentence.