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1. The ordinal numbers are the numbers which indicate the exact position of something or someone at a place. If the number of objects/persons are specified in a list: the position of the objects/persons is defined by Ordinals

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2. Ordinals are words like first, second, third.


3. Let there be two well-ordered disjoint sets A and B with Ordinals α and β

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4. The other Ordinals are constructed in the same repeating pattern, which is easy to understand and use

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5. Writing Ordinals in words when the numbers are one through 9; write Ordinals in number form when the numbers are 10 and over? Reply

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6. Successor Ordinals are named as such because they are the immediate successor of some other ordinal

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7. Limit Ordinals are named as such because they are the limit of the sequence of Ordinals less then them without being a successor ordinal

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8. Examples All natural numbers n >0 are successor Ordinals.!+ n is a successor ordinal for all natural

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10. ‘In this latter book she presented a 30 page appendix on the theory of infinite cardinals and Ordinals.’ ‘In his work he clarified a remark by Russell and formulated precisely the paradox of the largest ordinal.’ ‘Form numbers are conceived as Ordinals, with units conceived as being well ordered.’

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11. Linguistic markers help distinguish cardinals from Ordinals by the use of the -th suffix and different words for first, second, and third, but usually the nominal form is the same as its cardinal form

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12. Ordinals, ROMAN In Latin, Ordines Romani (singular: Ordo Romanus )

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13. Source for information on Ordinals, Roman: New Catholic Encyclopedia dictionary.

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14. Synonyms for Ordinals in Free Thesaurus


15. What are synonyms for Ordinals?


16. Combine Ordinals will give orders to units like Combine Grunts, chargers and suppressors and they will also use manhacks to attack the player

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17. In the ZF set theory Ordinals are transitive sets which are well-ordered by $\in$

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18. In addition to the intriguing ordinal arithmetics, Ordinals give a sturdy backbone to models of ZF and operate as a direct extension of the positive integers for *transfinite* inductions.

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19. Ordinals give relative numeric information, indicating the order or sequence of things: first, second, third, etc

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20. On the AutoFormat as You Type tab, clear the Ordinals (1st) with superscript check box to prevent the app from applying superscript formatting to numbers

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21. Ordinals: eighth (57/6=9.50), eightieth (91/9=10.11), one hundred and eighth (184/19=9.68)

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22. Second half: two, (the only integral case; no Ordinals ) Extreme number names

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23. Ordinals are also used to express fractions but not dates


24. From premier to centième As numerals rather than as words, Ordinals are in theory (as in official publications) written with the numeral followed just by e , except for premier ( 1er ) or second ( 2d ).

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25. When eager_global_Ordinals is enabled, global Ordinals are built when a shard is refreshed — Elasticsearch always loads them before exposing changes to the content of the index

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26. This shifts the cost of building global Ordinals from search to index-time

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27. Elasticsearch will also eagerly build global Ordinals when creating a new copy of a shard, as can occur when increasing the number of

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ORDINALS [ˈôrdnəl]


Synonyms: ordinal number .
  • a service book, especially one with the forms of service used at ordinations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ordinal in math?

ordinal number. n. 1. (Mathematics) a number denoting relative position in a sequence, such as first, second, third. Sometimes shortened to: ordinal. 2. (Logic) logic maths a measure of not only the size of a set but also the order of its elements.

What does ordinal adjective mean?

adjective. Definition of ordinal (Entry 2 of 2) 1 : of a specified order or rank in a series . 2 : of or relating to a taxonomic order.

What is an ordinal word?

countable noun. An ordinal number or an ordinal is a word such as 'first,' 'third,' and 'tenth' that tells you where a particular thing occurs in a sequence of things.

What is a sentence for ordinal?

Ordinal in a sentence 1, 'First', 'second' and 'third' are ordinals . 2, '1st' is an ordinal . 3, Ordinal numbers are used in these sentences : 'She was fifth in the race' and 'They celebrated the 200th anniversary of the university's foundation'.