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1. Multistate Foodborne Outbreaks – Foodborne Outbreaks listed by year; Hepatitis A Outbreaks – Hepatitis A outbreak investigations since 2013 where CDC supported or led the investigation.; US Outbreaks Linked to Contact with Animals or Animal Products; Health Alert Network – Health alerts, health advisories, updates, and info service messages

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2. The latest disease Outbreaks around the world notified to the World Health Organization.

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3. COVID-19 Outbreaks and Clusters Congregate Living Setting


4. Outbreaks and Investigations Below is a list of selected Outbreaks and investigations with wide impact in Wisconsin

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5. 1 day ago · Michigan health officials are tracking 202 new coronavirus Outbreaks from the last week, according to a Monday, March 22 report from the Department of Health and Human Services.

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6. 1 day ago · Ongoing Outbreaks include clusters identified earlier but that had at least one additional case in the past 28 days

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7. Last week, there was a cumulative total of 8,673 cases in ongoing Outbreaks.

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8. Several Outbreaks, including 2,403 positive cases at Colorado State University, have been ongoing and growing since October

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9. Washington — Scott Gottlieb, the former head of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), warned that a worrying coronavirus variant could be fueling new Outbreaks

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10. FSIS investigates Outbreaks of foodborne illness in collaboration with public health partners, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the U.S

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11. Covid Outbreaks Devastated Prisons, but State Inmates’ Access to the Vaccine Varies Widely A state-by-state patchwork of vaccine rules has left …

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12. There is a vestige of decency, a sense of shame, that does much to curb and check those Outbreaks of atrocious cruelty so commonly enacted upon the plantation

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13. Crows and Blackfeet squabbling - as usual - but no Outbreaks, and settlers feeling fairly easy.


14. COVID-19 Outbreaks are generally defined as two or more cases with a link by place and time indicating a shared exposure outside of a household. Local health departments report the number of new and ongoing Outbreaks they are investigating by the setting of the outbreak.

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15. Pertussis Outbreaks Pertussis (whooping cough) is a common (endemic) disease in the United States. There are peaks in reported cases of pertussis every few years and frequent Outbreaks

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16. Updates on current disease Outbreaks are listed here as they occur and will include the date listed, disease name, location and current status

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17. The new Outbreaks are relatively small compared to others during the pandemic

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18. The largest of the new Outbreaks involved 26 students and three employees at …

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19. 2 days ago · Gottlieb warns of potential for new Outbreaks fueled by troubling New York virus variant Dr

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20. Of the country’s 25 worst Covid-19 Outbreaks over the past two weeks, 19 are in towns with colleges; the five communities with the highest number of coronavirus cases per capita all house

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21. This page shows the number of Outbreaks that Public Health has identified across various settings and the number of cases associated with each type of setting

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22. In addition, a table shows the number of Outbreaks identified by month (listed by the month when Public Health was first notified of the outbreak).

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23. COVID-19 Outbreaks in Healthcare Institutions, Childcare, Summer Camps, and Educational Establishments; COVID-19 Community Outbreaks; COVID-19 Weekly Rates; COVID-19 Estimated Reproduction Number in Ottawa; COVID-19 Testing - Ottawa Residents; Supporting documents: User Guide; Community COVID-19 Outbreak Definitions ; Technical Notes ; Overall

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24. Saw multi-state Outbreaks of mumps reporting more than 6,500 cases in 2006, concentrating mainly in Midwestern college campuses

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25. Michigan: For weeks, the state dragged its feet on releasing detailed information about Outbreaks to parents and teachers, citing …

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26. Why Outbreaks like coronavirus spread exponentially, and how to “flatten the curve” By Harry Stevens


27. Some Outbreaks are pending processing and evaluation and will be added as more complete information is available


28. Total number of laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases and deaths among residents in all long-term care facilities, not just Outbreaks Total Cases # Total Deaths # Frequently Asked Questions Long-Term Care Facilities in Illinois Experiencing a COVID-19 Outbreak Among Residents and Staff Information provided below is provisional, subject to change, and updated weekly.

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29. COVID-19 Outbreaks in Washington State K‐12 schools, by county Local health jurisdictions reported 115 COVID-19 Outbreaks that occurred in K-12 schools across fourteen counties between August 1, 2020 and January 31, 2021

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30. The number of Outbreaks by county ranged from 1 to 35

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31. A total of 425 COVID-19 cases were associated with these Outbreaks.

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32. Outbreaks are only reported for residential or day programs, K-12 schools, or summer camps that have at least 30 enrolled students or residents and staff

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33. K-12 schools are now the number-one source of COVID-19 Outbreaks in Michigan, according to state data released this week

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34. For the week ending March 11, the state identified 162 Outbreaks in K-12 schools, including 54 new Outbreaks with the prior week.


35. Outbreaks are defined as locations where two or more cases have been identified “with a link by place and time indicating a shared exposure outside …

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36. Outbreak-Associated Cases in Schools Note: This dataset reflects public and non-public K-12 schools in Maryland that have COVID-19 Outbreaks

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37. Ottawa Public Health (OPH) works in collaboration with long-term care, retirement homes, child care centres, schools and other community partners to prevent, identify, report and manage Outbreaks.

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38. Some Outbreaks have lasted more than two months since they were first detected


39. Here is a list of active Outbreaks at stores and chain restaurants in Arapahoe County as of …

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40. These 54 Outbreaks accounted for 957 total cases (median 10) and 4 deaths


41. In 36 (67%) Outbreaks the route of transmission was identified, and in 16 (62%) of the 26 foodborne Outbreaks an asymptomatic carrier was identified by culture or serology

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42. Isolates from 10 (40%) of 25 Outbreaks were phage type E1.

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OUTBREAKS [ˈoutˌbrāk]


  • the sudden or violent start of something unwelcome, such as war, disease, etc..
Synonyms: eruption . flare-up . upsurge . outburst . epidemic . breakout . rash . wave . spate . flood . explosion . burst . blaze . flurry . recrudescence . ebullition . boutade . start . beginning . onset . opening . outset . inception . dawn . genesis . commencement .

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do during an outbreak?

After 2 doses nearly 9 out of 10 people are protected during an outbreak. Cover your cough or sneeze as is usual, when you’re ill! Wash your hands often with soap and water, or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Don’t share food, drinks, cups or utensils with other.

What is considered an outbreak by CDC?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an outbreak is the occurrence of more cases of a disease than would normally be expected in a specific place or group of people over a given period of time. Outbreaks can range from food poisoning to enterovirus to seasonal flu.

What is outbreak investigation?

An outbreak investigation is the process of getting to the root of an epidemic and cutting it off at an early stage when possible.