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Of, Ostracised

2. We found a total of 955 words by unscrambling the letters in Ostracised.

Of, Ostracised

3. Ostracised crossword clue? Find the answer to the crossword clue Ostracised


4. The crossword clue 'Ostracised' published 1 time⁄s and has 1 unique answer⁄s on our system

Ostracised, On, Our

5. The Athenian Hyperbolus, who had been Ostracised some years before by the coalition of Nikias and Alkibiadês, together with their respective partisans—Ostracised (as Thucydidês tells us) not from any fear of his power and over-ascendent influence, but from his bad character and from his being a disgrace to the city—and thus Ostracised by

Ostracised, Of, Over

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7. Antonyms for Ostracised include occupied, adopted, chaste, cherished, claimed, defended, innocent, kept, maintained and moral

Ostracised, Occupied

8. The first to be Ostracised was one of his relations, Hipparchos the son of Charmos, of Kollytos; it was the desire to expel him which was the primary motive of Kleisthenes in proposing the law.

Ostracised, One, Of

9. Ostracised (also: prohibited, outlawed, ostracized, proscribed)

Ostracised, Outlawed, Ostracized

10. KOYO - Ostracised (Live at Hohm Studio) KOYO


11. Another way to say Ostracised? Synonyms for Ostracised (other words and phrases for Ostracised).

Ostracised, Other

12. Dumped also by kin, Ostracised Rizvi just has cops for company 10-year-old dies after falling into septic tank, 4 in rescue bid killed EBD65, an iconic & …

Ostracised, Old

13. What does Ostracised mean? Simple past tense and past participle of ostracise

Ostracised, Of, Ostracise

14. BAREILLY: Ditched by family, Ostracised by his community and censured by a string of senior BJP leaders and those from other political parties, former chairperson of Shia Waqf board Waseem Rizvi

Ostracised, Of, Other

15. Rajasthan: Two Dalit families Ostracised for opposing ‘mrityu bhoj’ Bangladesh war: Victory Flame reaches Sriganganagar upGrad collaborates with IIM …

Ostracised, Opposing

16. Raipur: A couple from Chhattisgarh was Ostracised from their village after their inter-caste marriage.The couple returned to their village a week after a 'hukka paani band' diktat was issued against them.The couple got married this year


17. ‘The couple were Ostracised both financially and socially.’ ‘In privileging a discourse about the self and the other exclusively, the expat gaze overlooks identities ostracized or exiled by the national.’

Ostracised, Other, Overlooks, Ostracized, Or

18. The man's family members had Ostracised him for having an affair with a woman from a different caste


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21. Ostracised Latest Breaking News, Pictures, Videos, and Special Reports from The Economic Times


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23. Indonesian girls ‘Ostracised and bullied’ for not wearing hijab


24. 1 day ago · Malaysian mum Ostracised at work due to psoriasis shares importance of skin disease awareness

Ostracised, Of

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OSTRACISED [ˈästrəˌsīz]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does ostracizing mean?

The English verb ostracize can mean "to exile by the ancient method of ostracism," but these days it usually refers to the general exclusion of one person from a group at the agreement of its members. Ostracism and ostracize derive from the Greek ostrakizein ("to banish by voting with potsherds").

What is a sentence with ostracized?

Here are some examples. Sentence Examples. Young narcissistic adults tend to be ostracized and shunned by peers and colleagues. A small boy is ostracized from his village, where they claim an evil spirit possesses him. They meet people with leprosy who are ostracized even by the doctors who know they are not contagious.

What is the noun for ostracized?

noun The fact or state of being ostracized; banishment from a society or group; ostracism.

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