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1. What Are Oranges? Oranges are round, orange-colored citrus fruits that grow on trees

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2. Oranges are non-climacteric fruits and cannot post-harvest ripen internally in response to ethylene gas, though they will de-green externally


3. A stand with Oranges at a market in Morocco


4. Commercially, Oranges can be stored by refrigeration in controlled-atmosphere chambers for up to twelve weeks after harvest.


5. Oranges are among the world’s most popular fruits


6. Also called sweet Oranges, they grow on orange trees (Citrus x sinensis) and belong to a …

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7. Oranges originated around 4000 B.C

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8. In Southeast Asia and then spread to India. Oranges are a hybrid of the pomelo, or "Chinese grapefruit" (which …

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14. Cara Cara Oranges These exotic, exquisitely sweet Cara Cara Navel Oranges are bright orange outside, but inside they are a beautiful deep rosy red

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15. Oranges add color and great taste to winter meals! This dish looks very bright and appealing served in a glass bowl, and it's a light and easy dessert to finish off a hearty holiday meal

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16. As far as I'm concerned, the citrusy aroma of Oranges is a must at Christmas time! —Billie Moss, Walnut Creek, California.

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17. Juicy Indian River Florida Navel Oranges Grove Fresh 15lbs, 1.5 Trays


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19. Tangerines are a subgroup of mandarin, while Oranges are a hybrid of the pomelo and mandarin fruits

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20. Oranges originated in Asia, while tangerines originated in Florida

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21. Oranges can be consumed as a fresh fruit and are commonly pressed or squeezed to produce orange juice

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22. Blood Oranges are full of anthocyanins, a type of antioxidant

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24. Shop America’s favorite Orange! Since we founded our original fruit stand and mail order business more than 80 years ago, our Navel Oranges have been a sweet and succulent staple of our business.

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25. Featured Gift Selections (Total Items: 6) Sort by: Valencia Oranges and Honey Tangerines


26. Temple Oranges, Grapefruit, and Honey Tangerines Combo.


27. Oranges weren’t named for their color – because their color often wasn’t orange

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28. Find out how they get their brilliant hue, why many ripe Oranges have to be dyed, and why nothing in the

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29. Here are our favorite recipes showcasing Oranges.

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30. While some people refer to the fruit as Sumo Oranges, that's not actually correct, since they're not technically Oranges.Sumo Citrus® is the actual trademarked brand name for …


31. Find Oranges recipes, videos, and ideas from Food Network.



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 · Our location along Florida's Indian River helps us grow the best fruit gifts including our sweet Florida navel Oranges, our world-renowned Indian River grapefruit and our rare and limited honeybells

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33. Blood Oranges are a natural mutation of C

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34. Oranges are a great source of vitamin C, potassium, and fiber and are safe for dogs to eat

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35. Here's what you need to know about feeding Oranges to your dog.


36. Oranges: Safe Methods to Store, Preserve, and Enjoy (PDF, 1.2MB)


37. Oranges can be had not only as a snack but also as a major recipe ingredient in various dishes

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38. Oranges are a round, segmented citrus fruit with a pitted peel


39. Most Oranges are available year-round, except for varieties such as blood Oranges


40. Shop for Oranges - Navel - Medium at Kroger


41. We know what it looks and taste like, but exactly what are Navel Oranges, and where do Navel Oranges come from? According to a study done by Palemon Dorsett, Archibald Dixon Shamel, and Wilson Popenoe in 1917, the Orange Navel citrus is a single mutation that happened in the early 1800s on a Selecta Orange tree planted in a monastery in Bahia, Brazil.

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42. Premium Oranges Our premium grove-fresh Oranges are a classic, beloved choice for eating out of hand--or squeeze them up into the freshest, sweetest juice you've ever had

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43. Think popular Florida Navel Oranges and newcomer Sugarbelles TM for the Holidays, rich and juicy Florida Temples in the Winter and juicy, flavorful Spring Navels from our

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45. Blood Oranges are a rather gruesome name for a wonderfully sweet and beautifully colored citrus fruit


46. They tend to be a bit smaller than other types of Oranges, with a thick, pitted skin that may or may not have a reddish blush, but they look like regular Oranges from the outside.The inside flesh is brilliantly dark pink, maroon, or even dark blood red.

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47. Peel Oranges and slice into 1/4-inch thick slices


48. Drizzle honey mixture over Oranges and garnish with mint leaves.

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49. Get full nutrition facts and other common serving sizes of Oranges including 1 oz and 1 small.

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50. The Oranges and the candy are the major symbols of the poem

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51. The Oranges give the narrator "weight" and importance, and then they become a medium of exchange used to buy the candy.

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52. Seeking Ugli Oranges and is also aware of Mr

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ORANGES [ˈôrənj, ˈärənj]


Frequently Asked Questions

What does an orange have in it?

Oranges contain ascorbic acid, also known as vitamin C. Other acids that contribute to the nutritional profile of oranges include folic, pantothenic, hydroxycinnamic, citric, malic and oxalic. This citrus fruit packs a nutritional punch that makes it an excellent addition to most diets; however,...

How do you spell oranges?

The Correct spelling is: orange. Common misspellings of the word orange are: orange in french. orange in spanish. orange in german.

What is the history of Orange?

The orange originated in Ancient China and the earliest mention of the sweet orange was in Chinese literature in 314 BC. As of 1987, orange trees were found to be the most cultivated fruit tree in the world.

What type of fruit is orange?

Orange (fruit) The orange is the fruit of the citrus species Citrus × sinensis in the family Rutaceae, native to China. It is also called sweet orange, to distinguish it from the related Citrus × aurantium, referred to as bitter orange.