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"Orthodontists" in Example Sentences

1. A smaller number work at specialist practices alongside orthodontists and periodontists. Both orthodontists and maxillofacial surgeons can be assisted by dental technicians. He's a past president of World Federation of orthodontists. Their father, Dr . William Turnley, is a retired orthodontist. It's difficult to see orthodontist in a sentence .
2. 1. 1. Orthodontist in a sentence - Use "orthodontist" in a sentence 1. Can you take Michael to his orthodontist appointment tomorrow at 9? 2. But we did not anticipate how conservative and cheap orthodontists were. click for more sentences of orthodontist: 3. Orthodontist in a sentence - Use "orthodontist" in a sentence 1. 2.
3. Orthodontist in a sentence - Use "orthodontist" in a sentence 1. orthodontists generally don't put metal braces on very small children. 2. Some orthodontists maintain that it takes longer than conventional treatment. click for more sentences of orthodontist
4. Orthodontist in a sentence - Use "orthodontist" in a sentence 1. A medical examiner has testified the orthodontist was run over at least twice. 2. orthodontists work on reconstructing the entire face rather than focusing only on teeth. click for more sentences of orthodontist: 8. orthodontist in a sentence. January 29, 2020 Sentence Dictionary.
5. Examples of orthodontist in a sentence, how to use it. 25 examples: Many of the technical problems have now been overcome, chiefly through the efforts of orthodontists. - There is no strict definition of an orthodontist.
6. orthodontists definition: Noun 1. plural form of orthodontist
7. It's difficult to see orthodontist in a sentence. 用 orthodontist 造句挺難的 Objective this investigation utilized a manipulated digital video imaging model to compare the preferences of profile facial esthetics by orthodontists and by a lay population of native chinese from beijing
8. My current role is: Principal Orthodontist at Alex Yusupov Specialist orthodontists. In a sentence or two, a typical work day for me involves: Three cups of coffee (two before 6am!), treatment planning in the morning, patients all day, prepare dinner for the family as often as I can.
9. orthodontists use braces and other items to help guide the growth of developing children and adolescents, and in adults we are part of helping you eliminate jaw pain, grinding, and headaches. In order to get the proper expansion of the palate, the key must be turned once a day, every day until it is sufficiently widened.

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