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1. Orchestra definition is - the circular space used by the chorus in front of the proscenium in an ancient Greek theater

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2. How to use Orchestra in a sentence.


3. A typical symphony Orchestra is made up of more than ninety musicians

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4. Most Orchestras, unlike chamber music groups, have more than one musician playing each musical part.

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5. Although applied to various ensembles found in Western and non-Western music, Orchestra in an unqualified sense usually refers to the typical Western music ensemble of bowed stringed instruments complemented by wind and percussion instruments that, in the …

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6. 4 synonyms of Orchestra from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 18 related words, definitions, and antonyms

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7. Find another word for Orchestra


8. Parce que créer c’est fun, mais qu’ensemble c’est encore mieux, Orchestra lance son Atelier de création ! Des collections pensées et travaillées avec ceux et celles qui animent la marque depuis plus de 25 ans : les familles


9. The LSO is widely recognised as the world’s leading soundtrack Orchestra. The Orchestra is known for its breathtaking film score recordings, particularly for …


10. With great pleasure, we share the wonderful news of the appointment of Gail Samuel as the Boston Symphony Orchestra’s next Eunice and Julian Cohen President and Chief Executive Officer

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11. The official website of the Minnesota Orchestra (Minneapolis, MN)

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12. Buy tickets and learn about upcoming concerts at Orchestra Hall.


13. The Philadelphia Orchestra will bring the healing power of music to patients at Penn Medicine hospitals, including those treating COVID-19

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14. The Philadelphia Orchestra presents FREE online concerts recorded at Black-owned …

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15. This is a list of symphony Orchestras that includes Orchestras with established notability

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16. A list of youth Orchestras can be found at List of youth Orchestras

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17. Orchestra noun (MUSIC) B1 [ C, + sing/pl verb ] a large group of musicians who play many different instruments together and are led by a conductor: She's a cellist in the City of Birmingham Symphony …

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18. Orchestra wind band - A band of wind instruments or a collective term for the wind instruments of an Orchestra

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19. First chair - The premier musician playing a particular instrument in an Orchestra—seated closest to the audience, taking the lead for that instrument's movements, and playing any solos.


20. 1600, "area in an ancient theater for the chorus," from Latin Orchestra, from Greek orkhēstra, semicircular space where the chorus of dancers performed, with suffix -tra denoting place + orkheisthai "to dance," perhaps an intensive of erkhesthai "to go, come," but not all experts accept that (see Beekes).

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21. In ancient Rome, Orchestra referred to the place in the theater


22. Total Composure Orchestra is a full Orchestral sample library created using only samples in the public domain

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23. Orchestra Networks is a leading Enterprise Data Management software vendor (MDM, RDM, Data Governance)


24. An Orchestra typically plays classical music


25. If an Orchestra has fewer than 50 players, it is known as a chamber Orchestra.Chamber Orchestras can vary widely in size, and they may have more than 50 players on staff, allowing for substitutions as needed while providing a pool of specialized talent.

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26. An Orchestra is a group of musicians playing instruments together.

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27. All are welcome at the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and Cincinnati Pops Orchestra


28. Semi-Conductor is an experiment that lets you conduct your own Orchestra through your browser

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29. Esa-Pekka Salonen conducts the world-renowned Philharmonia Orchestra, performing extracts from eight works representing three centuries of symphonic music.

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30. Orchestra Orchestra is a mature, composable WPF shell and framework built on top of Catel

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31. The National Symphony Orchestra's 89th season is its third under the leadership of Music Director Gianandrea Noseda

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32. Orchestra is a broad term for any ensemble featuring a hefty lineup of strings

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33. Two basic Orchestras exist—chamber Orchestras (small!) and symphony …


34. Orchestra - "A mixed body of instrumentalists for the performance of symphonic and other works" ~The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Music

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35. The word "Orchestra" is Greek in origins, and originally meant the place where Greek chorus sang and danced

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37. Most Band & Orchestra Instruments are eligible for free shipping.


38. Buy your favourite Musical Instruments and Professional Audio Systems online from Orchestra Megastore, the leading Pro Audio and Musical Instrument Retailer in Middle East.

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39. Orchestra Iowa is committed to the health and safety of our community

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40. Regardless of whether you need a system for smooth queue management or a robust platform for omni channel customer journey management - Qmatic Orchestra 7 is the solution.

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41. With George Montgomery, Ann Rutherford, Glenn Miller, Glenn Miller and His Orchestra


42. After marrying him, she joins the bands tour and learns about life as an Orchestra wife, weathering the catty attacks of the other band wives.

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43. Orchestra definition: An Orchestra is a large group of musicians who play a variety of different instruments Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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44. The word "Orchestra" was used to describe the place where musicians and dancers performed in ancient Greece


45. The Orchestra, or symphony Orchestra, is generally defined as an ensemble mainly composing of bowed stringed instruments, percussion, wind and brass instruments

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46. Often, the Orchestra is composed of 100 musicians and may be accompanied by a chorus or be …

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47. See 3 authoritative translations of Orchestra in Spanish with example sentences, phrases and audio pronunciations.

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48. Find 4 ways to say Orchestra, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


49. Orchestra is your straightforward alternative to endless spreadsheets, unorganised emails and incorrectly filed documents


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51. The BBC Symphony Orchestra series presents a new standard in Orchestral sampling — a whole Orchestra of the highest quality, at your fingertips

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52. An Orchestra is a large group of musicians who play together on a variety of string, wind and percussion instruments

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53. The instruments of the Orchestra are organized into families: Strings – String Instruments use vibrating strings to make their sound

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54. Instruments of the Orchestra - THIRTEEN

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55. Orchestra翻譯:音樂, 管弦樂隊, 劇院。了解更多。


56. Approximately one year before the Orchestra performs a concert, I select the music

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57. I choose soloists to perform with the Orchestra


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ORCHESTRA [ˈôrkəstrə, ˈôrˌkestrə]

orchestra (noun) · orchestras (plural noun) · orchestra pit (noun) · orchestra pits (plural noun)

  • a group of instrumentalists, especially one combining string, woodwind, brass, and percussion sections and playing classical music.
Synonyms: ensemble .
  • the part of a theater where the orchestra plays, typically in front of the stage and on a lower level than the audience.
  • the seats on the ground floor in a theater.
Synonyms: parterre .
  • the semicircular space in front of an ancient Greek theater stage where the chorus danced and sang.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name Orchestra mean?

An orchestra is a large instrumental ensemble that contains sections of string, brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments. The term orchestra derives from the Greek ορχήστρα, the name for the area in front of an ancient Greek stage reserved for the Greek chorus.

What does orchestras mean?

orchestra(Noun) A large group of musicians who play together on various instruments, usually including some from strings, woodwind, brass and/or percussion; the instruments played by such a group.

What is the meaning of orchestra?

Definition of orchestra. 1a : the circular space used by the chorus in front of the proscenium in an ancient Greek theater. b : a corresponding semicircular space in a Roman theater used for seating important persons.

What did the word 'orchestra' originally mean?

Rooted in a Greek word meaning “to dance,” orchestra originally referred to the semicircular area in front of a stage where the chorus danced in theater performances.