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1. Noun a person who is rejected or cast out, as from home or society: In the beginning the area was settled by Outcasts, adventurers, and felons

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2. A relatable journey about finding where you belong in a world where you're hastily defined by your peers, THE Outcasts turns the teenage experience upside-down with humor, wit, empathy, and a lot of fun

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3. Please follow us on our Instagram page @Outcasts.podcast for all the latest news and updates If you feel like getting in touch, you can send us an email at Outcasts[email protected] No ducks were harmed in the making of this podcast.

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4. Outcasts Victoria Justice (Actor), Eden Sher (Actor), Peter Hutchings (Director)


5. Outcasts are an Outlaw faction led by former Nexus Security Director Sloane Kelly

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6. Based on Kadara Port, the Outcasts run protection rackets on people under their rule as well as piratical raids on clusterwide shipping

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7. In the way of direct information we simply know that the Pariahs, or Outcasts, of Kumaon are called Doms

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8. THE ETHNOLOGY OF THE BRITISH COLONIES AND DEPENDENCIES ROBERT GORDON LATHAM The Katodi—Outcasts, who take their name from preparing the kat, or cat-echu, and who hang about the villages of the plains.

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9. The Outcasts Official YouTube Channel-Our Sponsors:Nitrado Affiliate Link: Sponsorship:

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10. Outcasts is too familiar to imagine it will have much of an effect on science fiction TV.

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11. ‎Show Outcasts, Ep Caitriona Balfe - Jul 26, 2020 ‎In this weeks episode the brilliant Caitriona Balfe talks about growing up in a small town, directing and how terrible Claire's cooking really is.


12. The Outcasts are a group of former Skell Tech researchers, scientists and engineers, working to destroy their former employers and resist the Sentinel occupation of Auroa

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13. Outcasts is the place to be for cold drinks, great food, and good times! It's always fun here with f


14. The Outcasts (54) IMDb 5.5 1 h 34 min 2017 PG-13 Two best friends and world-class geeks overcome a humiliating high school prank pulled on them by the cool girls by uniting all the Outcasts, bringing a whole new meaning to being popular.

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15. GBH became Outcasts Only, and their next releases was the Programme Love EP in 1981

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16.Outcasts: Surviving the Culture of Rejection” is a documentary film about the high cost of recidivism and its impact on Northeast Tennessee.

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17. The Outcasts are a group of survivors introduced in Season 6 of AMC's Fear The Walking Dead

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18. The Outcasts were a once popular clique

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19. Bigg and his colleague Graeme Ellis called them “oddballs”—Outcasts who didn’t fit in

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20. 1 Overview 1.1 Children 1.2 Exiles 2 Attitudes towards Outcasts 3 History 4

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21. This years Outcasts teams will compete against the best of the best at the 2020 NARCh Finals this summer! 2020 season teams, coaches, costs, dates, and information on how to be part of this years Outcasts program can all be found at

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22. Outcasts is the second book in the Safe Lands series and is the best of the three

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23. One of several American garage bands to use the Outcasts name in the '60s, this Long Island, NY outfit was a very typical act of the era, performing the usual garage raunch, White soul, Monkees-like pop,…

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24. Outcasts Season show reviews & Metacritic score: From the creator of Spooks come a new sci-fi drama set in 2040

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25. Unlike the Imprisoned, they are banished; sometimes exile is seen as sufficient punishment or they are away from others by choice.Many Outcasts seek to return while others are driven mad or embittered as very few embrace such a …

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26. The Outcasts is the first in a series of novels called Brotherband by Australian author John Flanagan.The book was released in Australia and the United States on …

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27. Explore releases from The Outcasts at Discogs


28. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from The Outcasts at the Discogs Marketplace.


29. Outcasts and Outliers in Literature, Music, and Visual Arts

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30. The Comparative World Literature Program at California State University, Long Beach, invites abstracts for presentations at its 55 th annual conference in Long Beach, California on the topic of Outcasts and Outliers

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31. The Outcasts (5) Profile: Late 1960s garage band from Manhasset, Long Island, NY, USA, led by Mark Foley (3)


32. 1 History 2 See Also 2.1 Footnotes The group of mutants known as the Outcasts were formed by the mutant inventor Forge shortly after he parted company with Magneto1

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33. New trailer from Grassroots FilmsFor more information visit


34. Outcasts (13 Occurrences) John 16:2 out of the synagogues they will put you; but an hour doth come, that every one who hath killed you, may think to offer service unto God;

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OUTCASTS [ˈoutˌkast]


  • a person who has been rejected by society or a social group.
Synonyms: reject . pariah . leper . untouchable . foundling . waif . stray . exile . refugee . outsider . outlaw . castaway . ishmael . insider .

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an outcast and an outsider?

Outsider is a synonym of outcast. As nouns the difference between outsider and outcast is that outsider is one who is not part of a community or organization while outcast is one that has been excluded from a society or system, a pariah. As a verb outcast is to cast out; to banish. As a adjective outcast is that has been cast out; banished, ostracized.

What does outcast means?

The definition of an outcast is a person who doesn't fit in with the majority and who is not accepted by the crowd. The weird kid at school that no one will talk to is an example of an outcast.

What are the traits of an outcast?

Outcast Archetype Characteristics & Traits

  • The archetypal outcast is mentally insecure and troubled.
  • They are likely to originate in a lower class or poor family background, though this is not always the case.
  • They presented themselves as guarded, with physically closed body language, and are uncomfortable in situations requiring social contact as they lack any real social skills.
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    What is the origin of the word 'Outcast'?

    Word Origin and History for outcast. The adjective is attested from late 14c. In an Indian context, outcaste "one who has been expelled from his caste" is from 1876; see caste.