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1. Ousting synonyms, Ousting pronunciation, Ousting translation, English dictionary definition of Ousting. tr.v

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2. Foreign competition is Ousting you from your markets as the marten ousts the squirrel from her nest

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3. THE LIFE OF A CELEBRATED BUCCANEER RICHARD CLYNTON This margin was a weapon of conquest, a means of Ousting the merchants of other nations from this market or that

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4. 29 synonyms of Ousting from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 63 related words, definitions, and antonyms

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5. Ousting: to drive or force out.

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6. Definition of Ousting in the dictionary

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7. What does Ousting mean? Information and translations of Ousting in the most comprehensive …

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8. Ousting of Nigeria central bank chief is a risk to independence Since Mr Morsi's Ousting, nearly 2,000 Muslim Brotherhood members have been arrested, its top leaders referred to courts over charges of …

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9. The subject later turned to the Ousting of Teen Vogue editor-in-chief Alexi McCammond, who was forced to resign even before she started the job …

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10. Ousting - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions


11. Principal Translations: Inglés: Español: Ousting n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc

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12. YANGON/ BANGKOK -- After Ousting the democratically elected government in a coup d'etat on Monday, Myanmar's military got on with the task of naming a new cabinet.

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13. South Florida congressmen succeed in Ousting Marjorie Taylor Greene from House panels Antonio Fins, Palm Beach Post 2/5/2021 Neighbors band …


14. Danone confirms Ousting of Faber as chairman and CEO after activist pressure

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15. Nkrumah’s unconstitutional Ousting on February 24, 1966

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16. Texas can move forward with Ousting Planned Parenthood from its state Medicaid program, a state district judge ruled Wednesday, dealing a blow to thousands of low-income people who rely on the health care provider for dozens of essential services.

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17. We finished Ousting Wetang'ula as Ford Kenya party leader, only court is holding him, Eseli Simiyu

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18. Ousting Alice is a Rock Metal show-band bitches! We bring The Show to every venue we play


19. Petrobras CEO Ousting Triggers $13B Stock Loss By Irina Slav - Feb 23, 2021, 9:30 AM CST.


20. Ousting Alice is a Rock Metal show-band bitches! We bring The Show to every venue we play


21. Democrats plan to vote Thursday on Ousting Marjorie Taylor Greene from committees

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22. Associated Press Dems to vote Thursday on Ousting Marjorie Taylor Greene from committees Published: Feb

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23. Hope grows for Ousting Louis DeJoy from Postal Service leadership position; President Biden nominates three to Postal Service board of governors

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24. Google fires top AI ethicist 2 months after co-leader's Ousting, leaving its ethical AI team headless


25. Meretz MK says party would join Sa’ar coalition if it meant Ousting Netanyahu Yair Golan says leftist faction is prepared to help right-wing challenger become PM; doesn’t rule out Bennett or

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26. Ousting Cuomo Won’t Save Governors Who Also Caused Thousands of Deaths in Their State’s Nursing Homes

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27. Senior Teen Vogue staffer who supported Alexi McCammond’s Ousting used ‘N-word’ in decade-old tweets McCammond had been set to take the …

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28. 2 days ago · A senior Teen Vogue staffer who supported the Ousting of newly-named Editor-in-Chief Alexi McCammond over past controversial tweets concerning …

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29. Maher blasts cancel culture over Teen Vogue editor’s Ousting: Woke ‘brats’ control the media now 0 shares “Real Time” host Bill Maher went on …

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OUSTING [oust]


  • drive out or expel (someone) from a position or place.
  • deprive (someone) of or exclude (someone) from possession of something.
Synonyms: expel . force out . throw out . remove . eject . depose . topple . unseat . overthrow . bring down . overturn . put out . drum out . turn out . purge . evict . dispossess . dismiss . dislodge . displace . supplant . disinherit . banish . deport . exile . out .