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1. Orphan definition, a child who has lost both parents through death, or, less commonly, one parent

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2. Orphan synonyms, Orphan pronunciation, Orphan translation, English dictionary definition of Orphan

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3. This is "Orphan 2009 Movies - Vera Farmiga, Peter Sarsgaard, Isabelle Fuhrman, CCH Pounder" by Sibel Demiroglu on Vimeo, the home for high quality…

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4. Orphan is a compelling local eatery with a generous menu, friendly staff and a welcoming family-friendly location


5. Orphan provides a warm, comforting yet modern atmosphere with additional outdoor seating in a beautiful neighborhood environment (during temperate months).

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6. Orphan jokes that are not only about dads but actually working cancer puns like Why was the Orphan so successful and Why don t Orphans play hide and seek

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7. Following is our collection of funniest Orphan jokes

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8. There are some Orphan tantrum jokes no one knows

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9. UNICEF and global partners define an Orphan as a child under 18 years of age who has lost one or both parents to any cause of death

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10. By this definition, there were nearly 140 million Orphans globally in 2015, including 61 million in Asia, 52 million in Africa, 10 million in Latin America and the Caribbean, and 7.3 million in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.


11. Orphan has a twist to equal "The Others" or "The Sixth Sense" which I didn't see coming at all

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12. Marina Orphanage, they immediately fall in love with the well-educated Orphan

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13. An Orphan generally is a person without living parents to care for them


14. The legal definition of an Orphan is important for various legal issues, such as adoption and immigration, child welfare, and others

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15. The Immigration and Nationality Act provides the following definition of an Orphan for the purposes of immigration to the United States.

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16. An Orphan disease is defined as a condition that affects fewer than 200,000 people nationwide


17. Slipknot's official audio stream for 'Orphan' from the album, We Are Not Your Kind - available now on Roadrunner Records

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18. The Orphan Drug Designation Program provides Orphan status to drugs and biologics which are defined as those intended for the safe and effective treatment, diagnosis or prevention of rare diseases

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19. Image(s) Click to enlarge (blue icons for Orphans in The Upper City and Dwayna High Road) Interactive map path


20. Orphans can be found in the streets of Divinity's Reach during Wintersday.

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21. Searches may be run by entering the product name, Orphan designation, and dates


22. Search Criteria Due to a system limitation, if your search text for “Product Name” or “Orphan Designation” includes non-English keyboard

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23. Orphan - Trailer HD:-Directed by:Jaume Collet-Serra-Produced by:Joel SilverSusan DowneyLeonardo DiCaprioJennifer Davisson KilloranWritten by: Story:


24. Synonyms for Orphan in Free Thesaurus


25. 24 words related to Orphan: child, kid, minor, nipper, tiddler, youngster, tike, shaver, small fry


26. The Orphan Drug Act was passed in 1983 to give drug companies incentives to develop treatments for rare diseases


27. The FDA Office of Orphan Products Development determines if a drug qualifies as an Orphan product

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28. The following information comes from the FDA database of Orphan drug designations and approvals

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29. The Orphan Collector: A Heroic Novel of Survival During the 1918 Influenza Pandemic

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30. Orphan Drug List Governing January 1 to March 31 2020 (XLS - 418 KB) About the Orphan Drug List


31. It is based upon specific fields captured from the list of Orphan drug designations provided by the U.S

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32. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Office of Orphan Products Development (OOPD).

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33. Orphan Lyrics: I wept when I realized / There were no more demons left to conquer / An opportunity to show my feelings / With skin so thick you swear it was armor / A penitentiary that only lets

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34. Find 4 ways to say Orphan, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


35. Orphan drugs treat rare medical conditions afflicting fewer than 200,000 Americans


36. The Orphan trains ran from 1854 to 1929, delivering an estimated 250,000 Orphaned or abandoned children to new homes

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37. The Orphan Train movement was the forerunner of the modern American foster care system and led to the passage of child protection and health and welfare laws.

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38. You look at Superman, the story of an Orphan coming to America, keeping his identity secret and even the names, Kal-El and Jor-El, you can trace lines to the background of the creators, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, both Jewish

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39. Orphan's protracted runtime is exacerbated by how unlikable Sarsgaard's character is, but you have to admire the audacity (and unpredictability) of the ending.

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40. Orphan drugs tend to have more coverage restrictions than non-Orphan drugs, leading to higher per-unit price


41. Under Medicaid Part D, 85% of plans covered Orphan drugs, which were placed in the highest cost-sharing tier, only covering 25 to 33% of the full cost of the drug.

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42. A Daily Mail article about the case drew eerie comparisons to the horror movie Orphan, in which a 33-year-old mentally ill woman pretends to be a 9-year-old who gets adopted by a couple, then proceeds to torment and manipulate the family until they collapse under the weight of her deceit

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43. Orphan is a 2009 American psychological thriller film directed by Jaume Collet-Serra and starring Vera Farmiga, Peter Sarsgaard, and Isabelle Fuhrman


44. Orphan was produced by Joel Silver and Susan Downey of Dark Castle Entertainment and Leonardo

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45. Orphan, Jaume Collet-Serra’s stylish horror thriller about an adopted child who turns out to be a murderous adult in disguise, is getting a prequel

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46. Evan Smoak—also known as Orphan X—faces an explosive situation Evan Smoak lives by his own code

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47. Trained as an off-the-books government assassin they named Orphan X, he broke with the program and reinvented himself as The Nowhere Man, a figure hidden in …

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48. Orphan breakfast house is an extension of the Naked Coffee family, currently made up of six locally owned and operated businesses

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49. I had no idea! The name Orphan made this CA transplant think it was a small business unit


50. Orphan: The Mind of a Psychopath by gothgirl97 reviews A remake of an old fanfic of mine, "The Untold Story of Leena Klammer"

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ORPHAN [ˈôrfən]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name Orphan mean?

An orphan (from the Greek: ορφανός, romanized: orphanós) is someone whose parents have died, are unknown, or have permanently abandoned them. In common usage, only a child who has lost both parents due to death is called an orphan.

What does it mean to be an orphan?

Definition of orphan. 1. : a child deprived by death of one or usually both parents. He became an orphan when his parents died in a car accident.

What does orphan mean?

Definition of orphan. 1 : a child deprived by death of one or usually both parents He became an orphan when his parents died in a car accident.

What is the legal definition of orphan?

Orphan Law and Legal Definition. An orphan generally is a person without living parents to care for them. The legal definition of an orphan is important for various legal issues, such as adoption and immigration, child welfare, and others.

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