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Synonyms: 1. Feedback 2. Genus
1. Although, this species tends to keep it's leaves longer than any other opuntiad that I've seen. Only Opuntiads have vestigial leaves. Post #8485869. Quote. Bookmark. Illig1 Redwood City, CA Apr 10, 2011. Gorgeous plant. I've found Eve's Needles to be super easy plants which grow outside in Northern California without rotting, rusting or
2. The largest and most prominent opuntiad in Chile is Miqueliopuntia miquelii, and it’s an impressive one. Some clumps can spread to 20 or more feet across (6+ meters) and contain hundreds of stems up to two feet (60 cm) tall, and in some places expansive fields of t hem cover the sandy and gravelly flats below rugged hills.
3. CYLINDROPUNTIA C Agricultural Enterprise of Michele Lugnan - Outdoor frost hardy Cacti - Delivery of opuntiad cuttings - Nursery in Via Luseo 3D - 34073 Fossalon di Grado (GO) ITALY Genus Cylindropuntia (Engelmann) Knuth 1936 Outdoor f - - cactus production, sale and international delivery - Outdoor frost hardy Cacti
4. Check the wiki and use the search before asking about care. No San Pedro ID requests, too often they result in poaching or stealing of cacti. a lot of rebutia, a bunch of eriosyce ..even a rare opuntiad .Granted, i was not as successful as last year with the seed germination, and repotting most of these new plants in mineral was a
5. Cactus Page The opuntiad Page. Crassula Family Page> more options FAMILY CRASSULACEAE Aeonium. Page Crassula Page Dudleya Page Echeveria Page Jade Plant Page Sempervivum Page Stonecrop Page. Dragon's Blood Trees> more options FAMILY DRACENACEAE Dracaena. Sansevieria The Geranium Page The Gesneriad Page The Gourd Page The Hyacinth Page Living
6. D Phylloclade e g opuntiad. Phylloclade e.g., Opuntia , Euphorbia. THE LEAF yThe Leaf is a lateral ,flattened structure of plant , in most of the plants it is green in colour , because of the presence of chlorophyll . yPtPartsof a lfleaf : EhEach lfleaf billbasically

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