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1. Organ definition is - a differentiated structure (such as a heart, kidney, leaf, or stem) consisting of cells and tissues and performing some specific function in an Organism

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3. Organ, in biology, a group of tissues in a living Organism that have been adapted to perform a specific function

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4. In higher animals, Organs are grouped into Organ systems; e.g., the esophagus, stomach, and liver are Organs of the digestive system

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5. Learn more about Organs in this article.


6. Organ, in music, a keyboard instrument, operated by the player’s hands and feet, in which pressurized air produces notes through a series of pipes Organized in scalelike rows

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7. The term Organ encompasses reed Organs and electronic Organs but, unless otherwise specified, …

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8. The Organ is a relatively old musical instrument, dating from the time of Ctesibius of Alexandria (285–222 BC), who invented the water Organ.It was played throughout the Ancient Greek and Ancient Roman world, particularly during races and games

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9. Organ: Cost of 1 token ORG: 0.0001 ETH: Term of token sale: 31 days with the possibility of an automatic early completion in pursuing the final goals of ICO: Expanded goals after start of ICO: Impossible: Total tokens: 10,000,000: Adjustable emission: All unsold and unallocated tokens will bе destroyed and additional release оf tokens will

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10. The music Organ consists of one or more sets of pipes, each of which has their own keyboard for making notes

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11. Music Organs continue to be popular instruments in sporting events and liturgical performances


12. What are the features of musical Organs? Swell boxes: Church Organs typically have a swell box

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13. The Track­er includes news and arti­cles about the Organ and its his­to­ry, Organ­builders, exem­plary Organs, region­al sur­veys of instru­ments, and the music played on the Organ.The empha­sis is on Amer­i­can Organ top­ics of the 18 th, 19 th, and 20 th cen­turies, and there are occa­sion­al arti­cles on Euro

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14. 1557, 1980 - Ohio Wesleyan University Gray Chapel, University Hall Delaware, Ohio Skinner Organ Co

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15. Organ synonyms, Organ pronunciation, Organ translation, English dictionary definition of Organ

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16. Organ definition, a musical instrument consisting of one or more sets of pipes sounded by means of compressed air, played by means of one or more keyboards, and capable of producing a wide range of musical effects

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17. An Organ is a group of tissues with similar functions

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18. Plant life and animal life rely on many Organs that co-exist in Organ systems.

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19. A given Organ's tissues can be broadly categorized as parenchyma, the tissue peculiar to (or at least archetypal of) the Organ and that does the Organ's specialized job, and stroma, the tissues with supportive, structural, connective, or ancillary functions.

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20. Accessory digestive o's (accessory o's of digestive system) Organs and structures not part of the alimentary canal that aid in digestion; they include the teeth, salivary glands, liver, gallbladder, and pancreas

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21. Organ of Corti the Organ lying against the basilar membrane in the cochlear duct, containing special sensory

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22. United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) is the private, non-profit Organization that manages the U.S

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23. Organ transplantation system under contract with the federal government.


24. The Nord C2D Combo Organ is another notable model; with not one but two keyboards (or "manuals")

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25. Each manual has two sets of physical drawbars, and the C2D features an exceptional Baroque Pipe Organ among its myriad tones

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26. The Hammond XK Vintage System is a third option - with all the benefits of a modern digitized Organ, and the red walnut

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27. Czech: ·Organ (part of an Organism)· authority, body (functional part of a government or an Organization; Organized group of people) orgány činné v trestním řízení ― authorities active in criminal procedure státní orgány ― state authorities··^ "orgán" in Jiří Rejzek, Český etymologický slovník, electronic version, Leda, 2007

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28. The Organ was introduced into Europe in the 8th century A.D., and by the 14th century had developed into what we would recognize today as the Pipe Organ


29. The classical Organ repertoire covers music from the 1400s through today - nearly from the beginning of written western music

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30. The pipe Organ was limited to ch… read more


31. There is no good history of the Organ

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32. On the ancient Organ a good book is DEGERING, Die Orgel (Münster, 1905); cf

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33. MACLEAN, The Principle of the Hydraulic Organ in Quarterly Mag

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34. 2 (Leipzig, 1905), and Schlesinger, Researches into the Origin of the Organs of the Ancients, ibid., pt

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35. The pipe Organ is a keyboard instrument in which the sound is made by air blowing through pipes.A person who plays the Organ is called an Organist.The Organist plays the instrument using both the hands and the feet.The hands play the keyboards (called manuals), while the feet play pedals which also make notes.

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36. Organs have been made for many centuries.They are usually found in places for


37. The Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network maintains the national database of information about the candidate waiting list and transplant surgeries

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38. You can build a custom report on their website to learn more about Organ transplantation in the U.S.

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39. Organ grinder's monkey One who acts for or does the bidding of someone much more powerful

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40. Following the announcement, many are accusing the prime minister of being an Organ grinder's monkey for the US president

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41. Don't hurl abuse at these companies' PR representatives; they're just the Organ grinders' monkeys, after all


42. See also: monkey, Organ Farlex


43. Organ procurement Organizations (OPOs) offer opportunities for volunteering and helping to raise awareness about the importance of registering as a donor

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44. 23 synonyms of Organ from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 57 related words, definitions, and antonyms

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45. Organ: a publication that appears at regular intervals.


46. The Organ and Amp pages provide full control over sound through drawbars, percussion, chorus/vibrato, overdrive, rotary effect, envelopes, EQ and reverb

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47. THE OrganS HAMMOND® B-3 : The most renowned drawbar Organ of all time.

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48. The “waitlist” is a list of candidates registered to receive Organ transplants

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49. When a donor Organ becomes available, the matching system dynamically generates a new, more specific list of potential recipients based on the criteria defined in that Organ’s allocation policy (e.g., Organ type, geographic local and regional area, genetic compatibility measures, details about the condition

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50. It's especially important to consider becoming an Organ donor if you belong to an ethnic minority


51. A large Organ will have a complete 16′ principal chorus in the Pedal—principals at 16′, 8′, 5 1/3′, 4′, and mixture


52. An Organ is a part of your body that performs a specific function: like your brain, lungs, or skin.

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53. For Organ donation after death, a medical assessment will be done to determine what Organs can be donated

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55. Browse all the hits with Organ sheet music singles and Organ music songbooks, including arrangements and collections from Organ music books.You can also browse Organ accompaniments for choir and congregation with our vast selection of Organ settings for Sunday services, Easter, Christmas and other liturgical settings

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56. Organ students have many opportunities to hone their performance skills both on and off campus

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57. From monthly “Concerts at the Crossroads” on the Webb-Ehrlich Great Organ of IU’s Alumni Hall, to regional, national, and international concert series, competitions, and radio broadcasts, Jacobs Organists earn their spot on the world stage by presenting exciting, informed, and communicative

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58. BUCH-WALKER HYBRID Organ (2006/2020) Westminster Presbyterian Church • Lancaster, Pennsylvania


59. Combining the centuries old art of Organ building with twenty-first century digital technology, our Buch-Walker digital Organ was designed and built by Fred Buch, member of Westminster Church, and Walker Technical Company, industry leaders in custom digital Organs.

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60. Whether youre passionate about the classic piano, the Organ, or the new wave keyboard, there are many versions of these instruments available.

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61. Lewis Organ of Albion Church, Asht

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62. Learn what facilities and services are available at Organ Pipe during COVID-19, and how you can recreate responsibly


63. Gentle spring rains, turbulent summer skies, and the penetrating sun set the stage at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument


64. A pipe Organ feeds wind into pipes, causing the air to oscillate and produce a sound

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65. The pipes stand in line above the box referred to as the wind-chest, with wind fed from below into the pipes the Organist wishes to use to produce sound.


66. Organ (n.) fusion of late Old English Organe, and Old French orgene (12c.), both meaning "musical instrument," both from Latin Organa, plural of Organum "a musical instrument," from Greek Organon "implement, tool for making or doing; musical instrument; Organ of sense, Organ of the body," literally "that with which one works," from PIE *werg-ano-, from root *werg-"to do."

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67. An Organ is a collection of tissues joined in a structural unit to serve a common function

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68. Many Organs are composed of a major tissue that performs the Organ’s main function, as well as other tissues that play supporting roles

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69. The human body contains five Organs that are considered vital for …


70. We are excited to present to you the BYU Organ Online Training Sessions – a monthly offering of nine different topics of interest to early-level church Organists, including those serving in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.All events are free of charge and available to pianists and Organists in any location!Each month will include a 2-part series: a live presentation on the

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71. The review outlines in detail every Organ affected by long-term Covid-19, including the lungs, heart, kidneys and skin, as well as the gastrointestinal, neurologic and endocrine systems.

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72. Since starting Organ, Isaiah has played annually in the Nantucket Organ Crawl, and held the position of Organist and music director at the Nantucket United Methodist Church on a historic Appleton Organ for two years

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73. During the summer of 2019, he was the Hanner Intern Organist at Unitarian Universalist Church of Nantucket, playing on a historic

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