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1. Oracles were a branch of divination but differed from the casual pronouncements of augurs by being associated with a definite person or place

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2. For example, the Oracles of Zeus originated at Dodona, Olympia, or Siwa; those of the Sibyl were in general circulation, but their provenance was unknown.

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3. In the New Testament, the term Oracles of God refers to the Word of God; in the Old Testament, it sometimes refers to a part of the temple

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4. Not all English translations contain the phrase Oracles of God, so it depends on what version one is reading from.

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5. According to this article, the phrase “ Oracles of God ” appears in various forms in the Old and New Testaments, and can sometimes appear in certain modern translations

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6. The Oracles are beings and places that can give prophecies in Greek mythology


7. The Oracles: A group of primative, spirital, kindly frog like people who would work for peace and can't understand why the frenzyheart are so mean

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8. In one sense, Oracles were prophecies since they often referred to the future; but Oracles sometimes dealt with decisions to be made in the present.

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9. Oracles were vouchsafed to the Hebrews by means of the Urim and Thummim, which are to be connected with the Ephod.

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10. By them I lost not what I lost; rather by them I gained what I have gained, and with them dwell Copartner in these regions of the World, If not disposer--lend them oft my aid, Oft my advice by presages and signs, And answers, Oracles, portents, and dreams, Whereby they may direct their future life.

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11. Jimmy Song provides an excellent breakdown of the fundamental problems of Oracles and smart contracts. The Oracle Problem is defined as …

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12. Oracles (ObseRvations of Aerosols above CLouds and their intEractionS) is a five year investigation with three Intensive Observation Periods (IOP) designed to study key processes that determine the climate impacts of African BB aerosols.

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13. Software Oracles are data feeds that are incorporated into the blockchain system to trigger events or decisions

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14. Chainlink has tokenized its network of Oracles to handle the problem of provenance, so often the weak link in any supply chain

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15. As human Oracles can also enter data into a smart contract, Chainlink has developed an intriguing way to


16. Standard Bible Encyclopedia SIBYLLINE Oracles


17. As was natural under the circumstances, such Oracles usually …


18. Oracles solve the problem of third party reliance

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19. The Oracles is an exclusive mastermind for the world’s most accomplished entrepreneurs and CEOs


20. The Chinese Oracles is, in fact, a card game made up of 120 cards

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21. Among the Chinese Oracles, I-Ching plays a particular role.


22. Oracles definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation

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23. Oracles is the application which is able to calculate through astrological algorithms the most probable data about your lives (past, current and future) by the date of birth

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24. The Chaldean Oracles were considered to be a central text by many of the later neoplatonist philosophers, nearly equal in importance to Plato's Timaeus.This has led some scholars, beginning with F

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25. Cumont, to declare the Oracles "The Bible of the Neoplatonists".

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26. Oracles can also be bi-directional, …


27. The Oracles of Greece and the sibyls of Rome were women chosen by the gods through which divine advice would be spoken through them

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28. The answers of the Oracles were generally vague and indefinite, and susceptible of almost any interpretation, according to the result

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29. Hardware Oracles Some smart contracts need information directly from the physical world, for example, a car crossing a barrier where movement sensors must detect the vehicle and send the data to a smart contract, or RFID sensors in the supply chain industry

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30. Inbound Oracles provide data from the external world


31. Decentralized Oracles are the newest hot trend in crypto, bolstered by the rise of Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

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32. Decentralized Data Oracles – Visual Representation (Credits: Chainlink Official Website) They tackle an important long realized, but recently solved problem in the world of blockchain and smart contracts.

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33. Oracles lost their prestige as time went on and popular opinion became more cynical

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34. The character is introduced to the Oracles faction through the quest chain started by [76] The Part-time Hunter


35. (The character is first introduced to the Frenzyheart Tribe, then switched over to the Oracles.) The player may choose whether to align with the Oracles or the Frenzyheart Tribe through the quest [77G3] A Hero's Burden.

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36. Tenterfield's Oracles of the Bush is a four day cultural event encompassing live performance of Australian Bush poetry, music and art

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37. While most Oracles are validated on Ethereum, Band Protocol works on the Cosmos network, a system of interconnected blockchains with the long term goal of creating an ‘Internet of Blockchains’

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38. The Oracles of Celestine Light is a historical spiritual text that contains all the foundational teachings of Celestine Light which is unlike any religion you have heard of prior to this day

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39. The print version of the Oracles is 820 pages with each page being large, the font small, the edges narrow.

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40. The Oracles is a recurring group in the Legend of Zelda series.The Oracles are as follows; Din, Farore, and Nayru: the Oracles of Seasons, Secrets and Ages, respectively

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41. The names of the Oracles are the same as the three Golden Goddesses who created the land of Hyrule.It is possible that all the descendants of the lines of Oracles are named in honor of the Golden Goddesses.

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42. Oracles Defined “Oracle” is a term in cryptocurrency that is not new, but has become more and more relevant as the decentralized finance space has begun to grow more rapidly.To the uninitiated, an oracle may make you think of a prophet or messenger from mystical times — but in the crypto space, oracle takes on a more down-to-earth role as the messenger between real-world data …

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43. Oracles are an exciting frontier in the world of distributed ledger technology

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44. "We are not authorized to interface with military or civilian operations, except as they directly concern our priorities." The Oracles1 The Oracles are an enigmatic organization who appeared in Dead Space: Salvage and Dead Space 2: Severed

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45. 1 Biography 1.1 Dead Space: Salvage 1.2 Dead Space 2: Severed 2 Trivia 3 Gallery 4 Sources The Oracles aredepicted as mysterious men dressed in white who


46. The Oracles of Apollo shows how to use two rediscovered divination systems: the Alphabet Oracle, a system that uses the ancient Greek alphabet, and the Counsels of the Seven Sages, a series of 147 short, oracular statements that were inscribed on tablets at Delphi.

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47. Synonyms for Oracles in Free Thesaurus


48. Software Oracles come handy when it comes to supplying supply chain information to smart contracts in real-time


49. Other key use-cases for Oracles, including digital asset prices, real-time traffic information, and so on! Hardware Oracles

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50. Hardware Oracles are Oracles that interact with the real world using an interface.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Oracle. stand for?

Rank Abbr.Meaning
ORACLEOne Rich American Called Larry Ellison
ORACLEOak Ridge Automatic Computer Logical Engine
ORACLEOperational Research and Critical Link Evaluation
ORACLEOrganization of Regulatory Administrators of Continuing Legal Education

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What does oracles mean?

Definition of oracle. (Entry 1 of 2) 1a : a person (such as a priestess of ancient Greece) through whom a deity is believed to speak the prophecies of the Delphic oracle— D. F. Marks. b : a shrine in which a deity reveals hidden knowledge or the divine purpose through such a person.

What does Oracle mean in Bible?

An oracle can also be the place where the priest or medium receives divine messages. But an older definition of oracle, and the one used by some Bible translators, is “a message from God.” The “oracles of God” in the New Testament are the messages or words of God.

What is the meaning of word oracle?

The name Oracle means Prophecy and is of Greek origin. Oracle is name that's been used by parents who are considering unisex or non-gendered baby names--baby names that can be used for any gender.