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ordinances (plural noun)

  - an authoritative order; a decree.

  - a prescribed religious rite.


edict, decree, law, injunction, fiat, command, order, rule, ruling, dictum,

"Ordinance" in Example Sentences

1. An ordinance passed in 1827, abolishing the old Dutch courts of landroost and heemraden (resident magistrates being substituted) and decreeing that henceforth all legal proceedings should be conducted in English; the granting in 1828, as a result of the representations of the missionaries, of equal rights with whites to the Hottentots and other
2. Examples of ordinance in a sentence The county ordinance prohibits smoking inside public establishments. When the ordinance is passed, people will be fined for not keeping their front lawns neatly cut.
3. ordinance in a sentence. Ordinance; tons of used ordinance. The ordinance failed by a single vote. A parking ordinance was a foot too wide. ordinance states that: any terrain above the snow-line. The missing hardware and ordinance is probably in Oman. This is the ordinance of God, which He sent down to you.
4. Use the word ordinance in a sentence? the city passed an ordinance that all garbage receptacles were to be put into the streets. What is a sentence with ordinance?
5. Use the word ordinance in a sentence? the city passed an ordinance that all garbage receptacles were to be put into the streets. Use ordinance in a sentence?
6. In 1976, the city mayor signed an ordinance banning the traditional spelling and ordering the use of a new one, Cusco, in municipality publications. The fire-and-brimstone preacher gave the city council a severe tongue-lashing after they voted on a zoning ordinance allowing a new strip club to open.
7. Use ordinance in a sentence? 10. ordinance definition: The definition of an ordinance is a rule or law enacted by local government. (noun) A law about parking enacted by local government is an example of an ordinance. 11. Northwest ordinance in a sentence - Use "northwest ordinance" in a sentence 1. 6.
8. Use ordinance in a sentence | ordinance sentence examples. 17. ordinances in a sentence. 6. ordinances are enforced by legislative. For example, a sound ordinance could be enforced in a city. We can use but in a sentence. but it is not necessary to use it in the front or end. How do

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