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1. Les Orbites des planètes sont quasiment circulaires.: The orbits of Solar System planets are nearly circular.: Comprendre les caractéristiques des Orbites couramment utilisées par les satellites.: To understand the characteristics of orbits that are commonly used by satellites.: Duflo travaille sur la méthode des Orbites d'Alexandre Kirillov (en).: Duflo has worked on the orbit method of

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2. Orbite f (plural Orbites) orbit (path of one object around another) eye socket; Verb

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3. Orbites Informal second-person singular ( tú ) negative imperative form of orbitar

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4. Love Tangerine Orbites? Check out our GoPicnic Black Bean Dip and Plantain Chips meals: each feature Professor Zim Zam's Dark Chocolate and Tangerine Orbites plus four other food items in a nutritionally balanced ready-to-eat meal

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5. Orbites of the Venus' Fashion Wrapped Canvas Wall Art

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6. Les comète s ou les astéroïde s décrivent aussi des Orbites autour d'autres astre s

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7. Provided to YouTube by ONErpmOrbites · Our Lines · Our LinesThe Limit℗ Our LinesReleased on: 2021-01-20Auto-generated by YouTube.

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8. 15 November 1997 Méthode des Orbites de Kirillov-Duflo et représentations minimales des groupes simples sur un corps local de caractéristique nulle Pierre Torasso Duke Math


9. Beaucoup de géantes gazeuses jeunes de type Jupiter chaudes possèdent transitoirement des Orbites très elliptiques


10. On ne comprenait pas l'origine de ces Orbites, seulement comment et pourquoi

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ORBITES [ˈôrbət]



Frequently Asked Questions

What does orbit mean scientifically?

An orbit is a regularly repeated path of movement around a large object. This could be a star, planet or any other object with a large mass. The orbiting object itself (known as a satellite) can be natural or manmade.

What does orbit mean in medical terms?

Medical Definition of orbit. : the bony cavity perforated for the passage of nerves and blood vessels that occupies the lateral front of the skull immediately beneath the frontal bone on each side and encloses and protects the eye and its appendages. — called also eye socket, orbital cavity.

What is the difference between orbit and planet?

A planet is a large object that orbits around a star or a stellar remnant. This is mainly due to its own gravity and gravity of the star that allows the planet to have an orbit around the star. The orbit is usually elliptical in shape, mainly depending on the gravitational force of the planet and the star.

What does orbit mean in space?

Definition of 'orbit'. orbit. An orbit is the curved path in space that is followed by an object going around and around a planet, moon, or star. Mars and Earth have orbits which change with time. If something such as a satellite orbits a planet, moon, or sun, it moves around it in a continuous, curving path.