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1. Orbit is the leader in commercial and home irrigation systems, outdoor timers, thermostarts, and gardening tools.

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3. Orbit provides convenient access to forms for printing without logging in


4. An Orbit is the path one object in space takes around another.

Orbit, One, Object

5. Orbit definition is - the bony socket of the eye

Orbit, Of

6. The path followed by a celestial body or artificial satellite as it revolves around another body due to the force of gravity. Orbits are nearly elliptical or circular in shape and are very closely approximated by Kepler's laws of planetary motion

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7. Lookup your Orbit account Great care is taken to protect the confidentiality of your account

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8. Orbit provides convenient access to forms for printing without logging in


9. For basic changes like updating your contact information, downloading tax forms and more, you have access to Orbit


10. Orbit Medical is one the largest Durable Medical Equipment (DME) providers in the Midwest, servicing over 30,000 patients annually

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11. Orbit Medical is one the largest Durable Medical Equipment (DME) providers in the Midwest, servicing over 30,000 patients annually

Orbit, One, Over

12. Information about Orbit, health benefits, taxes, benefits for survivors, domestic relations orders, reporting a member death, and how to purchasing service are all linked from this page.

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13. To obtain a benefit estimate using your actual retirement account information, please log on to Orbit and click View Your Benefit Estimate

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14. Orbit’s full line of LED lighting products offer stylish designs and a high-quality performance

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15. Orbit Whether you're actively working as a public employee or have retired from public service, Orbit is designed to make managing your retirement account easier

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16. Orbit offers highly reliable and cost-effective communications solutions for use in the most extreme conditions

Orbit, Offers

17. You’ll find Orbit solutions on airliners and jet fighters, cruise ships and navy vessels, offshore platforms and small UAVs – over 9,000 fielded systems

Orbit, On, Offshore, Over

18. Orbit was the only product that i found that had both of these qualities

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19. Orbit and B-hyve - In Ground Sprinkler System Timers and Controllers


20. Telkomsel Orbit: Solusi Internet 4G Serba Digital di Rumah Anda Telkomsel Orbit adalah layanan internet rumah yang menggunakan perangkat modem WiFi dengan kualitas jaringan selular terbaik, serta paket data yang bisa Anda gunakan tanpa perlu berlangganan.


21. If you are not a registered user, e-mail Orbit at Orbit[email protected]

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22. Orbit is a two-tier wireless network emulator/field trial designed to achieve reproducible experimentation, while also supporting realistic evaluation of protocols and applications.

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23. Orbit uses cookies to improve your experience on our site

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24. Orbit is a range of Bluetooth trackers that will help you locate your valuable items in seconds using the free app

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25. B-hyve is an ecosystem of smart technology products from Orbit, the leading retail watering brand in the US

Of, Orbit

26. Orbit In to the Palm Springs modern vibe and leave your worries behind as you lounge in luxurious mid-century style


27. Orbit allows you to safely and securely access your personal retirement account information and conduct secure transaction online 24 hours a day

Orbit, Online

28. Orbit Downloader makes it easy to download lots of files, but it's not really worth all of the junkware it packages with it

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30. Orbit is the community experience platform for developers, helping organizations build enthusiastic communities of technology adopters.

Orbit, Organizations, Of

31. Orbit can be integrated seamlessly into Microsoft Internet Explorer to automatically handle your downloads


32. No matter if you download via HTTP, FTP, RTSP or MMS, Orbit will handle it and will make them faster

Or, Orbit

33. Orbit, a market leading, award-winning employee benefits portal


34. That’s why we an Orbit community on Spectrum – an open discussion platform to get feedback from you

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35. Go to Spectrum chat 🌵 Connect Orbit to Tequila


36. The Orbit Voyager II gear drive sprinkler is the perfect replacement for medium-large to large areas of you lawn and garden

Orbit, Of

37. An Orbit is a regular, repeating path that one object takes around another object or center of gravity.Orbiting objects, which are called satellites, include planets, moons, asteroids, and manmade devices

Orbit, One, Object, Or, Of, Orbiting, Objects

38. Objects Orbit each other because of gravity

Objects, Orbit, Other, Of

39. Orbit synonyms, Orbit pronunciation, Orbit translation, English dictionary definition of Orbit

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40. The Orbit Basic delivers brilliant sound that fits into any music lover’s budget


41. Orbit Intelligence is a leading global IP business intelligence software dedicated to patent research and analysis


42. In anatomy, the Orbit is the cavity or socket of the skull in which the eye and its appendages are situated

Orbit, Or, Of

43. "Orbit" can refer to the bony socket, or it can also be used to imply the contents

Orbit, Or

44. In the adult human, the volume of the Orbit is 30 millilitres (1.06 imp fl oz; 1.01 US fl oz), of which the eye occupies 6.5 ml (0.23 imp fl oz; 0.22 US fl oz).

Of, Orbit, Oz, Occupies

45. Orbit is a range of Bluetooth trackers that will help you locate your valuable items in seconds using the free app

Orbit, Of

46. Orbit develops and produces architectural luminaires and lighting systems for shop, office, hotel and living space lighting

Orbit, Office

47. Orbit, in astronomy, path of a body revolving around an attracting centre of mass, as a planet around the Sun or a satellite around a planet

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48. In the 17th century, Johannes Kepler and Isaac Newton discovered the basic physical laws governing Orbits; in the 20th century, Albert Einstein’s general


49. The latest tweets from @official7Orbit

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ORBIT [ˈôrbət]

orbit (noun) · orbits (plural noun)

orbit (verb) · orbits (third person present) · orbited (past tense) · orbited (past participle) · orbiting (present participle)

Frequently Asked Questions

What does orbit mean scientifically?

An orbit is a regularly repeated path of movement around a large object. This could be a star, planet or any other object with a large mass. The orbiting object itself (known as a satellite) can be natural or manmade.

What does orbit mean in medical terms?

Medical Definition of orbit. : the bony cavity perforated for the passage of nerves and blood vessels that occupies the lateral front of the skull immediately beneath the frontal bone on each side and encloses and protects the eye and its appendages. — called also eye socket, orbital cavity.

What is the difference between orbit and planet?

A planet is a large object that orbits around a star or a stellar remnant. This is mainly due to its own gravity and gravity of the star that allows the planet to have an orbit around the star. The orbit is usually elliptical in shape, mainly depending on the gravitational force of the planet and the star.

What does orbit mean in space?

Definition of 'orbit'. orbit. An orbit is the curved path in space that is followed by an object going around and around a planet, moon, or star. Mars and Earth have orbits which change with time. If something such as a satellite orbits a planet, moon, or sun, it moves around it in a continuous, curving path.