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1. The cause of Osteomata is uncertain, but commonly accepted theories propose embryologic, traumatic, or infectious causes

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2. (os-te-o'ma) (mat-a) plural.Osteomataplural.osteomas [ osteo- + -oma] A bonelike structure that develops on a bone or at other sites; a benign bony tumor.

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3. Osteomata synonyms, Osteomata pronunciation, Osteomata translation, English dictionary definition of Osteomata

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4. An osteoma (plural: Osteomata or osteomas) is a solitary, well-defined mound of compact bone, usually less than 10 mm in diameter (Aufderheide and Rodríguez-Martín, 1998)

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5. Shell, and such pathologic calcified tissues as Osteomata and ectopic calcifications


6. Osteomata of the frontal and ethmoid sinuses have traditionally been surgically removed via external approaches

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7. CONCLUSION: Surgery for ear canal exostoses and Osteomata can significantly improve patients' health-related quality of life and leads to a high rate of patient satisfaction

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8. For Osteomata, removal is indicated in most cases since they are inclined towards progressive growth.'> Oneexcep­ tion is the more common small, often multiple, medially­ located Osteomata which rarely produce symptoms and should be removedonlyif observation indicatescontinued ENT …

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9. The relationship of Osteomata of the external

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10. Osteomata How many syllables? 5 Syllables How it's divided? os-te-o-ma-ta

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11. The relationship of Osteomata of the external auditory meatus to swimming

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12. Objective: To explore the possible etiology of multiple Osteomata on a skull and long bones from an individual from a medieval site in Tuscany, Italy

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13. 1996 A histopathologic review of temporal bone exostoses and Osteomata

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14. 1962 The relationship of Osteomata

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15. Osteomata definition: a benign tumour composed of bone or bonelike tissue Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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16. Torus, Exostosis & Osteomata Removal Occasionally, the oral bony swelling ( torus, exostosis or osteoma) needs to be removed

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17. True Osteomata of the tongue, comprised solely of dense bone, are very rare lesions

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18. In fact, tumors of the tongue containing bone are almost as unusual as Osteomata

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19. Disagreement still exists as to whether external auditory canal exostoses and Osteomata should be considered similar or separate histopathologic entities

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20. A chart review was performed of all patients who had external auditory canal exostoses or temporal bone Osteomata excised from January 1991 to November 1994 at St

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21. Osteomata -3 points-2 points-1 points 5 months ago Nah, brah, im good, and don't care about your particular journalistic requirements for a post on this sub

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22. Osteoma (also known as Osteomata) is a slow growing benign tumor of bone, occurring most commonly in the craniofacial skeletal structures, primarily in the nasal and paranasal (75-90%) sinuses

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does osteoma mean?

A BENIGN tumour of bone, largely confined to the skull and jawbone. Osteomas often arise in a sinus or in the ORBIT, are slow-growing and can be removed if causing cosmetic or other problems. os·te·o·ma. Benign, slow-growing mass of mature, predominantly lamellar bone, usually arising from the cranium or mandible.

What are the causes of osteomata?

The cause of osteomata is uncertain, but commonly accepted theories propose embryologic, traumatic, or infectious causes. Osteomata are also found in Gardner's syndrome. Larger craniofacial osteomata may cause facial pain, headache, and infection due to obstructed nasofrontal ducts.

What does Ivory osteoma mean?

(redirected from ivory osteoma) Also found in: Dictionary, Thesaurus, Encyclopedia. [os″te-o´mah] a tumor, benign or malignant, composed of bony tissue; a hard tumor of bonelike structure developing on a bone (homoplastic osteoma) or other structures (heteroplastic osteoma).

What does osteospongioma mean?

A bony tumor containing medullary spaces. A rare benign bone tumor composed of sheets of osteoid tissue that is partially calcified and ossified. The condition occurs esp. in the bones of the extremities of the young. A spongy tumor in the bone. Synonym: osteospongioma Want to thank TFD for its existence?